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EP98: Hustle and Flow – Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business


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Today’s episode answers a question that’s been up in my world incessantly for over a year. I specifically appreciated the way this woman articulated it in the Facebook group last week and decided it was time to dive in.

My answer is just a surface level overview of much much deeper concepts, practices and strategies.

Hey Elizabeth! I was thinking of my biggest perceived blocks when it comes to entrepreneurship & creating a valuable online platform that I love. It turns out that I am a multi-passionate lady & that what I’m inspired by and driven by one day can be completely different the next. Tuning into my wild, divine femininity has been such a gift, but I am striving for the masculine/feminine balance now, something I have never embodied in the past as I was always operating from a very masculine, go-getter state. How do you build a profitable business that lights you up & helps others, as you do so well, while embracing both feminine and masculine sides of you?


What You’ll Hear:

4:10 Using masculine energy to get aligned and congruent
7:55 The flow of feminine receptivity
11:07 How to navigate being multi-passionate

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How To Be More Feminine (Part I)
How To Be More Feminine (Part II)
How To Be More Feminine (Part III)
For Coaches, Healers And Other Sacred Servants: How To Help More People

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EP98: Hustle and Flow – Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business