Did you know you have access to an infinite library of spiritual wisdom.

It’s true. This ‘library’ is the Akashic Records, a divine database of everything happening across our Universe and every dimension it contains. And with some practice, we can all tap into that infinite wisdom.

In today’s episode, I’m meeting with my original reader and trainer Helen Vonderheide to explore what the Akashic Records hold for us.

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When she first accessed the Record seven years ago, Helen felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She could truly see the interconnectedness of all things. Helen fell in love with the Records, and she knew she wanted to help others access them.

Now, Helen teaches others to access and receive information from the Akashic Records in a way that works with their vibration.

Through her work, she’s helped heal and guide hundreds of people to their highest selves.

Join us in today’s episode as we discuss Helen’s experience as an Akashic Records reader, how to become the highest versions of ourselves, and bridging the gap between ourselves and the divine.

Listen to episode 368 now!

In episode 368 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [8:22] Moving through transitions and embracing change in your life
  • [10:35] What the Akashic Records are and what it’s like to use them as a resource
  • [14:34] Why we’re afraid to be the highest versions of ourselves and answer the call of the divine
  • [15:19] Living with fear and learning to accept it as the energy that it is
  • [20:37] Finding alignment with your work, your divine partnerships, and your earthly relationships
  • [27:32] How different readers can provide different experiences, even for the same person
  • [36:35] Gaining self-esteem in your craft as a reader or healer
  • [39:41] What the records can provide for you and the limits of their guidance
  • [45:02] Reading from a place of love and empowerment instead of fear
  • [52:55] How to find your own way to access the records and become your highest self

    Resources mentioned by Helen and Elizabeth in the episode:

        Quote from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:


        • “I know readings are not meant to be healing sessions, but I always find they can help and also be healing sessions because the energy of the field is just, it’s so potent, it’s so beautiful and it’s so pure.” – Elizabeth

        • “The Akashic Records. are an archive of impressions… So when you engage in this resource, you start to become aware of these very encouraging truths that hold you throughout the human experience.” – Helen

        • “The records will be real with you. Like they do not give you BS to feed your ego. They will check you right where you’re at.” – Helen

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        Transcripts for Episode 368:

        – What’s up, everybody. Welcome to episode number 368 of the “Embodied” podcast. Today I am so, so excited to share Helen Vonderheide with you. Helen was my original Akashic Records reader back in 2018, when I started to get into working in the records formally. I did a couple of readings with Helen, and I started feeling like, “Oh, maybe this is something I should do.” And then in my very next reading, when I was gonna ask about it, it came up before I could even ask. So I did a training with Helen and then I did a training with her mentor, Linda Howe, and the rest, as they say, is history. So in this episode today, Helen and I are geeking out about working in the records, the way, working on our own records, and working in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of other people’s records has affected our lives, some different technologies that she’s been developing after years and years in the records, and being a teacher trainer as well. So this is such an incredible episode, really fun for those of you who’ve had Akashic Records readings with me, or who are just interested in the Akashic field, what’s available in that field, and to get a deeper understanding. You’re gonna love, love, love this one. Show notes can be found at untameyourself.com/368. And that’s it, share it up, let us know how you like it, and we’ll see you soon. Helen, you’re here.

        – I’m so happy to be here.

        – I’m really excited. So, you know, we have a whole intro and everything, but I just wanna tell people listening, I wanna give them the backstory. So in 2018, it was the fall of 2018, I was bumping into some personal stuff that I was really challenged to like, access and move through on my own. And you know, as practitioners, sometimes we feel like, I have the tools. I should be able to do this myself. And my friend, Christina, had just had a reading with you, and she was telling me about it. And I’m like, this, this is what I need. And I had heard of the Akashic Records before, and actually, as I thought about it, I’d had a really different kind of Akashic Records readings, like many, like five years prior to that in like, 2013. And I had my reading with you and the insights were really helpful, but what I loved more than anything was just sitting in that field and feeling that energy of like, real. Like, the way I always describe it for people is it felt like sitting in a bath of just like true, like real, unconditional love and light and compassion. And I know readings are not meant to be healing sessions, but I always find they can’t help but also be healing sessions, because the energy of the field is just, it’s so potent, it’s so beautiful, and it’s so pure, at least the way you held it. So anyway everyone, Helen is really the person who got me, via my friend, Kristina Italic, who will be on the podcast someday as well, into the Akashic Records. So, thanks Helen.

        – Oh, thank you so much, Elizabeth. You know, that really was, I don’t know, for some reason, like emotional for me to hear, because actually every reading is a healing. And it’s not like you go to the records, like, “I wanna be healed.” You go to the records because you’re like, “I need some clarity, insight, guidance, direction.” And then in that energy transmission, it’s like you’re healed, or like, there’s this healing that takes place that just holds you. Whatever that energy is, it just like, cocoons you. And it’s like, you got this. Yeah, we got you. You know, it’s this partnership.

        – Totally. So before we dive in and geek out about being in the records and working and evolving through that, my check-in question that I ask everyone to start the show is, “How’s your heart today?”

        – Mm. Oh man, my heart is experiencing duality. One piece of that is an overwhelming, anxious, unknown of what the future is going to look like. I’m just in a really big transitional point in my life right now, like, so big, but also not that big, you know. So I feel that on a human level, like on a nervous system level, but then the other side of that is just complete trust and knowing that everything always works out. And so I kind of laugh to myself sometimes, like, why do you get in such a frenzy when you know everything will work out.

        – Well, that’s the human condition, right? Like, we know. Can we talk about transitions for a minute, because I laughed with you as you were like, huge transition, well not that huge, ’cause I know you’ve been through several huge transitions in your life from career shifts to two different cross-country moves. Right?

        – Yeah.

        – And this actually came up recently in my Embodied Living Center community. Someone was asking about having a really hard time with transitions, and I know, you know as well, just from your own experience. And then of course, you’ve done at this point, do you even keep count? How many Akashic Records readings have you done?

        – No, I lost track. I would say I’ve been reading since 2014, and I’ve always had just a very fulfilling practice. At times, I could work with anywhere from five upwards to sometimes even like, 20 people a week.

        – Yeah.

