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This week’s Sunday Sermon is about progress, resistance, and holy consistency. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately on progress. My own progress, and the progress I get to witness and also facilitate in my various programs and offerings for clients. And when I think about progress I have to think about alchemy because much energy is required to create progress. Progress results from transformation and transmutation, and there can be no progress without an object to PRO-GRESS. Sometimes it’s a singular object, others it’s a collective object.

For example, you and I. We are individuals and we can make progress. Our “culture” is an enormous object…and requires the individual pieces to be progressing in order for the whole to progress. This is why we do our work. This is why we keep showing up and don’t zone out, because we know we are part of the fabric, and for the fabric to progress, every thread has to do it’s part. My focus in today’s episode is about the antidote to all of this being what I am calling HOLY CONSISTENCY. Enjoy!

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