Have you ever had an experience you couldn’t quite explain? Maybe you were lying down in bed and you could feel the presence of someone else even though you were technically alone. Or maybe a loved one passed but every now and then, seemingly out of nowhere, you can smell their particular brand of cigar in your car. Lindsay Marino has and she’s learned not to make light of these moments.

It might sound crazy but these are all examples of experiences I’ve had and there are thousands of similar experiences reported by others; experiences that suggest that life continues even when our physical bodies do not. 

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What if, when someone dies, they don’t really leave us? We might not be able to physically engage with them, but we can certainly still communicate with them and in Episode 388 of the Embodied Podcast, Lindsay Marino, Psychic Medium and Mentor, shares how our passed loved ones often try to communicate with us. 

If you ever had an imaginary friend, felt a deep empathy for someone or knew something about them that you had no way of knowing, thought a passed loved one was trying to communicate with you or are questioning if your experiences are “normal,” you might have the gift of Mediumship. The great news is that you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone. 

Listen to episode 388 now!

In episode 388 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [2:39] why Lindsay knows God is real and what “God” means to her
  • [6:10] the two ways Lindsay actively communes with God
  • [8:30] Lindsay’s “coming online” moment where she recognized not everyone experienced the world in the same way she does
  • [11:40] the different ways to receive communications from “the other side”
  • [12:47] the importance of cleaning out your personal filter before giving a reading
  • [14:30] an example of when I listened to guidance that did not serve me and why we need to follow our intuition first and foremost when receiving a reading
  • [19:40] the importance of having clear boundaries and detaching yourself from your career in order to enjoy the other aspects of your life
  • [22:19] how not to interact with a Medium
  • [24:50] the afterlife; what is it like, does hell exist and does our grief keep our loved ones from moving on
  • [27:49] do our loved ones who commit suicide find peace
  • [34:52] how our loved ones will choose symbols we recognize to let us know they are with us
  • [36:11] why it’s okay if you are a skeptic of psychic/Medium work 
  • [37:29] the three main reasons why people visit Lindsay and participate in her programs
  • [38:00] whether or not we can all be Mediums
  • [41:08] how to show up for your child if they have a psychic or Medium gift
  • [44:37] in a reading is it possible to connect with a person you never met in this life
  • [49:04] the person I most want to connect with now and a practical way Lindsay shares that I can start that communication

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    Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:

    • “I used to think I was having flying dreams but they were actually outer body experiences. And that I was collecting “rocks” but now I know they’re crystals. And that I’d be giving advice to people when I was young but really it was intuitive guidance. And I was an observer and shy but really, I was just empathic and felt everyone’s emotions. [00:08:52] Lindsay Marino
    • “If you keep on talking to them, they do hear you, no matter who has passed, they’re still alive, you just might not see them in the same way but just know they are listening and they are around you.” [00:23:49] Lindsay Marino
    • “Energy can’t be broken.” [00:27:22] Lindsay Marino
    • “I used to be skeptic actually. When people tried to drag me to a psychic, I was like ‘I don’t believe it.’” [00:36:11] Lindsay Marino
    • “Everything is so connected with love that it’s a beautiful experience but when it’s unknown it feels uncomfortable.” [00:40:57] Lindsay Marino
    • “You always come back to what you’re meant to do.” [00:41:42] Lindsay Marino

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    Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

    If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussion on Instagram here.


    Transcript for Episode 388 “What Is A Psychic Medium? with Lindsay Marino:

    – Hello everybody, welcome to episode number 388 of the “Embodied Podcast”. Today our guest is Lindsay Marino, and this is another longtime conversation coming. I’ve known Lindsay for years, we did Marie Forleo’s B-School together back in the day, I’m talking 2011, everybody. And we literally have never had a conversation one-on-one until this podcast interview. Lindsay is a psychic medium and a mentor to other mediums. So she helps psychic mediums deepen their abilities and grow their business so they can bring healing to their clients, while they also experience the true freedom of living in their purpose. So we talked about mediumship today, which if you don’t know what mediumship is, it is connecting to people on the other side, people who have passed. And this is something that personally, I have no interest in doing, however, during the years that I was doing a ton of Akashic Records readings, sometimes people’s loved ones would pop in. And I certainly have had many visits of my own loved ones who have passed, throughout the course of my life. My family has all kinds of stories like this, when we get into this in the podcast episode. So if you have any interest in connecting with folks who have passed, past loved ones from this lifetime, if you are a medium, if you’re interested in being a medium, if you just have this ability and have never known what to do with it before, this is gonna be a great episode for you. So grab the show notes at untameyourself.com/388. If you wanna catch any of the links to anything that we mentioned, if you wanna check out Lindsay’s work, her website, her social media, or anything like that. And let’s get into the show.

    – Hey, everyone, Lindsay Marino here. And this is another… I’ve been doing a lot of these this year, these like, long-time coming interviews.

    – Yes, love that.

    – People where I’m like, “It’s been years in the making, and finally you’re here.” So I’m so excited.

    – I’m so excited to be here too. And Lindsay is a medium, and I’m… One of the reasons I’m really excited to talk about this and have this whole conversation with you today, is because a couple years ago, when I started working in the Akashic Records, sometimes people’s loved ones would come through. And I would have some really beautiful… there’s like a couple distinct ones that are just like, singed into my memory, and… But I like, kind of made an agreement with my own team. I was like, “I do not wanna do this, y’all.” I was like, “I don’t mind if it comes through when I’m in the Akashic Records, but please don’t make me do this.”

    – It’s a different kind of feeling, right, when it’s happening.

    – Yeah, yeah, really interesting, so… But before we dive into all that, this season, this year of the podcast, what I’m loving opening up these conversations with, it’s kind of a three-prong question. So I hit you with all of it so you could take it in whatever order you want. I’ve been really enjoying asking people, what do you call God, and how… what is your relationship with God, or whatever you call it? And how do you commune with that, if you even do?

    – Okay, I love that question. And it’s funny because what I consider God now is totally different than what I thought years ago-

    – I bet.

    – ’cause I grew up Catholic.

    – Same.

    – So you understand, you know, there’s a different kind of feeling, and I don’t know if it was CCD, I don’t know what it was that was instilled in me. But I felt like, “Oh gosh, if I say, ‘Oh my God’, or say God’s name in vain, or do anything, it was a sin.” So I used to be frightened. You know, they say, “Pray to God,” and I would, but at the same time in the back of my mind, I always thought everything was a sin. And now I feel so connected to God. So I would consider God… I feel really close to God, ’cause I feel like I’m partly… piece of me is part of God too.

    – Yeah.

