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Wild ones, this was one of my favorite interviews ever because Rog Law is one of my favorite humans ever. He is soul family to me, a hilarious friend, and someone who I love to jam on the full range of life topics with and that’s exactly what we do in this conversation. We talk about health and fitness, habits, discipline showing up, and Bruce Lee. We get into how we became friends, the concept of “killing the revolution” and you may have to turn the volume down when he answers the first question because I laughed harder than I think I ever have on the show before. He also shares his self-guided course of study into masculinity over the last few years. This one is really fun and very informative. Enjoy!

About Rog Law:

The only thing that Rog Law loves more than fitness are Cinnabons, Dragon Ball Z, and laughing like an 8 year old on the playground. Using his unique style of hilarity and an unyielding sense of positivity, his goal is to show people how to use fitness as a tool to not only get in shape and feel amazing, but to make every area of their lives better.

Legend has it that if you turn off the lights and say “Rog Law” in the mirror three times, he will show up and eat all the food in your refrigerator.

In this episode, Rog shares:

1. Rog’s “Just The Tip” Method for forming new habits
2. How to keep showing up to things that are good for you even when you don’t want to
3. Why Jiu Jitsu has taught him more about being a man than anything else

What You’ll Hear:

4:14 A definition for “dick magic” + experimenting in different types of meditation
12:55 How Elizabeth and Rog got to be friends + the squirrelish-ness of racialism today
17:29 Experiences in a fitness career and using your bag of tricks to help other people
24:23 Habits, discipline and the “just the tip” method to getting started
38:57 Tricking yourself into being motivated
44:40 What Rog got out of reading The Queen’s Code from a man’s perspective

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

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Rog Law on Facebook
The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong
Alison Armstrong on The Queen’s Code
No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
Hold on to Your NUTs by Wayne Levine
Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee
King by Elliot Hulse
The Amazing Development of Men by Alison Armstrong
Top Dog by Po Bronson
Jesse Elder On Experiencing Yourself As The Miracle You Are

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