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Y’all…you know I love a good stirring of the pot and that is what return guest Shanda Catrice came back on to do with me today. We’re digging into a topic that some folks will feel really defensive and protective of – the Law of Attraction. So as always, I invite you to stay curious and open as you listen.

Shanda’s big truth in this episode was that you don’t always have to know the answer. From there we got into why it’s important to take breaks from your personality, how everything in the Universe serves a purpose because if it didn’t, it wouldn’t exist, and how spirituality is technology.

We dug into some etymology – the context of words and how they’re used, specifically the word destiny–and we talked about surrender, freedom, change, resistance.

Then we spent a good chunk of time on the juicy unpacking of how the Law of Attraction is not a substantial Universal Law, the impact your destiny has on your ability to manifest things, cognitive dissonance, metaphysics, religious science, emotions and beliefs.

My guess is we’re going to get a lot of notes about this one, so find me on IG @elizabethdialto, email us at, and share the episode to let us know what you think!


About Shanda Catrice:
Shanda Catrice is a fiercely compassionate healer and spiritual mentor who combines practical wisdom with sacred healing arts to guide women through inner transformation. Her work is centered around the integration of the whole self, through radical love and raw authenticity Shanda encourages women to embrace the love and light, as well as the shadowy parts of their soul. She has over 10 years of experience learning from various cultures and spiritual traditions from around the world and has facilitated workshops, healing circles, guided meditations, and sacred ceremonial retreats that help women align with the deepest parts of themselves and liberate the truth of who they really are.

Connect with Shanda:
Website | Instagram

What You’ll Hear:

6:57 How Shanda is feeling in her body right now
7:39 A truth that’s having an impact in Shanda’s life right now
10:21 Stepping outside of what you normally do
14:03 Using astrology as a self-discovery tool 
19:25 Surrendering to and accepting your destiny 
20:30 Why the law of attraction isn’t real
25:48 How the law of attraction was created during a time of oppression for many ethnicities
26:52 Why you can’t manifest against collective consciousness
31:05 Aligning with your purpose 
35:49 Noticing synchronicity in your life
37:35 How to get the best manifestation results
42:21 Not using concepts of books as “gospels”
45:13 Avoiding getting invested into consumerism
49:33 Using these tools as a complement of your base spirituality
52:33 Why spiritual science will be different for every ethnicity or race
57:51 How every religion has an ancient movement practice and music
01:03:02 Why there is no fight or resistance to things you know

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“You don’t have to always have the answer.” – Shanda Catrice

“Every once in awhile we should take a break and actually act outside of your personality and act outside of what you should do.” – Shanda Catrice

“The moment you just surrender and accept is freedom, total freedom.” – Shanda Catrice

“We usually don’t resist things that we cannot change.” – Shanda Catrice

“You can never ever ever ever manifest against collective consciousness.” – Shanda Catrice

“Nobody can manifest anything outside of their destiny.” – Shanda Catrice

“Rules can be bent, rules can be broken.” – Shanda Catrice

“If science doesn’t work the same for every race, then why would spiritual medicine or spiritual science work the same?” – Shanda Catrice

“If you have resistance to it and if you really knew it to be true – there would be no fight.” – Shanda Catrice

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