    – Just like the flowers, and nature, and you know, the ocean, and everyone else around us is connected to God as one. And with all the readings that I’ve done, I’ve noticed that people, past loved ones that have come through, they talk about the power of praying and to pray to God. So I know God is real, ’cause I feel it in my heart, but I also have experienced it with receiving readings. And then I’ve also had a couple experiences while I was sleeping, and I went to a heavenly realm with my own past loved ones, and felt the feeling of God. And I felt so much unconditional love. It’s hard to explain in human terms.

    – It really is. And this is one of the reasons… And by the way, I have the most intense goosebumps, just everywhere as you’re saying that, ’cause I don’t know if you have this experience, but I mean, I connect with so many unseen beings. And it’s like, the moment you acknowledge their presence, they acknowledge back, in some felt way, is my experience. I’m not gonna say that that’s everyone’s experience, but… And for me it’s that feeling. It’s almost like if they could hug me, they would. And so they’re physically letting me know in my body, “We’re here and we hear you.”

    – Yes.

    – So I was getting that feeling while you were saying that, this is one of the reasons why I loved working in the Akashic Records so much. ‘Cause it was like, there’s no way I could know.

    – Yes.

    – So much like… And probably like, people could book a reading when I was doing it just through my website, I didn’t know… Like sometimes people would come, and I’d already worked with them, or I was familiar with them from something else. But like the couple years I was doing that, there were hundreds of people; I had no context for anything about these people. And sometimes the things that would come through would be like, there’s absolutely no way I could have possibly known that about this person.

    – Right. Yes, and it’s amazing when it drops in. And like you said, with the goosebumps, that’s a thing for me too, that I always have goosebumps, or I… someone standing with me, or you you don’t feel alone. And it it’s interesting, ’cause the more you get into this realm, like whether it’s doing Akashic Records, or… I haven’t done those, but I’ve done readings. But through this whole process for me, the more I go deeper into it, the less I feel… I don’t ever feel alone. I think in the past I probably would have, I can’t remember myself back before-

    – Yeah.

    – with my spiritual awakening. But I feel like now I’m like, “I know everything’s always gonna be okay.” Like there’s gonna be stressful moments, but it’s all gonna be okay, and we’re never alone.

    – Yeah, so… Oh you know what? Let’s go back, let me write… I’m always writing things down, by the way, if you see me look down, it’s ’cause I write things down so I can come back. I want to come back to not feeling alone.

    – Yeah.

    – And there was something else that you just said that I wanna make sure we come back to. Oh-

    – The spiritual awakening?

    – Remembering… No, not remembering before.

    – Yeah.

    – I wanna come back to that.

    – Okay.

    – But let me go back… So I know you talked about God, feeling connected and everything, and so how you relate, and how you commune with that; what’s that like for you right now?

    – So I feel like right now… Actually, I did it today, I was driving, I had to drive to pick up my car, and it was down-pouring. And I was like, “Okay, God,” I don’t know how I worded it, really, it just came out of my mouth. But I’m like, “Okay, I’m driving and I’m fine, just give me the strength to get home and not…” I didn’t say “not worry”, but I was just like, “I’m okay.” And like, I was just having a conversation openly in my car. If anyone saw me, they’d think that I was talking on the phone, but just having an open dialogue and having that conversation. But also during walks in nature, I say how grateful I am, and I just feel like it pours out of my heart. So not just when I need something.

    – Yeah.

    – But also the feeling of presence. I think that it’s a feeling, and it’s being present. And that’s been one of my prayers is leave presence wherever I go. And the way that I can leave presence is to be present with the people that I’m communicating with.

    – I love that.

    – And that hasn’t been always easy for me, you know, ’cause it’s really easy to be human and not be present all the time.

    – Yeah, yeah, or just wanna like close off and be like, “All right, enough is enough for today.”

    – Exactly, exactly.

    – Yeah. All right, this is beautiful. So let’s come back to this, not remembering before. So one of the things I have realized over the course of time, especially ’cause I had two kind of medical situations in the last two years, I had my gallbladder removed in the beginning of this year, and the year before that, just right before Christmas, I fell and hit my head in the bathroom at night. I like tripped and fell.

    – Oh my gosh.

    – Knocked myself out, like had a black eye for the like, Christmas 2020. I couldn’t go see my family, I’m on FaceTime and they’re all upset, ’cause I have this black eye and…

    – Oh my gosh.

    – It was funny, I don’t… Have you ever watched the show “30 Rock”?

    – Yes I have, I don’t watch it regularly, but I’ve watched it.

    – Okay, so I don’t know… if you ever saw in the episodes where like, Liz Lemon is always afraid that she’s gonna like, hurt herself, or choke, or something, ’cause she lives alone.

    – Okay.

    – And I was like cracking up, believe it or not. I wake up from like being knocked out on my own bathroom floor, and I’m like, “I just had a Liz Lemon moment.” Like it was like, 3:00 in the morning. I couldn’t wait to like, text my brother in the morning when he would be awake, and so I could tell him, ’cause we love that show.

    – Oh my gosh.

    – You’re right, like-

    – At least you got humor out of it.

    – I can’t help myself, I’m a weirdo like that.

    – Yeah, no, that’s good too.

    – After both of those things, it was like my psychic gifts, abilities, everything I see since here, whatever-

    – Yeah.

    – became sharper.

    – Wow.

    – And so one of the things I was thinking about is like, “I’m pretty sure I’ve always been this way, I just didn’t know, I didn’t realize what the information I was picking up was, or that that wasn’t happening for everybody.”

    – Mm-hmm.

    – So I’m wondering for you, I mean you mentioned a spiritual awakening. What was the like, coming online like for you? ‘Cause I know some people who, from a very young age, were like, “I was tapping in since I was three years old.” And I’m like, “I think I was unknowingly, but I can’t tell you for sure.”

    – No, that makes complete sense, actually, ’cause some of the students that come to me, they’re like, “I kind of blocked out my childhood.” Sometimes they don’t remember anything from the childhood of tapping in. For me, it was almost like I had to go back into my childhood after I had that pivotal moment in my life, it was in 2007. But looking back on it, I used to think that I was having flying dreams, but there were actually outer-body experiences. And then I was collecting, and I’m putting in quotes like, “rocks”. But now I know that they’re crystals, and that I’d be giving advice to people when I was young, but really it was intuitive guidance. And I was an observer and shy, but really I was just empathic and felt everyone’s emotions. So I didn’t really real… And I also was scared of the dark, because I felt like people were standing over me, but I thought it was just scary in my room. I didn’t think that it was past loved ones that I was feeling either.

    – Okay, the scared of the dark thing, which I know a lot of kids have this, I literally… that is something I do remember, is feeling like there actually was something in the room with me.

