Creating space for true self-expression, vulnerability & creativity is not an easy task. Today Charlotte Ruth Wilson is here diving into all of it with us.

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This week, I invited Charlotte Ruth Wilson, a multi-passionate creative and embodiment coach, for a deep and thought-provoking conversation on the distinction between the business of coaching vs. the skills of coaching, the polarity dynamics of feminine and masculine energies, and the role vulnerability & creativity play in our relationships and businesses.

We dive into abusive relationships, whether we label ourselves feminists or not, and a conversation around vulnerability (and its effect on your mental and emotional health).

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Listen to episode 406 now!


In episode 406 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [8:30] Charlotte’s thoughts on being a Reflective Practitioner and how we can teach ourselves by reflecting
  • [10:15] The powerful ways she is creating space for self-expression on social media
  • [12:52] The business of coaching vs. the skills of coaching – and how to make this distinction!
  • [16:49] Charlotte’s story of being in an abusive relationship and being diagnosed with MS
  • [20:05] Polarity dynamics and an in-depth discussion on masculine and feminine dynamics
  • [22:26] Vulnerability as a form of feminine energy (and the harm this can cause)
  • [29:28] Feminism, compassion and empathy for men, and the dangers of some of the feminine/masculine coaching in our space
  • [38:16] Examining the energy behind your messaging
  • [44:55] Tapping into creativity and how Charlotte started painting again after not being able to walk

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    Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:

    • “You can excel [at anything] if you’ve got the right person teaching you” – Charlotte
    • “I focus on the intangible first, which is the emotion. And then we look at like the tangible things with that” – Charlotte
    • “There are a lot of ways to help people connect to their own insight, without just friggin telling them what to do” – Elizabeth
    • “Creativity is such a beautiful way for us to access that mystical part of ourselves” – Elizabeth

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