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Plot twist! For the first time in show history we had a scheduling mishap and had to call an audible. For today’s episode I’m flying solo and diving into the topic of break ups. Since my most recent one, a handful of my friends have been seriously encouraging me to write a book called, “How to Break Up Like A Boss,” which I’m not going to do, but the reason why is the reason for this podcast episode today. They watched how I took the energy that was going into the relationship and put it into things that were not only important to me for my own healing afterwards, but have helped propel my life, my work and my mission forward tremendously over the last few months. In this episode I cover how to grieve the loss regardless of whose choice it was, how to reclaim the energy that’s not longer going into the relationship for yourself, how and when to extract the lessons from the relationship, taking your time, not beating yourself up, and what boundaries are important to have in place to protect and honor your healing. Please share this with anyone you know could use it right now. Break ups are tender times, but they’re also ripe with opportunity for growth. I hope my own lessons, learnings, and practices can help.

Big Love, E

What You’ll Hear:

5:29 The grieving process
11:28 Using the energy you get back after a breakup
14:51 Extracting the lessons from a relationship
18:24 On not beating yourself up
24:22 The process of creating boundaries

Terri Cole On Real Love Revolution
Sheevaun Moran On How To Have An Epic Life
Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Video

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