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EP195: Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set with Kisma Orbovich

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One of my favorite humans is back on the show today! There are a lot of teachings out there about mindset and prosperity. One of the reasons I’m so excited to have Kisma back talking about this specifically, is I know her personally, I know how her business works, I see how great her relationships are, she’s one of the most consistently low-drama humans I know, she’s super fun, rarely stressed, AND I don’t think I’ve ever seen her overwhelmed. Basically, she LIVES and BREATHES what she teaches! And I respect this so much because tons of people can teach you how to make more money, but a lot of them are human disaster areas behind the scenes. During the interview Kisma helps us focus on the highest form of service, seeking our highest form, using specificity and intuition to move towards a higher state of being, doing, having, sharing, and creating. We also get into what prosperity actually is, and the flow between energy, thoughts and action.

About Kisma Orbovich:

Kisma Orbovich is often referred to as a leading transformational expert incorporating ancient wisdom for modern day success. She’s co-host of the award winning podcast Illumination with Nick and Kisma (click here) and is an active mentor for high performing artists, celebrities, CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

Kisma speaks and trains all over the world as well as from her online platform where she reaches thousands of students. She’s passionate about helping people clear their blockages so they can Manifest from their Higher Self, step into their Full Potential and lead their life and business in line with their Soul’s Purpose. She teaches humans how to command their reality and live from Infinite Awareness.

Founder of Illumination Academy™ Kisma is certified in Auric Clearing, DNA Activation, Karmic Imprint Clearing, Divine Soul Reading, and Yoga (500 RYT). Her foundation is Vedanta and Holodynamics and she leads retreats to Maui, India, San Diego and other locations worldwide.

Kisma lives in Carlsbad with her partner, Nick Hansinger, CEO of Source Movement and travels the globe to stay in touch with her daughter, Zoe Hu and teach workshops.

In this episode, Kisma shares:

1. Ideals vs goals
2. Directionality of desire
3. The difference between needs, wants, and desires
4. How to use your intuition for prosperity

What You’ll Hear:

4:27 On mastering your life and changing your thoughts
18:25 How to expand your mind to garner new perceptions
30:45 Setting manifestations, specificity, and desires
42:30 On being a giver
49:37 A question to ask yourself when things aren’t going well

Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set Course
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Sonia Choquette On Listening To Your Intelligent Heart And Trusting Your Intuition

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EP195: Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set with Kisma Orbovich