        – It would just depend on how much I wanted to make myself available. Now that I’m getting like, you know, a little bit older in my practice, meaning like, more experience, more aware of my energy, more aware of boundaries that I need to have so that I’m also taking care of myself, I would say what feels comfortable now is probably about five, one-on-one sessions a week.

        – Yeah. So, all right, since 2014. So you’ve probably done like over a thousand readings, if not more than that.

        – Yeah.

        – I mean, it has to be because I’ve done close to 400 at this point, and it’s only been almost three years. That’s amazing. I asked that because I have just noticed how time in that field, in that space with people has just been wildly transformational for like, everything in my life.

        – Yes.

        – Which we can come back to that as well, but specifically, so often people are asking about transitions and moving through it, so I’ve gotten to bear witness to so many. So in some broad strokes, like what are your pearls around moving through big transitions? What do you notice for yourself and for other people?

        – Well, so this response comes from my experience of working in the records. And when I engage this resource, because the Akashic Records are an archive of impressions, but it comes from this field, which is essentially, the field is ether, you know, it is a primary substance. And so when you engage in this field, and I use it as a resource, so when you engage in this resource, you start to become aware of these like, very anchoring truths that hold you throughout the human experience. And especially when you’re working with another person and you can hold that for them and be that anchor for them. And so you start to accumulate this knowledge, these anchored truths of just absoluteness, and when you’re starting to move through life and you come up against some turbulence, you know you’re anchored. You know you’re safe, you know. And what I love about your work is also connected to the body, but am I safe in this body to be anchored in this truth, because this body is finite. And I don’t know if it is safe, if it is stable, you know. And then that’s of course, another layer of work that someone gets to explore, that I’ve been able to explore. But as I’ve been moving through, you know, transition transformation, when I work in the records, they’re revealing my expansive potentiality. It’s like, Helen here is what’s available for you in this infinite world. Like, this human experience truly is infinite, even though we’re finite and we’re mortal beings. And so here’s what’s available for you and you become aware of that, and then they sort of guide you in accordance to that. And that’s when it starts to get really uncomfortable, because you are stepping into more of an expansive imprint that is true of you, and it’s really uncomfortable.

        – It’s really uncomfortable. And one of the things that I notice, I’m sure you do as well, I have a lot of people who come back pretty consistently for readings. Some people will go on a streak where they’re doing like, monthly. Some people will come like, once a quarter, a couple of times a year, whatever. And often they’ll reference their last reading, which obviously, more often than not, I am not remembering what happens in anybody’s reading. You know, sometimes when they bring it back up, I’ll be like, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.” But it’s fascinating how people will show up and be like, “They’re gonna be mad at me. I didn’t do what they said.” And by the way, when we say “they”, I’m referring to the masters, teachers, and loved ones. Do you still, we’re gonna get there, but I know your work has evolved, are you still working with masters, teachers, and loved ones in the records or has it moved beyond that?

        – So it has moved beyond that. They are there, they are still there. And I still like, love them so much, but now I’m starting… The energy that I’m working with now is more expansive. And so the groups of beings that I work with are, it’s really simple, it’s guardians, guiding forces, and just all supportive beings. So it really calls in whatever of the infinite wants to come through, but one of the things that I say is, “Faithful guardians, devoted guiding forces.” And so I’m really calling in like, what is going to be the most supportive, the most aligned guidance that I can receive.

        – I love that. I just wrote that down so we can come back to it. So it sounds like you’re saying in the transitions and working in the records is what makes it so scary, especially, is when people are being called to be a higher version of themselves, like, a more expanded and more evolved, a more whole, divinely embodied. That’s hard for people.

        – And then I think too, that when we have this resource available for us, and it is available always, and we can receive those anchoring truths, then we have something to hold us steady as we’re in the unsteadiness of embodying that expansive potentiality.

        – Yeah. Yes. ‘Cause I noticed, I recently, one of the things that I’ve started doing just over the summer in the Embodied Living Center, is adding energetic attunements. We have a whole library of all these healing meditations, but kind of beyond that, I’m like, I’m only one person and I’m sure you have this experience too. I can only do so many embodied healing sessions, and one-on-one sessions, and energy work on people. And I want people to be able to like, dip in and access, and get a little tune-up for real, like if they need one. So one of the things I asked was all right, I wanna do basically like, a whole library of energetic attunements for fears, ’cause there’s so many. And I’m kind of a freak in that I just don’t have the relationship to fear that a lot of people do. Like, it’s just how I’m built. I could look it in the face and be like, “I see you. We’re doing this shit anyway.” And just not be stuck in hell. I have it, right, I’m not, without. People often label me like, “You’re so fearless.” I’m like, “I’m not. I just don’t mind feeling it while I’m doing shit, you know?” I know that’s not the case for a lot of people. So I try to study fear so I can understand, but I bring all this up because this is something else. People come to the records like, stuck, stuck, stuck. I’m so stuck. And often it’s the fear. So what have you noticed? We talked a little bit about transitions. What have you come to understand about the nature of fear and dealing with and working through fear from working in the records?

        – Well, Elizabeth, you really had your finger on the pulse, because fear is breakthrough. It’s someone who is committed to breaking through and coming up against this vibration, because fear, while it is an emotion, that it is a very real visceral experience, it really is just a vibration of energy. And when you can start to tease it out to really gently like, hold that fear in your hands or in your heart and just ask like, “What are you bringing for me? You know, what can I see about myself? What can I tease out? What can I look at?” And then you just start to receive all these little pieces of insight that are supportive. And as you receive that, then ultimately, you are breaking through whatever that was. And it really is just that energy, you know, that just needs our attention. And then as you break through that, you do move into the next version of you. Like, you’ll never go back, you know. A really generic example is like, you touch a hot stove and you burn your hand. You learn your lesson. You’re not gonna put your hand on that stove again. So once you break through the fear, it’s like, you can’t even fathom like, going back to having fear around whatever that was that you were afraid of.

