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I love talking to people who are navigating big transitions because it’s time when trust and identity are really called into question. How someone navigates that space says a lot about them and of course, it’s a ripe time for life lessons. At the time of our interview today’s guest Emily Greener, co-founder and former executive director of I AM THAT GIRL was still pretty fresh into a big transition and she was awesome enough to share some of the experience with us along with her valuable perspectives. In this interview we talk about not depriving yourself of the full range of human emotions, creating openings for yourself in life, the relationship between anger, the ego and blame, what happens when your identity is wrapped up in a job title and more. And we also went on a cool tangent about Christianity, Judaism and “the real” Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

About Emily Greener:

Emily Greener has an unparalleled ability to give companies the heart beat and soul that allows them to authentically connect with consumers, make an impact, and enrich the human experience from the inside out. She builds and executes strategies that help create systemic improvement for company culture and diversity, internal and external communications, cause integration and marketing, content and campaigns, and business development and partnerships. Her willingness to lead with vulnerability and her genuine passion for people makes her a trusted influence in the business of changing the world and shifting culture. She specializes in generation Y and Z, empowerment, and girls and women.

In 2008, Emily Greener and her Co-Founder launched I AM THAT GIRL, a movement inspiring girls to LOVE, EXPRESS, and BE who they are. As CEO, Greener built a meaningful brand and developed the strategy, content, programming, and support that inspires a community of over 1 million girls daily online and over 250 local chapters across the globe.

Greener’s work has been acknowledged at the prestigious DVF Awards where she won The People’s Voice Award and Oprah named Emily on her very first SuperSoul 100 list.

In this episode, Emily shares:

1. How to translate and interpret wisdom
2. Permission to feel all your emotions and what happens when you don’t
3. Navigating big transitions

What You’ll Hear:

4:01 Allowing yourself to experience the full range of emotion + creating openings for possibility
18:17 Keeping things light while also honoring your desire for depth
24:22 Contemporary religion and spiritual revolution
34:45 Connecting to nature + experiencing your emotions without a story
42:00 Being seen without feedback and sharing your story
48:08 Standing in the unknown and being okay with it


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