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I’m reviving the Ask Elizabeth segment and today’s theme is relationships. I asked our community via social media to submit questions and they did not disappoint!

Enjoy and keep an eye out on social for next months question request. The topic will be Cultivating Joy.

What You’ll Hear:

3:21 How to be vulnerable without oversharing
15:14 If your boyfriend is transferred for work and you go with, are you ignoring your path?
17:19 On unequal sex drives
20:18 What’s made the biggest impact on Elizabeth’s relationship with herself
24:24 How to know when to leave a relationship
26:22 Elizabeth’s experience creating a relationship with her deepest sexual self
29:51 Ways to have healthy arguments
33:07 Over-functioning around colleagues and looking at their work styles
35:33 How to know when to leave a friendship

Courageous Conversation Framework
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