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EP143: Phil Drolet on How To Be A Well-Balanced (Hu)Man


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So excited to share todays interview with you – Phil Drolet is one of my soul homies. When we get together it’s straight giggles, loud and wild expressiveness, FUN, and a little bit of weirdness. In this conversation we talk about the importance of pace and balance especially for ambitious people, reading your inner compass, challenges, expectations, stepping out of your comfort zone with intention, and more. Enjoy!

About Phil Drolet:

Philippe Drolet is a Peak Performance coach and a former National Team swimmer who has studied with spiritual masters around the world (Shamans in Peru, Healers in California, Tantric Masters in Bali). He now combines the best of performance psychology and Eastern wisdom to help clients achieve world-class professional results while experiencing greater peace, balance and harmony. Philippe has been a guest speaker at Stanford, UCLA and TEDxMileHigh. Discover his work and “Zen Peak Performance” principles at

In this episode, Phil shares:

1. Methods for cultivating masculine and feminine energies
2. Ways you can step outside your comfort zone and simultaneously benefit other people
3. Alchemizing judgement into compassion

What You’ll Hear:

4:21 Soul journey and integrating the mental and spiritual
8:15 On balancing the many areas of life +when sufficiency is good enough
30:47 Cultivating masculine and feminine energy
39:02 Reconnecting with playfulness + stepping outside your comfort zone
51:27 Alchemizing judgement into compassion

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EP143: Phil Drolet on How To Be A Well-Balanced (Hu)Man