EP 310: Leadership and Community Care with Nisha Moodley

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I am not sure how it’s taken me four years to get my dear friend Nisha Moodley on the podcast, but I’m grateful for the divine timing and the depth, beauty and importance woven through this conversation.

Nisha’s big truth was that community care is a huge aspect of our path forward.

We talked about how our understanding of what we need in community has changed, what exactly community care is, what togetherness and our ability to be real with each other looks like, as well as the layers of complexity to all of this.

We explored the vulnerability in asking for what you need and receiving it, especially when complex relationship dynamics are present, and how we create space for ourselves and others.

We touched on restorative justice, when talking is a useful action and when it’s not, the power in paradox and when honest self-reflection is needed.

It’s a juicy, listen more than once type of episode. Enjoy, share, and let us know how it hits you!



About Nisha Moodley:

Nisha Moodley is a women’s leadership coach, the founder of Global Sisterhood Day, and a new mother. Her work is driven by a belief in the immense power of sisterhood to help us expand our individual and collective freedom.

She works with women who feel a deep calling to offer their hearts and hands in service to humanity, and through their work together, her aim is to support them in embracing their innate brilliance, expanding their freedom, embodying their leadership, and aligning their actions with their inner truth.

Her work blends years of interest and study in spirituality, holistic health, coaching, and Family Systems. She’s been a coach for 10 years, leading mastermind groups, online courses, and over 30 retreats.

Connect with Nisha Moodley:

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What You’ll Hear:

7:38 How Nisha is feeling in her body
8:53 The surprise Nisha encountered during a breathwork session
11:50 The truth having an impact on Nisha’s life
14:05 How Nisha’s understanding of community has evolved
17:54 Communicating to friends that you need help
19:02 Practicing self-discipline without shame
22:08 Letting go of worrying about other’s opinions
24:34 The healing that comes in knowing you’re not alone
26:28 The problem with the canceled culture
29:39 Sustaining yourself when surrounded by toxic people
34:25 Being able to coexist
35:20 Struggling with aspects of people’s expression
37:00 Honoring our pace in community care
40:30 Rallying behind people to offer care and nurturance
44:02 The value of discussing things we don’t have solutions for
47:48 The importance of self-reflection
50:06 What the ripple effect can do to community
53:40 Nisha’s experience with sharing on social media
58:52 The feeling of needing to belong
1:01:06 How Nisha feels about the notion of independence


Global Sisterhood Day
Soul of Leadership

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“Community care is a huge aspect of our path forward.” – Nisha Moodley

“I can’t get rid of the parts of me that I don’t like, so how do I integrate them? How do I hold them in a field of love, care and regard? How do I include the parts of me that are hard to love and accept?” – Nisha Moodley

“There are periods of time where I need to go inward, be quiet, be in a space of open curiosity or when I need to be burning things to the ground and not knowing what’s next.” – Nisha Moodley

“Capable people need care too. Capable people need rest, love and nourishment too.” – Nisha Moodley

“One of the things that we so desperately need in humanity right now is self-reflection and honesty with self.” – Nisha Moodley

“There’s power in paradox. There is power in the ability to hold both an acceptance and a willingness to face and be with what is, and at the same time a desire for something greater.” – Nisha Moodley

“I want the strongest, clearest, most loving intention to be the loudest one and to be the most resonate one that comes through.” – Nisha Moodley

“I don’t think the desire to be seen or validated is inherently bad. I’m just saying that if I hand the power of that over to the internet, I’m in trouble.” – Nisha Moodley

“There are parts of me that I struggle to love that I am sure my friends find completely endearing and lovable.” – Nisha Moodley

“We are all leaders and we are all followers.”  – Nisha Moodley


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