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It’s a gorgeous day for a first, wild ones! My sexy, soulful, and sensual friend Susana Frioni is our first repeat guest because when I asked, you requested, so here you go. Today we’re diving into all the lessons (ranging from beautiful to illuminating to PAINFUL!) we both gleened from reading Alison Armstrong’s The Queen’s Code. We’re also talking about sex for grown ups as well as raising children in a sex and body positive environment. It’s a ripe and juicy conversation, one you’ll probably want to listen to three or four times to experience the fullness. Enjoy!

About Susana Frioni:

Susana Frioni is a speaker, writer, dance catalyst and embodiment teacher igniting women through erotic empowerment. With an audience in 127 countries, she’s most known for hosting a weekly podcast LOVE SEX DESIRE, facilitating transformational Sacred Dance Parties, curating the best playlists and inspiring others to go where they’ve never been before. Susana’s currently exploring what it takes to create a thriving partnership, bring out the best in a man and be an embodied woman living her full potential. She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with her 9 year old daughter.

In this episode, Susana shares:

1. The subtle ways women emasculate men and how to own it, apologize, and stop
2. How to responsibly answer childrens’ questions about their bodies and sex in am empowering way
3. All things sex – exploration of your own pleasure and creating more satisfying experiences with partners

What You’ll Hear:

3:20 The extensive impact of reading The Queen’s Code
11:43 Honoring your needs + moving from personal empowerment into relationship empowerment
23:13 The vastness of the sexual experience + expressing your needs
37:57 Masturbation, self-pleasuring, and getting turned on without mental stimulation
43:48 Kind and encouraging ways to give feedback about sex
46:43 Exploring your body + orgasmic meditation
56:17 Being a sexually empowered mom

Click here to watch/listen or scroll upward to listen only:

Susana Frioni On Love, Sex, Desire
My Rude (Royal) Awakening
The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong
The Amazing Development of Men by Alison Armstrong
The New Rules of Marriage by Terry Real
The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss
How to make love work with Terry Real

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