        – Okay. So one of the things I talk about in the context of healing all the time is that it happens in a spiral. It’s like a spiral. But I think of it like a spiral staircase, because people often will face the same issues over and over again. Especially I find in relationships, in like, career, vocation, calling, purpose, and then around money, right. People find themselves in similar situations over and over again. And they’re like, “I thought I already healed this.” And my thing is always, you move through a layer of it, for sure. Like, I really don’t believe anyone could go backwards. I don’t believe people can relapse, but I believe they can revisit things, but they have the last experience they had and the experiences before that. So it’s not the same, but often people are feeling like, “This again”, but it’s like, you haven’t gone backwards. So I appreciate you saying that, like, you can’t go back, but I want you to say more about the fear still being there, ’cause like, the stove is a simple example. And when it comes to like, relationships or money, or you know, issues of self-worth, it gets a little more complex.

        – Okay, definitely. So then let me use myself as an example. So right now, I have created a whole new body of work and I’ve been testing it out on people, and I also am testing it out on myself. And one of the things that I’ve been moving through in this life, is relationships, romantic relationships. Like, that has definitely been some sludge for me.

        – Me too.

        – Oh my goodness. So what’s amazing is the curriculum started to show me Helen, like in terms of your profession, your passion, your work, like you have fully embodied it. Like, and you just continue to magnify that and open it in all these creative ways. And that just for you is like this, it’s like this flower that just continually is blooming.

        – I love that visual. It’s so beautiful.

        – Yeah. It’s so helpful for me to see it because I’m like, oh wow, my partnership with my work, that is totally in alignment. Like, the most expansive partnership I could ever ask for on a career level, right?

        – Yes.

        – But then when it comes to being like, intimate and vulnerable with another human being, you know, I got all my things in here that like, all my barriers. And what they started to show me, they being the guides, of course, is that “Helen, yes, you’ve had these experiences in relationships and you’ve been evolving like, as you’ve grown. And what you are aligning yourself with within this lifetime is to be in a partnership, an expansive partnership like you have with your work.” And that takes a lot of work, because even though your business, your work is a partnership, you know, and I would also say that my partnership with my business also includes the guides that I work with, who are definitely helpful for me in this area. So it’s like I have this like really fluid partnership here. But when I look at my partnership with a romantic individual, like, I have just so many kinks in the energy field that I’m like, moving through. And I’m just kinda like, caressing with like, my love, and my acceptance, and my grace. And then also what I see is, you know, this journey for me, I loved when you were talking about how fear is this spherical experience, right. It’s not linear. And that also is true of my history with romantic relationships. It has been a linear journey. Like I can see, oh, Helen, at this age, you’re with this person, you experienced that, you know, et cetera, et cetera. But what I start to see is if I like, pull that human timeline away, what I start to see is this journey, this like, spherical journey of me learning more about myself on a physical level, on an emotional level. And then being in partnership with another physical person that also can like, hold that space with me. So I think what I do in the area, and I know this is how you also work with others is, I just sort of take it an experience at a time. I’m like, “Okay, Helen, here’s where you’re at right now.” And I’ll tell you where I’m at right now. There’s a relationship that ended a couple of years ago, a little over two years ago for me. And this relationship was, oh my God. It was so, it was everything. However, what it was not was an alignment for the future. And especially with the future that I hold for myself and what I see, and especially what I see when I work in the records. And so when I see that partnership with that person, it doesn’t have the expansive future that I feel for myself. And so naturally that relationship was there to just teach me and to show me that I can hold my truth. I can hold the light steady for myself. And that I absolutely will come into alignment with, you know, 1, 2, 3, who knows? I don’t even know if I’m meant to be with one person for the rest of my life. So I think what I see is like, just be on this journey, Helen. And like, and also as uncomfortable as it is, and you know, as uncomfortable as grief is, ’cause like, I experienced like, the most tremendous grief that I’ve ever experienced in my life, like separating from that person. There’s something so beautiful about it. Like, it’s almost like I’m so grateful to have that experience of grief.

        – Oh my God. I am with you on this. Like everything you said, I’m like, “Yes, yes, yes. She’s telling my story, totally relate. Check, check, check, check, check.” And I’m sure so many people listening can relate as well. And I find this is quite common, to be honest, with so many of my friends and colleagues that do work in, you know, the spiritual realm, we’ll just call it that, spiritual and energetic work. Because I love how you keep using the word, expansive, because that’s what it is. We are always growing, expanding, shifting our energy, moving into different areas and not from any kind of superior place. Like, I also really appreciate how you described it, just so neutral, right. Like, I feel like there’s no ego. It’s just about, this is the journey. This is what’s happening. Like, just very matter of factly, ’cause that’s how I experienced it as well. But what’s funny is I always also feel the like overarching, like, messaging of the culture that wants to be like, but something is wrong with you. You’re 38 years old. You should have already figured this out by now, but you know, and this has been a very humbling year for me. And I don’t know how into astrology you are, but this Saturn retrograde that just ended, thank frigging God, really felt like a review of okay, cool, so you think you know, but you have no idea. It was basically it and I was like, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” So it was really, and I love that, and kind of like you were describing the grief, I find humility to be like, very tenderizing, very softening, very like, I just feel more receptive than ever, because I know now more than ever how little I know. And it’s like, great. Like I don’t know shit. And so when I find myself wanting to cling or attach to things I think I do know, I can just loosen my grip and be like, maybe, let’s see, let’s see. And I’m so much more comfortable in the let’s see, and in the not knowing, because I’ve seen for myself and so many people as well in the records, that most of the suffering comes from clinging to what we think we know.

        – Yeah.

        – Or wanting something to go according to our friggin’ plan. And one of my favorite quotes of all time is, “You plan, God laughs.” And not in like a mocking way. I just imagine God, goddess, you know, whoever people connect with or whatever you connect with, like, laughing like a parent laughs watching the child like, wobble on its little legs as it’s just learning how to walk, you know. That kind of like, oh that’s adorable. Not a mocking or condescending laugh, but like, oh that’s so cute.

        – That’s what I was feeling when you said it, just this like, adoration.

        – Yes, yes. Yeah. I love that so much. So one of the things that I wanted to ask you about too is I find something I’ve noticed, people who show up to me to ask specific things. I find it so beautiful that I’m the reader because I have context for like, the stuff. And I find that to be really true that even though the records are the records, and you know, the guides are the guides, and what’s gonna come through is always available, there does seem to be something about who the reader is, mattering on some level. And I know you’ve been training people. I’ve done two trainings with you. One, two trainings with you. Do you notice that? Am I making that up?

