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In light of some recent events in the online coaching, spirituality, and self-help worlds, as well as some deep and important conversations I’ve been observing and participating in both online and offline, I am dedicating today’s Sermon to being crystal clear about the values I hold, and therefore that are also held by my team and my company across the board.

This is not about proving anything, it is about setting clear and proper expectations. Because even though we may not know each other personally, if you listen to my podcast, follow me on social media, or participate in any of my programs, events, or workshops, we are in a relationship, and I value you as an individual human being.

In this episode I’m letting you know how specifically I “do sacred activism,” and also what I do on an ongoing basis to continue improving how I show up in this realm, so if or when I mess up, and I might, you can hold me accountable in a way that is kind and loving, and therefore useful and productive. This way we can grow closer as a community and create healing, transformation and change, rather than drama, turmoil, further injustice, or separation and disconnection. And I want you to know you are always welcome to come directly to me and the team by emailing We will listen, you will not be dismissed, and if appropriate, I will respond personally, if not, please treat my team as extensions of me.

The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism by Andrew Harvey

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