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This is episode five of a six week podcast series I do every year called Journey into the Wild Soul. It’s FILLED with gems to explore your inner world to help you have a better outer world experience. (And that is putting it very, very mildly.)

I’ve also opened up a free pop-up Facebook group to get some quality time together as a Wild Soul community before 2020 starts and we get all “hyped up” about a new year. I hope you’ll join me and bring your friends!

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The Journey into the Wild Soul is about reflecting on the year and perhaps years previous, so that we can leave the past in the past as we transition into a new year. As well as to invite you to consider if how you’ve been going about your growth, healing and transformation is really effective or if it’s more performative, obligatory, inefficient, ineffective, or just a distraction.

Our theme this year is WHOLENESS and in this fifth episode I explore the second half of the Arc of POWER – Passion and Purpose and Love and Truth.

If you didn’t hear the first four episodes, that’s ok, you don’t have to go back and listen to it before diving into this one unless you want to. Here are the links if you do:

In today’s episode we’re diving into the second half in the Arc of POWER which is the curriculum in my yearlong women’s circle POWER. I walk through the difference and the relationship between passion and purpose, some common misconceptions and hang ups about both and how to use them effectively in your life as guideposts.

Then I get into Love and Truth which are SO BIG, but I delve in from experience of my own and from teaching on this for so long from an embodied perspective, and share some stories, insights and points for you to reflect on.

Enjoy the episode and remember to check out POWER 2020 to see if it’s for you!

What You’ll Hear:

5:50 The realization that Elizabeth’s come to in the past year
6:31 How putting pressure on yourself can rob you from joy and freedom
7:57 The exploration of desires of the ego and desires of the soul 
8:50 Elizabeth’s thoughts on the differences between passion and purpose
10:54 How alignment helps you discover who you are
13:35 How people come into and leave our lives as we change and grow as a person
15:26 Elizabeth’s passions and how they’ve changed over the years
17:27 Why passions aren’t rooted in escapism
20:03 A purpose that we all share as humans
22:32 Learning from the range of truths that exist
24:21 One of the most exquisite truths that Elizabeth has embodied this year
27:29 Learning how long-term, sustainable compatibility can sometimes be more important than love
30:18 Releasing attachment and pain around certain relationships 
31:02 Why Elizabeth loves “fierce love”
35:04 How your wild soul loves you as you are


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“There’s a lot of confusing messaging, narratives and content out there about the relationship between passion and purpose.” 

“Not every purpose is rooted in passion.” 

“Not every passion succeeds as a purpose.” 

“When you know how to honor passion and purpose on their own – and you can see where there is appropriate overlap – your life can begin to flourish and be really generative and self-sustaining.” 

“If you want to know what your values and priorities are, take a look at your bank statements, credit cards and calendar.”

“You don’t even have to be good at it when something is a passion. You just have to enjoy it and come alive.”

“Passion and purpose are intricately connected. I have to believe that the ultimate purpose of life, one of them, is to be fully lived in this way.”

“One of the most loving things any of us can do in our lives is dedicate ourselves to the truth.”

“Embodiment is a path to both love and truth.”

“Love doesn’t entitle you to anything.”

“Sometimes love just isn’t enough. You can love something but still have to let it go.”

“I learned how to NOT commit to a love where the relationship was not going to be a good fit for me.”

“Love and truth live within the heart.”


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