        – No, no. It’s so true. An experience that’s coming to mind, so if I’m unavailable, I’ll refer people out to like, former students of mine. And I’ll refer those people out and they’ll have an experience and more times than not, they’ll come back to me and they’re like, “Oh yeah, you know, they were really great. They were helpful, but they’re not you.” So there is something about the reader. And I think for me personally, I, when I first opened my records, and I felt the connection, and I heard them in clear audience. So I heard them. There was no mistaking that I was connected to something that was outside of me, but inside of me. I was like, this is so real. I will never, ever doubt. I have a 0.01 doubt, healthy, healthily doubt, but anyhow, it’s really small. But anyways, because that experience was so real. I decided to dedicate myself to studying and to becoming the best reader that I could be. And I think that through my training, and not just my Akashic training, but like any kind of development training, through all my training, I’ve been able to like, blend these skills with the gift and ability that is there to connect to this nonphysical energy and resource, and to be able to interpret their messages. Because when they give you a message, I have to interpret it or translate it into words sometimes, because the feeling is like, how do you put that feeling into words, you know. So, I think it really takes an exceptional reader to interpret that and to put that into words. And so one of the things that I love, I mean, oh my God, I’m so sensitive, and so I really love someone that can deliver compassionately. And that’s of course, like immediately when I’m receiving those messages, the translation will come through compassionately, because they will be, and they are with me, they are very straightforward and as a matter of fact. Like, you know, someone recently brought something to my attention around how I had heard them. Unbeknownst to me, it was unconscious how I heard them. And when I went into my records with that, they just kept saying, “No, that you heard her.” And I’m like, “Eh, I understand I heard her, but come on, tell me what’s going on.” And they, again, repeated it, “Know, K-N-O-W, know that you heard her.” And they said it three times and I was like, “Oh, we have past lives.” I heard her. It’s like more than this lifetime, right. And so that’s like, when they can be so real with me, but then also it takes that interpretation. Like, what are you saying to me? Oh, I get it now, you know. Like, I remember another time, a message they gave me was, this is when I was with my ex-boyfriend. And I was like, so lovey, you know. I was so in love with him and I just wanna love him. And he was like really off put one time. And I was like, “Well, what’s going on with him?” And they said, no, I said, “Why is he being weird?” And they said, “You’re being weird. You are needy and clingy.” So that’s what I mean around like, they will be real with you. Like, they do not be you BS to feed your ego. Like, they will check you right where you’re at. But what I do when I’m reading is, I can receive that, you know, and it’d be very straightforward, but I have this agreement where I just ask them, immediately convert that into a compassionate message. You know, I don’t want someone to… I’m a very highly sensitive person. Not all people are, but if I am, I have to be the type of reader that delivers it in that way.

        – Totally, yeah. Always filtering through the compassion. Quick break in the show, everybody, to let you know, the applications are open for my 2022 Embodiment Specialist Training. I am so excited about this training. It is like, seven or eight years in the making. It is expanded beyond what was Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training since 2016. And this is really, for anybody who feels the pull to graduate from doing basic level self-help, personal development, and spiritual work, and truly embody self-love, healing, and wholeness, so they can live soulful and soul-centered lives that contribute to collective healing and liberation, as well as people who are wanting to really integrate the light and the dark, who place a high value on kindness, generosity, integrity, humility, and reverence, who know that while we receive all kinds of gifts and talents and genius, we are the instruments, not the players. This is for people who wanna prioritize embodying their divine nature in order to serve the human experience, as well for those who would like to incorporate embodiment work into their professional lives in some way, shape or form, or just deepen their own practice. So if you wanna learn more about the training, which starts in February, 2022, head to untameyourself.com/specialist. There are some dates by which to apply. If you need extended payment plans, we have a couple of different extended payment plans. And it’s just gonna be an incredible, alchemical, transformative experience. It’s gonna be a small intimate group, ’cause I will also be mentoring and working with everyone one-on-one throughout the 13 months of the training. So again, really deep, really beautiful, really incredible experience. If you are interested, go to untameyourself.com/specialist and I will be so excited to receive your application if you decide to submit one. There’s so much in everything that you just said. One of the things, I’ve been listening to a lot of Carolyn Myss recently, and her work around being a mystic, like, “A Mystic Outside of the Monastery”. And what got me on this tear of just deep diving through all of her stuff was an audio between her and Clarissa Pinkola Estes called, “Intuition and the Mystical Life”. It’s just like this epic three hour… It’s like two good old friends who happened to be epic, legendary practitioners and writers, spiritual teachers, just hangin’ out and talkin’ about mysticism and intuition and the mystical life. And one of the big things they both really talked about and agreed on is how integral self-esteem is to being, to connecting to your gifts, to using your gifts, because you have to be able to trust yourself, and without self-esteem, you’re not gonna trust yourself. And I actually remember this from the first training I did with you, because I’d been doing my work for so many years, and self-trust was such a big part of that. It was just like lapping up water. Let’s do this. Dive right in, got it, here come the messages, and it was pouring out. And I remember some of the people I was partnered up with the training that was not happening for them, but it was really just because I was willing to trust myself and they weren’t. And so it was so fascinating. And I’m hearing like, through just a lot of what you’re saying is that willingness to just like, be humble, listen, but like, trust. And like you said, that healthy like 0.01%, because sometimes it’s like uncanny. That’s how I trust. Yesterday, you know, some people that I’ve read for a few times, rather than coming with a bunch of questions, they’ll be like, “Okay, hit me. Like, what’s in the field? What do they want me to know?” And I had a reading with someone yesterday like that, where it was like, “Okay, well, what’s going on with your parents? What’s going on with your sister? How’s your body?” And basically, everything that I said, she had written down to ask about. I’m like, of course she had just written… Like, there’s no other way to explain that. Like, how would I know, you know? I don’t.

        – Right.

        – But, is there anything you wanna say about that, the self-esteem piece?

