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This is Part II of 33 Lessons From My 33rd Year. Part of my intention with doing this two-part series was really personal and also alchemical. I had been thinking about writing a blog post, 33 Lessons From My 33rd Year, but it felt daunting. Then when I realized I deleted the episode that was supposed to go live on Sept 4, it felt like an opening. We even ended up moving the episode we had planned for today.

This is how life works when you listen to your Wild Soul. It’s a dance of peaceful action and surrender to life’s mysterious way of unfolding and letting us know what wants to happen. In my experience I find this is what free will is for. To say yes and roll with it when it’s obvious, or say no and do whatever you want.

This episode goes live on Monday 9/11 and my birthday is this coming Thursday 9/14. Many will listen to this long after those dates, so I’m invoking some divine support, and the wisdom of my higher soul to declare that energetically, by telling these stories and sharing these lessons and reflections now, I am putting all the energy and attachments of these things that do not serve my highest and best behind me under grace in perfect ways.

These episodes are an honoring and completion of what was, what has fertilized, and what is new, next, and unfolding. To be able to share these stories, from a more healed and neutral place, with mega compassion for everyone involved, while also not holding back my truth, feels important. It’s something I need to practice more, while also balancing what feels right to keep private or sacred.

Life involves other people and navigating that can be sticky sometimes, but it’s not an excuse to hide.

So that’s some behind the scenes stuff. And reflections on sharing reflections, haha. Enjoy!

What You’ll Hear:

6:18 On not taking people at their word, dissonance, and healthy vs unhealthy
11:52 Bringing my whole self to my work, not sharing my whole self, holding multiple emotions at once
14:15 On other people’s self-hate, triggering others, intent vs impact, and the value of psychological work
22:43 Comparing people’s experiences, being intricately different than others, and sisterhood and the wisdom of elders
32:28 Integral theory and spiral dynamics, reclaiming my pleasure, how people who love you will always be there
41:48 Teacher Training changes moving forward + business moves in 2018

Break Up Advice With Elizabeth DiAlto
Autobiography of an Orgasm by Betsy Blankenbaker

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