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When I pressed record on this episode I wasn’t sure how long it would take. I also had no idea how cathartic it would be, or how much I needed to do this to powerfully and intentionally close out my wildest year yet. It’s split into two parts – this is part one, Lessons 1-18. Part II will go up next week. May it be useful.

The last year has been one of the most significant, intense, healing, revealing, challenging, and miraculous of my life. Much of that was painted by ending a long term relationship with an emotionally abusive and highly narcissistic person, facing my own codependency, and working through everything that came with that. A lot of it also arose out of recalibrating my identity and reclaiming my power and truth. Many of these lessons also revolved around gaining a deeper understanding of compassion and applying it to every area of my life.

Compassion doesn’t mean tolerating bad behavior or not telling the whole truth about things when the timing is right and it’s healthy. Compassion doesn’t mean protecting people who don’t protect you. Compassion is about acceptance in it’s highest form. It’s about deeply questioning things AND accepting things. Compassion invites us to listen to our souls and take action that aligns with our values. At least that’s how compassion has wanted to weave itself into the fabric of my life over the last year.

In the last year I also identified some shifts that were needing to happen in my business and marketing practices. And in a clearer way than ever, I saw where I hadn’t been acknowledging and integrating deeper collective issues into my life, message and work. I have learned a lot and continue to learn how to can engage with these issues in a more useful way for the WHOLE, rather than just myself, or the people in, “my bubble.” Life is so freaking full and everything touches everything else.

What You’ll Hear:

8:20 On white supremecy and the difference between compassion and tolerance
12:55 The way I want to work with people + my new title
19:37 Space and grace, ego and identity, and being a teacher
28:31 Support and relationships, children, and the shadow side of self-improvement
37:56 How conversations are action, upping my willingness to be judged and misunderstood, and being an ally
45:50 How poetry is medicine, narcissism, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and objectification

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