    – Yes.

    – And it wasn’t until… In 2012, when I got my first Reiki attunement, like there have been these series of things that have just like, made me aware of my own sensitivities, you know? And I remember after my first Reiki attunement… or maybe the second one, ’cause I had them relatively close together, starting to realize, “Oh,” like…

    – Yes.

    – “This isn’t just a weird something in my head, like I am actually feeling…” ‘Cause I get the goosebumps, like… when there’s a presence, I do feel it. And I was like-

    – Yes.

    – “Oh that I have certainly been feeling my whole life.” But again, when you’re a kid, you have no context for that.

    – It’s true.

    – And no one’s like, “Oh, well maybe you’re feeling beings that are in the…”

    – I know. No, it’s so true. And sometimes, you know, at the beginning, people are like, “Well, should I be seeing, should I be hearing voices? Should I be feeling?” They don’t know how it’s coming in, but it doesn’t… there’s no right or wrong way to it.

    – Right.

    – So when I first started developing the mediumship, like connecting with past loved ones, I thought I should be hearing voices all the time.

    – Right.

    – Like I was trying to develop it, and at that point… And by the way, at that point, I was shut down from my feelings, like I didn’t wanna feel anything. So I was like, “Well I’m not really feeling anything.” I think I know it, but unless someone confirmed it, I wasn’t for sure.

    – Yeah.

    – So you start to second guess it, when you don’t get the feeling, you know, when it comes in.

    – And let me also ask you this, ’cause I noticed this, and I keep making the comparison, only because it’s, you know, it’s the context I have, but I just see so many similarities. When I was doing… I did a couple different trainings in the Akashic Records, and everyone does receive differently.

    – Yes.

    – I mean, there’s a couple different ways, but not everyone’s ways will be the same. And some people have access to more than one way, sometimes it depends on the person; is it the same?

    – Totally, yes, they’ll… So one of the things that I always share is you can fine tune each of the ways. So at the beginning, like, I was more clairvoyant where I would see images and symbols in my mind’s eye. Like it would be like a daydream, and I kept doing that for a while and I was like, “Okay, I’m seeing an apple, but what does the apple mean? Like how can I go deeper with the apple that I’m being shown from like, a past loved one?”

    – Yeah.

    – And I kept wanting to open up and feel more, but I wasn’t feeling, and I didn’t get it. And what I always share that’s so important, whether it’s Akashic Records, you could probably relate to this too, is it’s a mirror for us, for our personal life. So like when I was only seeing, it was because I was numbed out with feelings, and I didn’t wanna feel anything. So I wasn’t feeling the spirit realm when I wanted to feel them. And I’m like, “Oh, well, if I wanna be a better medium in that way…” even though people were enjoying their readings, I felt like something was missing. I needed to tune into my feelings for my personal life. So it literally is a mirror for us. So you can fine tune any of, you know, the ways.

    – This makes so much sense that you gotta clear out your filter one way or another, right?

    – Exactly.

    – An instrument and a channel.

    – Yes.

    – The image I always get, whenever I think about this is… or like the Draino, or like the liquid plumber commercials, where it has all the gunk, and then you put the stuff in and it goes away. And I’m like, “That’s really what is.” And all of our energy work, and our spiritual practices, and feeling our feelings, and having our tough conversations, and setting our boundaries is just-

    – It is so true.

    – Keeping that damn drain clear.

    – It’s so true. And sometimes it could get distracting, ’cause we’re humans too.

    – Right.

    – But then at the same time, when we’re giving these messages to our clients, if we have a filter to see things one way, and we’re like, giving a message for someone. Just say like, they’re in a relationship, or they’re having a difficult time with a parent, it’s easy to put our human mind into that. If we don’t like, become clear and kind of separate from that. So kind of like what you’re saying, it’s so true. It’s a process, you know?

    – So this is interesting that you’re saying that. What this is making me think of is, over the years, like I enjoy doing readings with people. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a mediumship reading, but I enjoy doing readings with people. And in the last couple years there was someone that I did a couple readings with, and way after the fact, I realized that person was not doing a good job of getting themself out of the way.

    – Okay, and you can feel it too, right?

    – And you know what, at the time I didn’t, because I was in a place where I was kind of like, distracted and had so much going on.

    – Yeah.

    – But then much later, because I listened to the guidance and it did not serve me. And you know, as spiritual people, we could sometimes be like, “Well then that’s what needed to happen, ’cause I got the lesson.” Like yes, and… but I shouldn’t have fucking listened to that advice, you know?

    – Yeah, no, I totally get it. Yeah, sometimes you find out the hard way later. And you know, it’s one of those things too, like if someone comes to me for an intuitive reading, I always say at the beginning, “I’m gonna give you what I get, nut also just know that you have to follow your own intuition too, but I’m gonna tell you what I’m seeing.”

    – 1,000%.

    – And you know, of course I’m gonna give them the evidence that’s coming forward. But if someone says, “This is the only way you can do it,” then you know, like, “Okay, I’m not gonna listen to that,” because-

    – Yeah.

    – there’s not only one way, but there will be pieces of evidence that kind of show you two different paths too.

    – Yeah. And the free will is real.

    – Yes, totally.

    – Yeah.

    – Totally.

    – So I wanna ask you something else. ‘Cause I stopped doing Akashic Records readings, and one of the reasons was… and it’s cool, ’cause you were raised Catholic, so… and you had that like, sin thing in the back of your mind. So you really have the context for this. Especially in the pandemic, after a while, I’m like, “I get why priests…” That’s just such a hard job, because they’re listening to confessions, year in and year out.

    – True.

    – Right? People are coming and telling them the stuff that they don’t say to anybody else, and that they judge themselves the most for.

    – That is hard.

    – That is very true.

    – To receive that, I was like… I’m not, by the way, I’m not like excusing priests’ any bad behavior, I’m just saying, what an intense thing to hold for a career. ‘Cause literally after 2019, 2020, 2021, after like three years, I was like, “That’s enough of that for me.”

    – Yeah.

    – It’s so intense.

    – It’s interesting, ’cause I feel like people have been kind of altering what they’ve wanted to do in these past, like two to three years. I feel like that’s what… it’s like, your soul knows when something needs to change, but it is true that that can happen. And it’s funny because I forget a lot of my readings, and I think that that can happen sometimes for ourselves too. Because like you said, like holding on to that information, and being told something that maybe nobody knows, except the person that gave you the information, or the past loved one that came through to share it. And that comes back, like the Draino, like you said, it’s like, “Okay, I need to take care of my physical body and my emotional self, because of all of this,” you know?

    – Yeah.

    – So it makes sense.