        – Oh, Elizabeth. Oh my goodness. So I think about one of my friends, one of my students, and she asked me about self-doubt. She was like, one of my early on students, like, probably within the first year of teaching is when we worked together. And she asked me, “Helen, like, what about doubt?” And my response to her, and this is, you know, over time, who knows what the exact words were, but her interpretation of it, ’cause she always repeats it to me was that I said, “Doubt is a belief that I just cannot give my energy to. It just, it can’t receive me.” So that’s my relationship with it.

        – Love it.

        – But admittedly, being a teacher of the Akashic Records, I would say about 50%, at least 50% of students struggle with self-doubt. And it is the thing that will, you know, kind of like guide them in a different direction, you know, of maybe just working with some different tools or practices, but the students who get it, they get it. And it just explodes. Like, it’s extraordinary. Yeah, I remember you like, when we were working together. I mean, even when you and I just were, you know, doing some one-on-one work together, it was like, you were in the field with me, you got it. You were like totally in the frequency of receptivity, and you also knew to discern like, what was really aligning, what was true, and maybe what just wasn’t quite hitting the mark, or maybe it just needed some time to unfold. I think that that’s also, when it comes to doubt, it’s like someone just being so honest with themselves about what’s being presented. And also, the records are filtered through all of our senses and we don’t know what senses that’s gonna come through, but whatever it is, just kind of being with that, you know. One of the first ways the records come through is through feeling. So it’s like an emotional experience, like, what are you feeling? And then just getting people to be in tune with that. Some people are disconnected from their body. Like, if someone touched them, they may not even feel that. And so it’s like getting someone to feel, and feel, and then to articulate that and put words to it. So it’s not that something isn’t true or it is. It’s just that the records, it is this source of connection so that you can feel how you are something greater.

        – Yeah. I love this. And you know, this is something I always… I have this little like, preamble to readings when it’s someone’s first time. And one of the things that I always say to people is, I’m like, “Listen, this is a source for spiritual guidance. We’re not channeling God here.” I’m like, “So if something doesn’t resonate for you, ditch it, like, please ditch it. Maybe you’ll come back to it later, maybe you won’t, but please do not leave this reading feeling like I just delivered gospel for you. Like, take what resonates and please ditch what doesn’t, and trust yourself more than me.” Right, because people want answers, which I find this to be one of the most lovable things about humans, how much they want answers, how much they wanna get it right. They wanna do the right thing. They wanna be on the right path, the right purpose. Like, they wanna be directing their energy, and effort, and attention towards the right things. And I always, you know, when I say, “I feel bad”, I really don’t. I feel some kind of way about when people show up and they’re just hoping that I’m just gonna like, tell them. And I’m like, that’s very rarely how it works, right?

        – Mm-hmm.

        – I always remember one of the examples I think you gave in the training was, you know, someone might show up and be like, “When am I gonna meet the love of your life?” And the guides might be like, “Well, when you clean out your closet and forgive your sister.” But they want it to be like, three months on a Tuesday. Go to this place, sit in this booth, they’ll walk in the door. That’s like, never how it works.

        – Thank you for saying that, Elizabeth, because the records are resource for growth and moving the energies. So it isn’t this, unfortunately, it is not this resource to reveal our life. Like, we absolutely have our free will to do and make choices as we please. So what the records will reveal is, oh, here’s a little area of your life that needs your attention. Maybe some cleanup, maybe some life lessons that are important for you to be aware of. And then once you direct your focus and you start to, you know, again, like I just love like, teasing out energy. Once you start to tease it out, you start to see how life is like, responding and reflecting just everything that’s available for you.

        – Yeah. Oh my God. So let me ask you something, ’cause here’s something I’ve noticed that goes beyond what I learned in the training I did with you and the training I did with Linda. One of the things that originally came through was that like, time doesn’t exist in the records. And so like, when people are asking timing questions, there’s usually not an answer for that, but I actually get a lot of time references in my readings. I’m curious what you have found around that.

        – That’s great. I would say that I’m a 50, 50. Like 50%, the timing is spot on and it happens. And then 50% is that it might not be spot on. But here’s what I’ve noticed about timing, Elizabeth, and I think that this is probably why you are really good at receiving time, is because you know where you are at or where people are at in their growth and development, their willingness to show up, and sort of address the energy or the, you know, the situation at hand. And if someone is willing to show up to do that, to make an effort, maybe not complete something, but just be with that, then the timelines absolutely can be on point, but it requires that work, or just that, I would say the attention.

        – Yeah. And you’re right, because it’s never like on the nose. It usually is giving someone a window of time, and it’s usually like, in the next couple of weeks, couple of months, whatever, six months, a year, pay attention for dot, dot, dot. Again, it’s never this directive, like in three weeks. I actually had a reading with a long-time client yesterday who everyone, we’re all susceptible to this, right. She wandered past some like metaphysical shop that was giving free readings. And she was like, “Ooh”. Like, there was something top of mind. You know, in my perception, that’s one of the ways that evil like, trickles in on us sometimes. It’s like, oh, let’s get someone on this hook for this shit that they wanna know. And the person who gave her her reading, like told her, like, “You will be fired within three weeks to three months.” And I was like, literally, first of all, she was so relieved she had an Akashic Records reading a couple of days later. She’s like, “Hi, this is now in my brain. Set me straight.” Because I was like, okay, first of all, anything that’s coming from like a pure, like, unconditionally loving source of guidance for you is not gonna tell you something like that. It’s just not. Like I, and I’m curious for your experience with this too, but often I’m getting more information than I’m permitted to share.

        – Yes.

        – It’s like, for context. It’s like, they’re telling me more and being like, but just share this piece. Because it’s like you said, sometimes people are ready and sometimes they’re not. And it’s actually not helpful at all to dump shit on people that they’re not in a place to hear or use in any useful way.

        – Oh my God, Elizabeth, there’s two things that came to mind. And this is what I learned when I was in my training with Linda Howe. Akashic readings are love-based.

        – Yep.

        – So exactly what you just touched on. It’s like you come into this space and you get loved up on and you’re so empowered. And so maybe you get fired, maybe you don’t, maybe you leave on your own terms, but at least now you are empowered to be aware of what’s appropriate for you, and make appropriate choices for yourself. So anything else that’s like fear-based, which that just feels like a fear-based reading, which if someone told me that, I would be freaking out. I’d be having like, a meltdown, like, oh my God, what is happening with my life? But that’s not helpful. That’s debilitating. I would be paralyzed. Like, my will would be paralyzed. And that’s just not helpful. And I’m in the business. We are in the business of being helpful.

