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One of the BEST Cheat Meals I’ve Ever Had!

Last Sunday I had one of the BEST cheat meals ever.

As I sat there savoring every bite and passing fork-fulls around the table to my friends I thought, “I have to make a video about this experience!”  

There’s a right way and a wrong way to “cheat.”

The WRONG WAY involves settling for anything less than amazing, delicious, and bordering on or taking you over the edge of what I like to call a “food-gasm.”

The WRONG WAY also involves feeling guilty about treating yourself.

Click PLAY on the video below for the RIGHT WAY…(and if you find yourself in NYC on a Sunday, do yourself a favor and go to Pulino’s, order the lemon blueberry pancake, and drop me a thank you note on my Facebook page!)


In the name of treating yourself and doing it the RIGHT WAY let me know what your favorite cheat meal is in the comments below! (and don’t forget to click the Facebook “share” button or “Pin It” if you like this post).

One of the BEST Cheat Meals I’ve Ever Had!