    – It’s a lot, but I really… And it’s such an honor, it’s just so moving, like I don’t… I’m certainly a recovering empath. I don’t really hold on to other people’s… And I certainly don’t like mesh with other people’s energy anymore.

    – Yeah.

    – But just bearing witness, ’cause like you, I usually don’t remember a lot of what happened in people’s readings. But there was just something about day in, and day out, bearing witness to all that stuff. And I think it was probably just more intense during the pandemic, ’cause people were more stressed, and more afraid of a lot of things. But I was like, “My heart is too tender for this.”

    – No, that makes sense. And it’s funny that you’re saying this-

    – A lot of exposure.

    – ’cause I actually… I know, and I actually changed the amount of private readings that I do each day, because of the past like year or two. I had done the reading… I don’t know if it’s been like, almost 10 years of doing like, 4 readings each day for like, 3 days out of the week-

    – Yeah.

    – about that. And at one point I kind of took a moment. Like, I don’t know if I was on… it could have been summer vacation, where I take like less clients. I’m like, “You know what, I like the feeling of this, like I need a little bit less.” Especially when I’m teaching my mediumship students and doing that. And I think it was actually around this time, like you’re sharing that, “Okay, I need some space too.”

    – Yeah.

    – ‘Cause I wanna be recharged for them, you know?

    – Totally, yeah.

    – Yeah.

    – And I never… and I’m sure you have this experience as well, I never wanna feel dread before I get on a call with somebody.

    – Exactly.

    – And that’s how I could always tell when I’m like, “Okay, I’ve been doing a little… I gotta cut back a little bit.”

    – Yes, that’s a perfect sign, totally.

    – Yeah, oh my God, okay, what else… So I’m curious, I’m sure you do interviews and stuff on both ends, right? You interview people.

    – Yes.

    – And you get interviewed. Is there anything that like, people never ask you, that you’re always kind of like, “I don’t know why no one asks me this!”

    – That’s a really good question. Hmm, let me think. Yeah, some people ask me similar questions. I mean, you’ve asked me a lot of different questions. Maybe like my hobbies, like nobody really asks like, what I like to do and-

    – This is great.

    – ’cause I’m not just a medium, you know, even though like, when we do the interview-

    – That you’re a whole person?

    – Yes. So I really like to do things… Like I set things up for like, the list of things that I wanna do before reaching heaven. I started that whole thing in 2007.

    – Oh, you call it that.

    – Yes, and so I’ve done… you know, I’m not going skydiving again, I don’t need to ’cause I did it once, but like stuff like that, like I will go skydiving. I went bungee jumping before that list started, hot air balloon riding, road trips. Like I love taking road trips and seeing different places. I love reading. I love being outside in nature, I love painting too.

    – Ooh.

    – And just for fun, you know, just doing creative things. I love being with my nieces and my nephews, kids are my little people. Like I feel very connected to children, because I feel like they’re so sensitive and they’re heightened. So I just get a kick out of talking to kids, and I was a 3rd grade teacher too, so…

    – Oh, I didn’t know that.

    – Yes, for seven years actually, I was a 3rd grade teacher. So my little kids were like my little angels, you know?

    – Oh.

    – Yeah. So those are the types of things that I, you know, I really like doing, I like having that break in-between like, being, I’m putting quotes, like, “the medium”. Because when you’re “the something”, there’s like an attachment to that, it’s like, if a hairdresser goes to a party, you don’t wanna be asked to, you know, ask them to cut your hair, you know what I mean? Like some days-

    – You don’t wanna be like, “Do I have split ends?”

    – Right, exactly, so when I go… When I’m someplace, I’m like, I just wanna be, you know, I just wanna hang out and enjoy.

    – Yes, yes, ’cause what… That’s the kind of the next thing off of what you’re just saying, I was gonna ask you, what is that like?

    – Yeah.

    – This is something I think about all the time. When you do any kind of healing work, the minute you say you do that-

    – I know.

    – people will be like, “What are you getting from me?” Like you were saying.

    – Yes.

    – I asked, just to give you context before the interview, I like to ask people, “Is there anything you don’t want me to ask you?” And Lindsay said, you know, sometimes people will ask me to like do a reading on the spot. And I’m like, “I’m not gonna ask you to do that, I have boundaries.” But that also feels like the type of thing, like at a party that people will be like, “What are you getting from me right now?” And you’re like…

    – Yes.

    – I’m having fucking cheese and crackers like, leave me alone.

    – Exactly, exactly. And it’s funny ’cause at the beginning of this whole process, like first of all, when I was learning about this, I remember doing it to someone. She wasn’t a medium, like she wasn’t paid to get a medium, but I heard she could connect in with past loved ones. And I had lost someone very… my boyfriend at the time. And I’m like, “Are you seeing him around me? Are you getting anything?” And I remember her saying, “Oh, well I don’t know if I’m really that good, I don’t know if I can get that much information.” And I was like begging her, and I’m like, “Okay, now I know what not to do,” I would never do that now. But at the time, I didn’t know. And at the beginning of my mediumship, I wanted to practice. So when they said, “What do you do?” I would say, “Mediumship.” And then they say, “What are you picking up?” And I was able to practice with them. Now-

    – Oh, that’s good.

    – Like, yeah, at the time it was. But at the same time it was like having that balance that maybe I needed at that point. But now when people ask me, I just say like… I really don’t open up when I’m just talking to someone, I stay kind of present with them. And I’m not gonna tap into anyone’s energy, of course, without permission. But I’ll say like, “At another point, you know, if you wanna set up a reading or something,” but it is part of like those expectations that now I know that-

    – Yeah.

    – if I’m gonna be with my clients, I need to give them my full energy. I can’t be like, giving readings 24/7.

    – Yeah, totally.

    – ‘Cause I’m not doing that for my clients.

    – And the thing that I see being like, distinctly different that I just feel so much compassion for, if they’re asking a medium, is, you know, it’s different when you’ve lost someone.

    – Yeah.

    – And you just are dying, in some way, shape, or form, to feel connected again. Or to know that they’re okay, or to have any information that you might feel like you didn’t get before they were gone. Like that makes sense to me that people might almost feel desperate to be like, “Please tell me if you see anything.”

    – Yes, yes.

    – Which is beautiful. And you still gotta have boundaries.

    – Exactly, so like in a situation like that, I might say, “I just want you to know that, like if you keep on talking to them, they do hear you.”

    – Yeah.

    – “Like no matter who’s passed, like they’re still alive. You just might not see them in the same way, but just know that they are listening, and they are around you.” But that has been a process, you know, with that, because so much changes over the course of, you know, this development and like, the spirituality. It’s like, you kind of learn like, when people kind of break through the boundaries, that I feel like if someone breaks your boundaries, you didn’t have clear expectations. It’s really more about me. And it kind of programs me in things like… I think, “What can I do to change that?” You know?

