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This interview felt really special. Alex attended my very first Untame Yourself Intensive Retreat Weekend in May 2015. We’ve been working together every other week ever since. It’s been incredible to witness her journey and see how she’s applied the principles and practices of Untame Yourself and Wild Soul Movement to every area of her life to cultivate love, patience, and compassion. Enjoy her story!

About Alexandra Fiorillo:

Alex is 34, a native New Yorker living in Denver, and a social entrepreneur trying to make the world a better place.

In this episode, Alex shares:
1. How she learned to develop love, generosity, and patience
2. How you having abundance begins the cycle of abundance for others
3. The difference between feeling through pain and suffering through it

What You’ll Hear:

6:00 How Alex’s Untame Yourself Weekend experience was much different than she expected
10:12 How the way she has shown up in relationships has evolved since her Untame Yourself weekend
17:28 Handling guilt for having an abundant life when so many people have nothing
21:32 Alex’s retreat experience of being in neutrality within emotions

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The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

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