EP308: Biz Chat: Running A Business That Aligns With Your Soul

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A few weeks back I asked on IG stories what I should jam on this month in the solo episode and a surprising number of the questions were about business, so I decided to do a biz chat.

The timing is also good as summer is upon us and I’m doing the business immersion that I did last summer again. I resisted doing business coaching or mentoring for many years, because a) I find A LOT of business coaches to be pretty douchey and b) I’ve had really up and down experiences with them myself over the years, so it felt like a huge responsibility I didn’t necessarily want to take on.

When enough people ask you for something though you begin to listen and accept that perhaps you have something of value to offer, and I realized my value lies in helping folks find what works for them, that can be aligned and sustainable.

There are also some qualities of shared worldview, integrity and ethics my business clients tend to have: humanity and the collective > profits. But money does matter.

Just not in an ego-y way, in a generous way.

The more we have the more we can share and contribute.

The soul desires to express. How can we optimize that and fulfill our potential?

How can we live like my favorite Erma Bombeck quote?

“When I stand before God at the end of my life I would hope I have no talent left and can say, ‘I used everything you gave me.'”

When you’re here to do what you’re here to do, it’s ok to stretch yourself, in my experience you’ll feel stretched and uncomfortable a lot, you’ll just get good at navigating it.

This episode is about all of that and more.

Listen more than once.
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What You’ll Hear:

3:41 Why were doing a biz chat today
7:07 Fulfilling our potential
9:05 Paving your own path through confidence and courage
14:00 Creating a business and life that you actually want
16:40 The importance of impact
18:26 What’s worthy of a head turn in life and business
20:03 Embracing your own decisions
21:38 Being available to be moved
22:45 The difference between a hater and someone who disagrees with you
26:27 Elizabeth’s journey of working for herself
30:45 Building the know, like and trust factor
33:45 Connecting with your audience and treating people well
34:54 Getting to know yourself and earning your stripes
36:27 Elizabeth’s advice on creating a sustainable business
38:05 Ignoring strangers on the internet
39:02 Feelings of resentment and guilt
40:31 The difference between overgiving and overextending
43:55 Giving up the comparison game
44:44 Money as an energetic exchange
50:45 The value of services and understanding your worth
53:58 Finding the right clients for you
55:46 Giving clients time and space to reflect from an empowered space
58:21 Elizabeth’s theory on mission
01:03:15 Details about the Summer Immersion


That’s Not How That Works With Trudi Lebrón
Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

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“Money does matter just not in such an egoic way, its more in a generous way. Something I like to say a lot is that the more that we have, the more we can share and contribute.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“When you’re here to do what you’re here to do, it’s okay to stretch yourself.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“You don’t have to stretch to the point of self-sacrifice, you just have to find the point where purpose can meet what I call cultivated resiliency that honors your values, priorities and personhood.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I am about mastering your craft more so than mastering sales and marketing.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I don’t really see anything as a mistake or a failure, even if it doesn’t go well, because there is always something to learn.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Everything that I do is an expression of who I am and what I’ve built.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“If you are someone who’s not really comfortable with risk or uncertainty, I do not recommend taking the leap to be self-employed or running your own business.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“You can establish yourself as a person who has value to offer, and possibly even an expert or an authority in what you do by what you choose to share and how you choose to interact with people.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“When people enjoy their experiences with you, they are going to share it with other people but they need to be reminded, so have a call to action. They also need some reminding because people are super inundated with information and content these days.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“I don’t ever beat myself up about stuff, if I did it, it was correct. I just accept it. It was correct in the sense that it happened and I can’t change it so how can I move forward? How can I learn and then not repeat the thing that didn’t work in whatever way?” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“What I would focus on is Instagram and email and I would focus on interaction and engagement with people.” – Elizabeth DiAlto

“Balance what works, what pays the bills, and also what sustains you.” – Elizabeth DiAlto


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