    – Yeah, I love that. I love a good preventive boundary, like…

    – Yes.

    – Have the boundary before you even need to set one, you know?

    – Exactly.

    – Okay, something you just said made me think of something I’m so excited to ask you specifically. So there’s all kinds of things we hear about, you know, the afterlife, and what happens. And there’s this term, the bardo, which is like the 40 days after someone passes. And you know, we grow up Catholic, you hear about purgatory. And you know, my family, for years, was afraid that my grandpa was in purgatory, ’cause he was like, still around. He was so around, like we would get, call ’em “Pop visits”. And this is so also what was entertaining to me, as Catholic as my family is, they’re very mystical people. Like my dad’s been getting visits, his grandmother passed away, his brother passed away. Like my dad’s had some real… like a Yankees hat flew across the room-

    – Oh wow.

    – and he knew it was his brother, like some real cool shit.

    – Yeah.

    – And it’s just totally normal. And like my grandpa, even years after he passed, sometimes we would just smell his pipe. He used to smoke a specific pipe. Like my mom’s car would like fill up with the pipe smoke, and she’d be like, “Oh my dad’s here.” And she’d be like having a conversation with my grandpa. But you also hear these things, that wanting so badly to stay connected to a soul who has passed, prevents them from moving on, in whatever way they need to. So I’m curious from your perception, experience, you know, what you teach or whatever, is that true?

    – Yes.

    – Is that not true? Like what happens?

    – I’m so glad that you brought that up, because that actually happened to me. So the boyfriend that I… his name is Nick, that passed from me, I was grieving him for… you know, you’re always grieving, it never goes away. But I was really in a tough spot with him for like, deep grief for like three, four years in deep grief. And everyone kept saying, “Let him rest,” you know, the people that were uncomfortable with it, like they didn’t know how to handle that I was still communicating and that sort of thing. They said, “Let him rest.” There were some people that said that, some people said it openly, and other people probably kept it to himself, and thought, “this girl is getting a little crazy, and she needs to make sure that he rests.” But what I realized with all these readings that I’ve done is they don’t… they’re not stuck, you know? Just because they’re hanging around, and they’re checking in on us, doesn’t mean that they can’t go to the space, you know, to that heavenly realm. They actually kind of bounce back and forth. Like when you think of someone like, the moment you brought up your grandfather, it’s like you brought him into the existence. Like you kind of called him in, in that moment. And it’s so beautiful, because it’s like they pop in, you know?

    – Yeah.

    – And that is a beautiful thing, that energy can’t be broken. So just ’cause the physical body isn’t here doesn’t mean they can’t be, you know, popping around to different places. But what I’ve found, no matter how they’ve died, no matter how, you know, quote, “bad of a person they were”, like if someone killed someone, they’ve still gone to heaven. I’ve never seen anyone in my readings go to hell, and I used to believe in hell.

    – Yeah.

    – When it came to suicide, I know that’s a very sensitive topic-

    – Yeah.

    – I’ve connected with people that that’s happened, they’ve committed suicide, and they still come through. You might feel with like, tragic deaths, if it was something that was an accident or suicide, you might feel them come through really, really strong, because they want you to know that they’re okay. And then someone that maybe was sick with an illness, it’s more of like they’re around, but you might not feel them like right here in the same way, if that makes any sense.

    – Yeah, well, and so this is part of it, because my grandma, who was quite a bit more pious and kind, than my grandpa…

    – Yep.

    – We’ll put it that way, when she passed, we really, for the most part, didn’t feel grandma around. And so that kind of validated the family story, that Pop was stuck in purgatory, and Gram just got to move on, you know?

    – Yes.

    – But it’s funny, I actually… I’ve had more experiences with my grandmother than anybody else, and the coolest thing happened. You’ll probably appreciate this. Actually two things, I was supposed to be in Japan, I was supposed to go on a trip to Japan. And this was like April of 2016. And a couple weeks before the trip I was meditating, and I just got this very strong sense, like, do not go on that trip.

    – Wow.

    – It was like, it was so strong, I canceled the trip. I was like, “I’m not going.”

    – Oh my gosh.

    – And… ’cause I don’t mess around with that, I get an intuitive like that, I’m like, “Hell no-“

    – And you’re gonna trust it.

    – Where my mind goes, I’m like, “That plane is gonna crash.” Like whatever, I can’t go. Yeah, but my grandma died when I would’ve been there.

    – Oh my gosh, I have goosebumps everywhere.

    – Yeah, my grandma died when I would’ve been there, so how much easier was it to get back to the East Coast from San Diego-

    – Yes.

    – than if I would’ve been in Japan? But also that night, like the night she passed, she was in my dream, and she was in my brother’s dream. And my grandma had been sick. She’d had many strokes, she had dementia. She really was not like, her, for a couple years before she died. She was in a nursing home, she was in con… like all the things, you know? Like she kind of had been gone for a while. And it was one of those things where you’re like, “Why is she even still here,” you know?

    – Yes.

    – And she was in both of our dreams, and she was like the Gram we grew up with, you know? And it was so… because I remember I was telling my brother, I’m like, “Yo, I had a dream about Gram last night, and she was just laughing, and like, she was her old self.” And he was like, “Shut the fuck up, so did I.” And I’m like, “Ah, she let us know she’s okay!”

    – That is amazing, yeah, I have goosebumps from head to toe again.

    – It was so beautiful.

    – This is beautiful, and it’s amazing that the two of you talk to each other, and shared that you had the dream at the same time, because a lot of the times they will come through to more than one person at the same time, or show you multiple signs around the same time.

    – Yeah.

    – That’s beautiful.

    – [Elizabeth] Quick break in the show for a really, really exciting announcement. I am about to reboot my old Unconsume Yourself course, and teach it for free, from May 19th to June 8th. So if you are a person who could use a little mental and emotional detox to reset your nervous system, simplify your life, and find some frigging peace after everything we’ve all been through in the last two years, plus the rest of our lives, then go to untameyourself.com/detox. What you’re gonna get with the course is three live modules and recording access, a bonus Q & A session, and a bunch of embodiment tools and practices. An inner peace meditation, journaling prompts, helpful mantras to help regulate your thoughts and emotions, a wild soul movement class, an erotic body class. And I’m also gonna be doing some giveaways during the free course. So again, if that all sounds like something you could use in your life, head on over to untameyourself.com/detox.

    – And it’s making me think of something that just happened to… ’cause my grandma passed last year. Or yeah, last year, I think it was last year. Oh my God, this goes by… the last year feels like it’s been like five years.

