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EP145: Dévashi Shakti on Feminine Embodiment and Tigress Yoga


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It’s rare that my enthusiasm reads as quietness, but that’s what you’re going to find in this interview, wild ones. It was so enjoyable to be with a woman who teaches and is into very similar things to Wild Soul Movement, and presents in a very different way. I stumbled upon Devashi on my friend Susana’s podcast and knew immediately I must have her on the show. She is a private person and kind of mysterious but the gems she offers are deep – this conversation is an intriguing one. Enjoy!

About Devashi Shakti:

Dévashi Shakti – Founder of Tigress Yoga & Sacred Female Yoga teacher training, is a pioneer in feminine psycho-sexual development and practical Sacred Feminine wisdom. She has a few decades of experience as a practitioner, confidante and teacher. In her private practise, Dévashi has assisted thousands of women & couples to experience awakening of their internal energy. She’s passionate about providing sanctuary spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality in safe environments, without the ambiguous dynamics often found in the tantric world.

In this episode, Devashi shares:

1. What is feminine embodiment
2. Really being…and the many ways “thinking” gets in the way
3. Travel, nature, animals and how they can be our teachers

What You’ll Hear:

4:50 Devashi’s journey into the creation of Tigress Yoga
10:15 The benefits of connecting with your own sensuality + the meaning behind the tigress
15:35 A definition for masculine and feminine + moving from conceptualizing things to feeling into them
24:45 Navigating the practice of observing your own mental noise + reflection with nature as a teacher
36:30 Cycling through rhythm and consistency and tuning into your own pace
45:49 On the confusion between judgement and discernment

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Love Sex Desire Podcast – Susana Frioni + Devashi Shakti
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EP145: Dévashi Shakti on Feminine Embodiment and Tigress Yoga