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EP140: Mike Sherbakov on How To Be Great


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Today’s guest is a long time acquaintance and someone I’ve recently had the privilege of upgrading to great friend status, Mike Sherbakov. Mike is the kind of guy that makes you want to be a better person. A grounded, driven dude, committed to living and loving life, he shows up in a way that is really inspiring. Having recently launched his new project The Greatness Foundation, we spent this chat exploring many aspects of greatness: service, self-care, discipline, habits, how to be present with tough stuff, being driven, LIVING life, travel, being a dad, having fun, cultivating community and more. Enjoy!

About Mike Sherbakov:

Mike Sherbakov is the founder of The Greatness Foundation, on a mission to positively impact one billion lives. Learning the importance of integrity, honor, and hard work during his time on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, Mike is fascinated with exploring human potential.

He holds degrees in kinesiology and psychology along with advanced certifications in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and yoga. Mike travels the world supporting game-changing organizations and causes, speaks on stages, consults for innovative start-ups and collaborates with organizations like Fitbit, lululemon athletica, and Equinox.

Committed to learning, Mike is established as an expert in the areas of social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and wellness. He inspires others to choose greatness as a leader in the community and passionately pursues humanitarian efforts around the globe.

In this episode, Mike shares:

1. Travel and adventure when Mike’s son is with him
2. How to manage your energy
3. Navigating the transition from good to great

What You’ll Hear:

3:42 Mike’s pendulum swing from military to yoga + on discipline and showing up
11:16 Being with suffering and poverty, and choosing to make a difference
18:25 Managing your energy and following your bliss
23:31 Travel, culture, and what it’s really like out in the world
30:16 The experience of travel when Mike has his son with him
39:03 Connecting with your true nature + already knowing the answers
42:59 The Greatness Foundation and navigating the transition from good to great
47:37 Love as a means to joy and laughter

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The Greatness Foundation Free Planner
Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Martha Beck

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EP140: Mike Sherbakov on How To Be Great