    – So weird, so weird, right?

    – But I was doing medium shift readings, ’cause I practice with a group of mediums, we’re always practicing. And my grandmother came through a couple days ago on Tuesday, and then the next day my sister said she found a video of my grandmother with my niece, which is her daughter. And all of a sudden, a random toy went off, and said, “Jesus loves me,” and she always sang. And so it all happened at the same time, I’m like, “Well, she just came through the reading, and then the toy went off, and the picture came up on her phone.” And this is what they do; to be really bold to let you know that they’re around, they’re okay, and… I love it.

    – I love that. It’s so cool-

    – It’s so beautiful. And I was on… I saw you had a Facebook post today about someone who was getting rainbow signs from a passed… was it her sister or something?

    – Yes, so I gave a reading the other day, it was a phone reading to someone. And I forget a lot of my readings, like I said, but once she mentioned the rainbow thing, I’m like, “I remember saying that.” But she said, when her sister came through, she said, “Pay attention to the rainbows.” Well, a couple days later that week or something, she spotted this rainbow on the ground. She doesn’t have any crystals in the window, nothing. It was just… And she said it faded, it went from like light, to all of a sudden very bright. And when I saw the picture, I had goosebumps from head to toe, and I’m like, “Wait, was there a crystal outside the window?” And she’s like, “No, it was just the sun shining in, this has never happened before.” So I said, “Whether it was something that was reflecting in at that moment, or it was heavenly, you know, heavenly colors that were right there, either way, they’re nudging you to see it.” But it was something that was so vivid and bright that I just felt this overwhelming feeling of love. And it was beautiful. And her sister kept saying, “I’m not dead.” Her sister…. The funny thing is, is they all went… there were three of them that came to my Messages from Heaven events, like an audience event, years ago. So they were all sitting in the audience, and the sister that was sitting in the audience passed. So I actually met her in person before-

    – Oh wow.

    – quickly. So when she was coming through, she was pretty blunt. And she told me to tell her her sister, “I’m not dead.” You know, like very clearly, “I’m not dead.” And she said, when she saw the rainbow, she felt like it was just a reminder of that message that, “I’m still here,” you know?

    – I love that, yes, I love it so much. Thank you for indulging my desire to like, tell some stories and share some things here, because-

    – Yes.

    – you know, if anyone’s still listening, even if they’re skeptical, they’re open.

    – Right, yes.

    – And this is also one of my favorite things, because… And I think I read this… I’m sure you’ve heard of this woman, I think her name is Laura Lynn Jackson, I think she’s written like two different books. “Signs” is one of them, “The Secret Language”-

    – Oh yes.

    – is one of hers.

    – Yes, I’ve seen that book.

    – I never even made it all the way through that book, but I mean… and you’re a medium and you do a lot of teaching and training and stuff like this, so I’m sure nothing is probably new to you. But I love these stories, I love hearing-

    – Me too.

    – of like the myriad, like endless ways that people’s loved ones, who have passed, reach out to them and connect, like… And even my grandpa, I actually, I never smelled the pipe.

    – Yeah.

    – But I would get… He used to bring me, when I was little, Hershey bars all the time. So truly, every once in a while, there’s just a Hershey bar wrapper-

    – Oh my gosh.

    – like on the sidewalk. The last time it happened is when I was moving to Oakland, and I was there looking at places. And I went to this one place and there was a Hershey wrapper there. And I was like, “My God, like, he’s just with me.” And he really is my protector. I have all these other stories about my grandpa protecting me over the years, which is hilarious. But whenever I need something, he’s the one.

    – It’s beautiful. And it’s funny because they will nudge you to see, ’cause he knows that you would recognize that sign, so he’ll keep on doing-

    – Exactly.

    – that.

    – Yeah.

    – So it’s kind of set up.

    – It’s so intelligent too, that’s my favorite part.

    – I know.

    – Like, they know what will get your attention.

    – They do, they do. And I love that story. And also water can be manipulated. I’ve had an experience, actually, in bacon grease, which sounds kind of weird, and… But no, literally… I know that’s such a random thing.

    – So random.

    – So I was walking downstairs, actually me and my husband were talking, or walking down the stairs. And the night before, we should have put the pan… we should have cleaned the pan the night before, but we didn’t, like we had bacon and it was on foil. And as I was walking down the stairs, I’m like, “Oh my gosh,” and I almost like, lost my breath. And it was Nick, who was mutual friends with my husband, the one that passed, my boyfriend that had passed. It was his face.

    – Stop it.

    – The whole outline of his face was in the bacon grease. And I’m like, “Tony, you have to see this.” And I was like… and it was actually, it was either on his birthday, or there was an anniversary that week. And just so people know, and it sounds crazy, and I used to be a skeptic. I used to be a skeptic actually, when people tried to drag me to a psychic, I’m like, “I don’t believe it.” And I was very tough on the psychic when I went, too. So if you’re listening and you’re not open, that’s totally fine. Like, I feel like the big thing is is just to share the messages, and whoever it’s meant to get to, it will. But water, anything, they will manipulate different things to show you that they’re around, you know, in so many different ways. And sometimes it’s as simple as telepathic thoughts where you think of them. And you’re like, “Oh, I could see my grandfather saying this,” but really it’s his presence by you putting it in your mind. So it might not just be visual, it could be the thought that drops in.

    – Yeah. It’s so fun.

    – It’s amazing.

    – And what is it like… I’m so curious when people come to your trainings. I mean, I’m sure it’s a range, but I would imagine some people it’s because, they’re like freaking out about these experiences they’re having, and they don’t know what to do about it.

    – Yes.

    – And then I imagine some people are just so either… like what we were talking about earlier, desperate to connect with people who have passed, or just so freaking curious, right?

    – Those actually… perfect describing of them, those are the three reasons they come to me. They’re either really intrigued, they’re like, “I don’t know if I can do this, I know I’m intuitive and I sense things, but I don’t even know if I could do the mediumship thing.” Or they’ve lost someone, and they wanna connect in with them, that’s how I started. And then the other thing is like, they want to take these experiences that they’re getting, and they wanna understand like, “Why all of a sudden is everything getting louder for me?”

    – Yeah, yeah.

    – And I think the big misconception, too, is that not everyone is a medium. Because for me personally, and this would go against the common mediumship things that, you know, mediumship mentors say, is not everyone can do it. But I actually believe that it’s just like fine tuning like a musical thing for yourself. Like if you wanna learn the piano, you take lessons. Like maybe you don’t have an ear for music when you’re growing up, but you can develop it if you want to. It depends on how bad you want it, you know?