        – Right, yeah. Oh man. And that’s again, like something that I would imagine if there was some information around that, the thing that would be appropriate to share would be like, just pay attention to your job and just be looking at other options, just like be available for a shift, or a pivot, or something like that. Just so awareness can be brought to the thing. And speaking of pivots, this is also something I’ve noticed in readings and working in my own records and getting readings over the years. And like, it makes me laugh, because I have this relationship where I’m like, you guys.

        – I know.

        – You know, sometimes I’m like, but really I’m from Staten island. I’m like, you motherfucker. I mean it with love, but damn, ’cause sometimes I find, and I have found this with clients too, sometimes the guidance I get, I have to, or clients have to so vehemently be like, “No”, because that’s the spiritual empowerment. The empowerment is to like get this thing and be like, “No, I refuse that. Like, I’m not doing that. I’m not listening. That’s not how I want it to be.” Or to be led down a path that you need to go on to get to a pivot point, not because that’s like, the outcome.

        – Yes. Oh my God. That is so spot on. You know, actually, so I had mentioned earlier, I’m in this really big transitional place in my life. There’s a couple of things that are happening. I, of course, created a new body of work that I just recently started to share with, you know, the outside world. And two, I live in Baltimore City and I am looking to move to a different neighborhood in Baltimore City. And what’s interesting about this cross-country move, I moved from Los Angeles, when I got settled into this home here and all of this work started to come through me, I was so blown away at what was being developed that I had said to them, “I don’t know how I would’ve been able to do this in Los Angeles.” And they said to me, “You wouldn’t have, and that’s why you’re here.” And I was so blown away and that was the pivot. I needed to make a pivot. So now I’m at another pivot point in my life where I’ve been in this neighborhood. I’ve been in this place for a year and it’s time to pivot and be in a different neighborhood. And what they said about like, the move, because I’m just like, really, I love this home. I just got settled. I’m tired. I’m a human being. I need a break. And they were like, “You were just here to really anchor in this portal of energy. And you’ve done it and now it’s time to move.” And so I’m just moving to a different neighborhood that’s like, not too far away, but it’s kind of comical to me because I feel like, oh, if anything, like, I’ve been able to anchor in just like, all of this energy, and goodness, and whatever that brings, you know, whatever that brings, it brings.

        – It’s funny, because as you know, I just moved to Miami and I’m feeling very similarly. Like, my goodness, I needed out of California. And I love my apartment. I love my apartment so much. And I keep saying, “I never wanna move.” And I’m like, I gotta be really careful, ’cause it’s almost like, an invitation to be booted out. I’m like, I don’t wanna move unless I have to. ‘Cause you know, like I mean, since I’ve known you, I think I’ve moved three or four times. So the thing is, if I get the boot, if I get like the cosmic boot, I’m always gonna go. I can’t not go, but I will do so begrudgingly, and just pray for all the grace. All right, I wanna come back to something you said earlier. You mentioned past lives. Like, with that thing, you had heard a person know that you’ve heard her. And one of the things that I love, that I find so entertaining that when I’m reading does not get entertained, are when people just wanna show up and treat the records like a fortune teller and be like, “Tell me about my past lives.” ‘Cause like, and what I always get is like, that’s so indulgent. Like, they don’t share unless it’s like, worth knowing, valuable. Like, if it’s just gonna be a distraction, like, they don’t indulge a curiosity that doesn’t have like, value or purpose.

        – Yes. Oh my God, Elizabeth. So I have similar experiences as you, where people will just openly say, “Tell me about my past lives.” So over time, I’ve had to create a little bit of like, a question structure when someone is coming into that. I don’t think people realize that could be difficult for a reader to do, because when we go to the records, that means we go to them with, you know, something specific, like, I wanna see a shift in my life around a certain area. And to just like play with past lives, like, that might not necessarily helpful. So what I’ve done is, what I’ll say is, “Okay, maybe this person hasn’t given me any information about themselves.” So what I’ll say to their guides is, “You know where this person is at in their life, with all their relationships to whatever, right, people, work, creativity, I don’t know, voice, you know, you name it, body. So you guys know where this person is at. What are the past life experiences that are relevant and supportive to where this person is?” And then what they’ll do is they’ll give me anywhere from one to three past lives. And then what you start to see as you reveal that, is there are patterns, themes, life lessons. And so that person’s like, “Oh my God, I’m in a relationship with someone like that right now, and we’re experiencing the same pattern.” And so we’ll kind of go there, you know, and then that’s really helpful. But for me, as a practitioner, that took a lot of practice and I had to figure out how do I like, dig around this?

        – I remember that is something I learned from you, I don’t know if it was directly or indirectly, to dig when the question is really general. And I appreciate that. That’s also really fun. I love like, getting to the root of things. So I also find that to be super satisfying. So your new body of work, which I am obviously elated, is called, “Embody the Source of Your Consciousness”. Where we got on, you were just mentioning how you’ve had students who used to do Linda Howe’s work with you when you were training people in that, and now have moved on to this new body of work with you, say they can really feel such a difference. So, what do you wanna share about that? Tell me everything.

