School of Sacred Embodiment – Offerings

In case you haven’t met me yet somewhere else on the site, out in social media-land, or by listening to my podcast – Embodied – my name is Elizabeth DiAlto. Since 2013 I’ve been developing and refining a collection of healing frameworks, movement methods, and archetypes that are the foundation for everything we do at the School of Sacred Embodiment.

You’ll notice each offering has a label – All Levels, Intermediate, or Advanced. These are suggestions to help people place themselves in an appropriate container depending on where they are on their embodied healing and (wild) soul liberation journey.

Not sure where to dive in? Contact us here and tell us a bit about yourself, we’re happy to make a recommendation.




“What I learned and continue to learn in this School: how to be present with myself, hear my soul’s voice/intuition, connect to the Divine; to listen and heed the wisdom in my body; to partner with (not war with) my mind; to release binary thinking, judgement and need to be right, and embrace sovereignty, discernment, boundaries; how to stay curious and open no matter what. Your offerings are providing my roadmap to self love, peace and liberation. Not all tools work for me all the time – which is fine – but even when they don’t, they point me to a new direction to consider. Like a city map can show several routes to the same location.”


Reweave Membership

Reweave is a membership for spiritual seekers oriented towards collective healing and liberation. It’s a place to tend your visions and your wild dreams. A place to remember sacredness. If you’re looking for spirituality, healing work, and embodiment practices to help you be in and with the world during revolutionary times, you just might love it.

Wild Womanhood Course

Explore the Wild Woman’s depth, range, and nuances, and remember who you are with the School of Sacred Embodiment’s six signature sub-archetypes

Body Love + Reverence Course

Get the full meaning of “your body is a pathway, a portal, and temple” and live your life from that place


Transform your relationship with yourself and your body into one of the most wild, passionate love affairs of your life. Happening Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2024 in Sierra de Grazalema Nature Reserve, Spain

POWER Program

A mystical mentorship to help you tap into your truest and deepest courage, power, and purpose using The School of Sacred Embodiments’ longest-standing framework (2013) for (Wild) Soul Liberation. Applications open July 17, 2023. We begin August 8

Wild Soul Oracle Deck

Untouched images of flowers, healing mantras and messages, + illuminating reflection questions, and rituals.