    – I’m with you, I believe that about all psychic gifts and skills.

    – Yes.

    – I say this all the time, I’m like, I’m sure some of us, I think, are more inclined to certain things. And some things will certainly come more easily to us than others. And a lot of that I attribute to either ancestral gifts and medicine that they’re like, wanting you… that like, you could just tap into that stream.

    – Yes. Or it’s… you’ve done it in past lives.

    – Yeah, I believe in that.

    – There’s no reason why I should just be able to do this.

    – Yeah, and you know, right now, with everything in the world, everything’s opening up, like people are coming in and they’re like, “I’m feeling, like I’m observing all these things, and I wanna understand what is happening.” So even the children coming in are highly sensitive. Like if a kid says something to you, listen, ’cause they are like little messengers, very in-tuned.

    – Yeah. How does that work? I actually had this… and I can’t remember, I don’t think it was around mediumship, but I had a mother come for an Akashic Records reading at some point during the pandemic, I don’t remember when. Because her kid was having these experiences, and her co-parent was very concerned. And they were going the route of like, getting her checked out psychologically.

    – Yeah.

    – And this mom was like, “I just know in my bones that my child is just very sensitive and very psychic.”

    – Yes.

    – And it was interesting. And we tapped in around that, and I do remember I had referred her to a friend, ’cause I’m like, certainly everything feels like it’s more sensitive and serious, when it involves a child.

    – Totally. So I’m curious for you, I mean that must happen to you, yeah?

    – Yes, totally, like everything that you’re sharing makes sense because… and it’s amazing that the mother sensed that, “Wait, there’s something to this that’s not something to be concerned about.” Because some mothers will come in contact and say like, “My child can’t sleep at night,” or, “My child feels like there’s someone standing there, or they see them, or they feel something’s moving.” One of the things that I always suggest is putting them at ease, knowing that, even though it’s an unknown feeling, they’re not there to hurt you. Because it feels unknown, it feels scary. Like when I first started this, I’m like, “Oh, I don’t want anything bad to happen to me. Like will I open something up that’s from a different place, a dark place?”

    – Right.

    – What I realized, giving like thousands of readings, everything is so connected with love that it’s a beautiful experience, but when it’s unknown, it feels uncomfortable. And I think having the parents like, just let them journal, or draw pictures, or give them an outlet or resources, to know that they’re not alone. And to honor it, not block it out. ’cause a lot of people come to me and they’re like, “Well, as a child, I had this gift or this ability, and I looked like I was crazy, ’cause I had an imaginary friend,” and then they shut down. They’re like, “Now I wanna see the spirit, you know, like I was before.”

    – Yeah, yeah. Actually I’m thinking of one of my old clients, that that was her experience. So interesting how it all works, and depending on like family, or your environment, or like who might encourage it, who might just tell you like you’re crazy and whatever. And then-

    – Right.

    – with the path that puts you on, as an adult, to reconnect, should you ever want to.

    – Yeah, because you always come back to what you’re meant to do. Like it always comes back to you, some way or another.

    – So this I’m really curious about. I have so many women in my community, clients over the years, who just do like regular jobs, you know like-

    – Yeah.

    – some might work at a bank, some might work in marketing, someone might work… you know, they do… And I say “regular”, I don’t say that in any kind of disparaging way, but-

    – Yeah.

    – not a place where being a psychic or a medium would be like, on the job description. And so I’m wondering, the people who come through your trainings, is it more often than not? Or is it… What’s kind of the mix of people who are like, “I wanna do this professionally and just, I wanna be able to understand this, use this skill, have this skill or whatever”?

    – That’s a good question. I’ve had like people that are in like, finance and accounting, corporate jobs, come in and they feel like… they feel that feeling of, “I know that I’m sensitive to something, and I’m intrigued and I wanna do this.” Other people might be a coach, or they might be a psychic, but they wanna pick up mediumship information.

    – Yeah.

    – Or, who else have I had? I’ve had nurses, I’ve had a lot of massage therapists, hairdressers.

    – I bet.

    – ‘Cause they’re hands on. You know?

    – All the time.

    – You know, I was a 3rd grade teacher, so I have a lot of teachers that come to me too. Really like, every walk of life there is. Now, sometimes they’ll come in just ’cause they’re interested. But then they leave and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I think that I’m supposed to do this for a living.” Other people aren’t sure, but they just wanna investigate it, and there’s no pressure to decide at that moment. But yeah, there’s a big mix of people that have that sense inside of them.

    – And I ask that in case anyone listening is like, “Ooh, I’m curious, but that’s not for me because…” Like it could be for anyone.

    – Literally, it can be.

    – They’re not obligated to do anything with it other than…

    – Totally. And it changes their life, like I always say like, “Before you take the class, I just want you to know that your life is going to change. You’re gonna notice things fall away, and things come in, because it’s a journey where you wanna be able to have a support, or like a group with you.” Because it feels… You know, when you tell someone, all of a sudden you’re giving mediumship readings, or you’re picking up information, you will, at the first class, you know, you’ll feel something. When you go and tell some people, they might think that you’re crazy. Or like, “Wait, where is this coming from?” You know, you’re gonna hear that, you’re gonna… just like any other-

    – Yeah.

    – thing that you’re learning. You’re gonna have people that believe in it, and other people that are like, “Who do you think you are?” So…

    – Totally.

    – That can happen too.

    – I’m curious about this. And I’m, actually, as I’m thinking of it, I’m realizing this is just something I’ve never even known about mediumship. Is it always people who the person has known in this life, or do they ever get like, way back, like ancestors?

    – Oh my God, it’s funny that you’re asking this question, ’cause this has been the theme the past two years for me.

    – Oh wow.

    – Well, so people are doing like the genealogy, those tests.

    – Yeah.

    – And those people are coming through, like I’m getting… sometimes like their names will come up, or like, a description, and they’re like, “This is really weird, I don’t know this person, but I’ve been doing some research, and I’ve been like, doing research on this person specifically.” Another situation happened, I can tell you a quick story, if you wanna hear about that-

    – Oh yeah.

    – kind of. Okay, so I was doing a reading. Now, I don’t remember the details, I just know because someone wrote back to me, and told me after the reading. But I guess during her reading, her mother that had passed, like a family member said, “You need to go and take a test,” like a, you know, figure out the genealogy. Because there’s someone that you haven’t met yet that you don’t know about. Well, she ended up doing it, and she found out she had a sister that she didn’t know about. Went to fly there, and her sister, she was sick, so she was dying soon after. But she got to meet her sister and the whole family, and now they’re all connected.

    – That’s amazing.