        – Oh, well, first and foremost, you know, like previously, just like you, we’ve been trained under Linda Howe’s work, and her body of work, oh my God, I mean, it really was like such an entry point for me into this world of Akasha, and I really needed that discipline and structure to help me navigate this field. But we use a prayer that Linda Howe received, and everyone used the same prayer. And over my several years of teaching, what I started to see in like, students, or maybe even in clients who wanted to learn how to read the records or, you know, would just teach themselves, is that something wasn’t quite clicking or working. And so what is that thing that’s not clicking or working? And when I did some further investigation, the guidance I would receive is, Linda’s prayer is not a vibrational match for this individual. And there’s so many reasons why that could be, or couldn’t be, or things that you can do, or can’t do. But basically, the guidance that I would receive is, well, you can get so and so their own way of accessing the records. Like, you can do this in their records. Just listen, write down. Boom. They have their invocation. So that was like, kind of like sprinkled throughout my several years of working in the records so far, ’cause I’ve been working in the records for seven years now. So, and I’ve been teaching for, well, I’ve actually have been teaching for oh, six years. So anyways, when I started to come to this really big transition point in my work in the records, the guidance that I was getting was to help people create their own way of working in the records or beyond. Like, it wasn’t limited to the records, but in order to identify what that invocation would be, they had given me this blueprint. So they’re like, here’s a blueprint of questions that somebody can look at and answer, and that will start to create an invocation. Now, I’ve been sharing this work for the last like, five months. In fact, I received the blueprint several months ago and then I started testing it out. And I was like, oh, okay, it looks like it’s working. And then I created the whole body of work, and then I tested it out on a group of students, former students of mine, well, current as well. So I tested it out on them. And what I started to see is everybody’s way of connecting to this non-physical source looks so different, and I wanted everyone to truly honor how unique that was. So some students don’t even wanna say anything. They just wanna feel, and that’s their way of connecting them to the records. Like, here’s just some examples. One individual received a song as their invocation. Another individual received a poem as their invocation. Another student, their work is body movement, and so they’ve incorporated their body into opening up to this resource. So it started to just really take shape, and to like, see how each person got to, I don’t know what that was, and like, be the authority of their connection to this source. I was like, “Oh my God, this, oh my God. I swear to God, like, this is what I was here to do.” But then the curriculum that I developed, so the first two classes obviously are helping someone to attune to that and then to articulate that, but then classes three, four, and five, we just like blow it out of the, like, it is just like crazy. Like, we take it and we just magnify it by like, an infinite amount of… It’s just crazy. So basically what I’m saying is, okay, great, now we have this invocation. What are the best ways to use it? And what is the best way to be in partnership with life physically and nonphysically? And so it’s this work that really helps somebody feel supported along the way. And it doesn’t mean that it takes away self-doubt, because I still have students that struggle with self-doubt. But what it means is that these students are now in a relationship that is a relationship of their choosing. It’s like, the words of their choosing, their connection of choosing.

        – I love this, because one of the things I realized, and I remember you said this in that first class I went to with you, was that some people just naturally are accessing the records. And when you said that, I finally, because especially, the first body of work that I started to develop under like, the banner of embodiment was my Wild Soul Movement practice in 2013. And as I was developing that practice and as people were signing up and doing it online, and taking my classes and whatever, they’d be like, “Oh, this is just like dah, dah, dah.” Or “This reminds me of this. This reminds me of that.” And then I’d go look up what that thing is, and I’m like, “Oh gee, I get it.” But, you know, I hadn’t known what it was. I was like, “How the hell? Like, where’s this shit coming from?” I was never out here trying to act like I invent it. Like, I’ve always called myself a synthesizer. I’m like, I know I’m pulling together things that already exist, but in a lot of cases, I don’t know how or where from they already exist. So it’s like when people come to me and tell me that, I’m always like psyched, because I’m always glad, hang on. I’m always glad to have context. Like, if I can see like, there’s science to support something that I’ve like, you know, air quote, downloaded. I’m like, great, I’m doing it anyway because I have that trust. But so good to know that this is rooted in something beyond, you know, wherever I pulled it from. So I love that you’re helping people chart their own way to that, because I still, I mean, outside of, you know, that prayer or whatever. A friend of mine was like, “You just like, live in the Akashic Records now.” And I’m like, “I don’t know, maybe I do.” But I don’t think I live in the Akashic Records 24/7, but I certainly don’t need to like, say the prayer to get up in there.

        – Right, right. Elizabeth, oh my God, I wanted to say, so this work that I’ve been developing it’s really, so they, the guides, are calling this work like a bridge generation. And essentially what that means is we’re coming back to that inner authority. We’re coming back to our voice. We’re able to express that in our own way, you know, what that connection is, but we’re moving into this, I would say generation where we, like we’ve always been connected to the records. I think that what Linda’s work has taught us is that we can be conscious about connecting to the records. We can be aware of, “Oh, I’m working in this resource, and here’s the things that I can obtain from this connection.” But we’re moving into this generation where we don’t necessarily need anything. Like, it is there inside of us, but can we be conscious to it? You know, can we use it in a way that’s gonna be most supportive to us. So that kind of reminds me of where you are. And like, just that friend saying, like, “It feels like you live in the Akashic.” It’s like, yes, you do. And we all do, but can we also be conscious of it, because when we’re conscious of it, then it’s always available. It’s always alive for us, you know. When I’m not aware of it, like, and I’m like, in my humanness, sometimes I can feel really disconnected from it.

        – Yeah. Yes. My goodness. In the months that I was in transition, like, moving to Miami, basically, I wanna say April to mid-July of this year, and it’s 2021 in case anyone’s listening to this like years from now, some of the most challenging months of my entire life. And I felt like my connection was just much harder to come by. Like, I had to really work for it in a way I don’t usually have to work for that connection. And that also made me appreciate it so much more deeply because I missed it. I really felt that the impact of not being as deeply or usefully connected. Okay. I love this conversation so much. I kind of want it to go on forever, but I know it has to end eventually. Anything I haven’t asked you that you’re like, “Oh, I was hoping we were gonna talk about this.”

        – You know, I think one thing, just in terms of the work that you do on theme with that work, and a lot of what I’ve also been working on developing through my records, is how does one embody this relationship that we have to this non-physical, and a lot of what they’ve been teaching me recently, this is really fascinating. They showed me a spider in a web. And it’s like, the spider is obviously working really hard to build this web, but then they just sit and they just receive. And so a lot of what the records are teaching me right now on a human level, it’s like, I’m in this transition. Obviously I’m looking for places. I haven’t found the right place yet, so it’s like, I’m building my web, right. But then there’s a point where I get to just be with what I’ve built, even if I have not aligned with exactly where I’m meant to be, but to just like, be there, and then to just trust that I’m gonna receive it, that it’s gonna come. And that’s, you know, that’s something that I’m still moving through right now. But I think when it comes to being embodied, it’s like, they know it’s all gonna work out. You know it’s all gonna work out. But how can I embody that trust for that knowing that it is going to, and how can I live my physical life knowing and being embodied in that trust.

