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Today’s episode isn’t based on a question I receive, it’s based on a problem I observed. A few weeks back I read a post in a Facebook group of a woman asking for her next book recommendation having just finished her last one. It made me wonder how often people are actually integrating what they just learned or read before jumping into the next thing. How much time to people waste consuming information without putting the knowledge to use so it can become wisdom. Do we actually push the answers we seek away by quickly and constantly moving onto the next seeming solution?

My advice and opinions on all of that in today’s Ask Elizabeth podcast.

In this episode, I jam on the following topics:

1. Why we should embody information
2. The difference between information and education
3. Some questions you can ask yourself to get through your struggles

What You’ll Hear:

4:12 Seeking vs looking inward and implementing what you already know
6:10 Questions you can ask yourself from within your own archives

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The Usefulness Of Feeling Triggered By People Around You
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