    – So it’s amazing that the passed loved ones can show you that. Other times, like if healers come to me, and a lot of mediums come to me for mediumship readings.

    – Makes sense.

    – And their people, that they never got to meet, will share that they’re working with them, in the healing sense. Or they want them to incorporate certain like, herbs or whatever it is.

    – Yeah.

    – So I do have a mix of that. I’ve noticed more so, come up more recently.

    – This is fun, so I might get emotional when I say this, but so, I’ve never had, I was telling you earlier, I’ve never had a mediumship reading. And even before I was talking to you, ’cause I’m like, “I think I kind of just like, wanna do a reading with Lindsay.” I’ve felt that way for a very long time, but I’m a person who, I can have an idea, but until I’m like clear on why-

    – Yeah.

    – I’m not just gonna like, do something for shits and giggles, you know?

    – Yes.

    – But my great-grandmother, on my dad’s side, who was born in Puerto Rico, was Taino. And so she had the indigenous lineage, and she… It’s funny, ’cause my mom brought her up today, ’cause my mom asked me how my plants were. I love plants, and I’ve just always had like, a natural knack for taking care of plants, even though we never had plants in my house growing up. My mom’s mom, we always joked that she had a black thumb, ’cause she would like kill everything. But she was good, it’s funny, good at gardening, but not good with indoor plants.

    – Okay.

    – And my mom was reminding me, Mama is what we called my dad’s grandmother, ’cause she was actually alive until I was a senior in high school, so I had a great-grandmother for quite a long time. She said, “You know, Mama had the green thumb in your ancestry, that’s where you get that from.” And I’ve thought so many times like, I actually have remorse around… because like Puerto Rico was obviously colonized, and my family was so Catholic, so she had this indigenous… And she would like make… I asked my dad like, “Can you remember like, did she teach you any of these things? Did she talk about it?” And she was like, “Nah, she just had her little like, healing remedies and stuff here and there. But it wasn’t like witchy, or magic or…” And I was like, “That’s what you think.” And so there’s always been a part of me that has been remorseful, since I became interested in these things, about not knowing to ask her stuff when she was still here. So even as we’ve been having this conversation… and it’s funny, ’cause my ancestor alter is here, I actually have a picture of it.

    – Oh, precious.

    – It’s sitting right here, from when I was little.

    – Oh my gosh, I love it.

    – I will, I’m gonna book a reading, ’cause now I know why, I’m like, “That’s what it is.” Like I just wanna know like what… ‘Cause I get… This is something of being like, a multiethnic mixed-race person, that I’m like, I literally have so many lineages. There’s so much-

    – Right.

    – different like, medicine. I started doing ancestral healing a couple years ago. I’m always like, “Y’all, what do you want me to work with?” Because there’s just-

    – Yeah.

    – there’s so much to sift through, but I’m like, “Oh duh, I could ask.”

    – That’s amazing, and so when you were saying that, like, I felt the goosebumps again too. And like, so when you’re watering those plants, like the next time you do it, you could literally say like, “Hey,” okay, and imagine where are you stand… like where is she standing with you?

    – Yeah, cool.

    – Amazing I love that you found that out. And I actually can relate to that in a lot of ways too, because I wish that I asked my family members, before they passed, different things that I didn’t get to ask. But now you can ask them just in a different way, it’ll pop in your mind.

    – Totally.

    – You’ll find the answers, so it’s amazing.

    – I love that. Is there anything I didn’t ask you, that you wish, that you were hoping, I would have? Or that makes sense-

    – I loved this conversation. I loved it, and I feel like we covered so much, and it flew by for me, so…

    – Okay, good.

    – I loved it.

    – That’s always how it is. We always like bounced around, but there’s…

    – Yes.

    – And let me just double check, I think we came back to… Yeah, everything that I wanted to ask you, we talked about. So we don’t have to worry about that we’re… our grief is preventing our loved ones from moving into the next realm.

    – Exactly.

    – You don’t have to worry about that at all.

    – The relationship continues, which is beautiful. And you can build on it.

    – And you know what I also love? ‘Cause actually this has come through in a lot of people’s Akashic Records readings, when difficult people in their lives have passed, that is like…

    – Yes.

    – You now have an opportunity to have a completely different relationship with that person-

    – It’s so true.

    – from that human experience.

    – Yes, ’cause they don’t hold onto those negative emotions. Like, you know, if there was any difficulty, they see the bigger picture. So you can write a letter to them, or have that continued relationship. I found a lot of that in the readings, where they feel like they could kind of breathe a little bit, to know that they’re not upset with them, or whatever happened is put behind them.

    – Oh, you know what? I did just remember the other thing. What about, do you ever go to like… like does someone ever come to you, like, “I wanna connect with so and so,” and it’s not available?

    – Okay, so that’s a good question. People always are locked in on connecting in with one or two people. And I always say, “I’m gonna open up to see who’s here first.”

    – Yeah. So I’ll see who’s there, there might be a group of ’em, that person may come in. Sometimes other people come in first. But I’ve noticed that it’s very easy to get locked in on one person. And sometimes it is the step-dad that they didn’t get along with, that needs to come in to say, “Sorry”, before you know, a grandmother or something.

    – Yeah.

    – So I believe that they’re always available, as mediums, we might not pick up on them all the time. So it’s like, you have to like, consciously… I’ll say like, “Is this who you’re wanting to connect in with?” And they’re like, “Yes, but I was hoping for someone else too,” I’ll kind of open up and see who else is here.

    – so do you sometimes sift through? I always, I mean, I’m sure you… I almost like don’t even wanna say it, ’cause you’ve probably heard it so much, but I always go to that damn scene in “Ghost” with Whoopi Goldberg.

    – Oh I know, oh I love that movie.

    – And like, the crowded room, full of people being like, “Not you, not you-“

    – Exactly.

    – “We’re looking for so and so.”

    – Exactly, and I usually say, “Don’t tell me any info about whoever you wanna hear from.” But sometimes if we’re at the tail end of the reading, and they’re like, “Well, if blah, blah, blah is here,” then I’ll say, “Okay, let me see if I can pick them up.” But I usually don’t like to know anything, but if I have to see what comes up from that, then I will open up and see what comes forward.

    – So cool, so amazing. So anyone listening, I hope that was inspiring or gave you some clarity. You can go check out Lindsay’s website, we’re gonna put links to everything in the show notes. And is there any place else, is there a specific place on social media you like for people to follow you?

    – Really, Facebook, Lindsay Marino, or Instagram Lindsay Marino Medium-

    – Cool.

    – that would be perfect.

    – Great.

    – I’m so thankful that you had me on the show, I loved talking with you.

    – Thank you so much, it was so nice to talk to you.

    – Thank you.