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EP96: Are Your Negative Thoughts Manifesting In Your Life?


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Today’s question was posted in the Facebook group last week. I was excited to answer it right away, because it’s related to the Law of Attraction, a concept I see a lot of people misusing and abusing pretty regularly, so I’m happy to have a chance to set the record straight a bit. Enjoy the episode!

Here’s the question:
“I’ve had some amazing things happen to me in the last few weeks and a few disappointments. I believe that we can greatly affect our reality with our thoughts and that usually brings me peace, but sometimes when there are bumps in the road and I think that I might have attracted it, I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty.
I guess sometimes thinking of attraction for negative things makes me be hard on myself, think of what I did wrong. What’s your perspective on this Elizabeth?”

What You’ll Hear:

2:52 How negative experiences might not be a bad thing
4:21 Thought awareness and pattern interruption

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Sheevaun Moran On How To Have An Epic Life

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EP96: Are Your Negative Thoughts Manifesting In Your Life?