        – I love this. I love this, because this is something again, as I’ve been like, just bingeing on Carolyn Myss, it’s been revealing to me where I can really be very mental. I have a lot of Gemini in my chart. I have two different Virgo placements, and that’s ruled by Mercury, which is like, just the mind. Like my mind can be very… I think this is probably the cosmic irony of me doing embodiment work is how overactive my mind, like, I need this shit. You know, like, even my forever tagline, “Get out of your head and into your body.” It’s like, because I need it every friggin’ day. And so what lately though, and I love to use the word, “bridge”, ’cause I think about being a bridge and bridges, all the frickin’ time, is also going okay, so we have the mind and we have the body, but then the energy and like, the body is the bridge. It’s like the vessel for the energy. So when I was listening to you talk about like, the spider, which I love spiders, by the way, and when I first got to Miami, I was staying at my friend’s house. And there was always a spider building a web by one of the doors, like the side door or the front door, which I was always, and I would watch it and would be like… I walked through one of them one day and I was so sorry. I was like, I wasn’t even like, freaked out. Like, “Ugh, there might be a spider on me.” I was like, the first words out of my mouth were, “I’m so sorry.” Like, I just messed up your web that God only knows how hard or how long you’ve been working on. But the energy, it’s like, how am I aligning myself with the energy? How am I feeling? Again, this is why I’m doing those energetic attunements in the Embodied Living Center. How am I attuning myself to be able to sense when there’s an energy shift, or when my energy is off, or when the energy of something isn’t appropriate or isn’t aligned. That’s one of the things I’ve noticed. It’s like a gift and a curse. I really am such like, an optimist and an idealist. I can get very distracted by shit that’s just not happening. I have a very strong fantasy factory in my brain. It’s like, okay, well, what’s the real energy here? And like, feeling that like, the truth of the energy and like what needs to be addressed, what needs to be shifted. It’s so juicy.

        – I know. You said something that really stuck out to me. It was when you accidentally stepped in the web, and just the word, impermanence, came to me.

        – Yeah.

        – But also, we’re on this physical planet living these physical lives, and that’s just part of our experience and our work, you know, is to build, is to create. And it is this infinite experience that just continues to grow and expand. One of my doctors said to me, he’s like one of my metaphysical doctors, I was mugged and I’d never been mugged before. Like, living in Los Angeles for 16 years, never been mugged. And so I was like, “Whoa, that was really jarring.” And he said, and one of the things that we we’re working on was not feeling safe inside my body. And what he said to me was, “Your body is on loan from this planet. And yes, you may not feel safe, but you are safe. And so you have to work to really connect with that safety of like, being in this body.” And that was so helpful for me, because, of course in that, you know, kind of a scenario, I definitely disconnected. Oh, it’s not safe to be in this body. You didn’t help me. Like, you put me, you know, you led me right into the lion’s den. But then I feel like after that experience, I came back into relationship with my body, and it was like, an even deeper relationship that I wasn’t experiencing prior to getting mugged. It was like, oh no, let me come back to this. Like, and I felt so bad for abandoning myself, like, during that time. But it was like, kind of coming back to like, oh my God, you did protect me. You did everything that you could do in that moment to protect me. And even though they got my purse, they didn’t get anything. You know what I mean? It’s like, they didn’t get you. And so I just love that concept of impermanence, because I think what it does is it always brings us back to this and it can lead you to a deeper relationship, like, of being embodied.

        – Yeah. Yeah. And that’s hard. Amazing. Okay. Your website, it just comes up automatically in my browser because I’ve gone to it so many times. Spell it out for the people, would you?

        – Okay. Yes. So it’s just be true to you. So it’s J-U-S-T-B-E-E-T-R-U-E, like a bumblebee, the number 2 and then Y-O-U.

        – Okay. Justbeetrue2you.com. Do you do much on social media?

        – I am pretty dormant, admittedly, yeah. I’ve been doing everything like, under the radar. Like, when I developed these classes, I tested it out on former students. And then I was like, okay, now it’s ready for the world, and I made a little announcement. Like, I haven’t been like, yeah, I haven’t been fully present on social media, but I think it’s because I’m kinda like, I’m like a chef in a kitchen, you know. It’s like, I’m trying out these new recipes. Let me make sure they’re good to go before I really share it.

        – And so the best way to reach you is your website, right, if people wanna see what’s up with you?

        – I would say through my website. Yeah. And yeah, my contact information is there.

        – And then do you still have that Facebook group?

        – I do. Yes.

        – Great, and how do people find? That’s only for certified folks, right?

        – That is only for certified folks, but we’re also transitioning to, we have transitioned to Mighty Networks as well. So we have a Mighty Networks community. It’s called Akashic Community. We do have the Facebook community, which was for certified students, but I’m in this place right now where I’m trying to figure out like, the Facebook presence there. But on social media, like, you can find me on Instagram, like, under my name, Helen Vonderheide, and then there’s also an Akashic Community page as well. So yeah, I think as things just start to be more solidified in this body of work, I’ll start to get a little bit more present in.

        – Great. I love Mighty Networks, by the way. If you ever wanna geek out on that, call me.

        – Oh okay, good.

        – I love it so much.

        – Yeah. I mean, I’ve been using it for the last, like I’d say six months, but like, I love it.

        – I love it. So okay, this is amazing. I cannot wait to hear from people after this episode, especially people who’ve been doing readings with me for a couple of years now, or even just one reading and have been like, oh my God, like people, it’s just my favorite friggin’ resource, and I know a lot of people feel that way as well. So I just can’t wait to hear what might pop for people as they listen to the conversation. And it was exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to geek out with you on the records, hear how it’s developed and evolved for you and all that stuff. I appreciate your insight and your energy in all of this so, so, so much. And how pivotal you are in my journey, thank you very much.

        – Oh yes. Oh, Elizabeth, like, it’s so mutual. I’m so grateful for you. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your community and share this work with your, yeah, with just your friends, and family, and loved ones. I’m like, so excited to be here.

        – Amazing. All right, everyone, check out Helen’s stuff. See what she’s got goin’ on. Thank you for listening, and we’ll talk to you later.

        – Bye.