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In Feb 2015, I did a 5-day symposium consisting of 25 interviews with powerful and inspiring women sharing their stories and advice for transcending life’s struggles, fears and doing it their own way. We got so much incredible feedback on the interviews, we decided to turn it into a podcast. At times during the interviews when you hear us refer to the series or interviews that have already been done, keep in mind these interviews have been repurposed and may not follow the original order.

Our first episode is actually the last interview from the series.

In this interview, Chela Davison my former coach and current friend interviews me about the experience of interviewing 25 women on the topic of untaming yourself. We’re sharing this first to give you an exciting preview of what’s to come in the next few months.

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Chela Davison is a leader of leaders. Coach of coaches. Alchemist. Sage. Strident Humanist and one of the most sought after Integral Coaches™ in the world. Chela is able to name, illuminate, and transform people’s experiences and capacities in a way that is expansive; reaching into the most important cultural and systemic issues of our time through one-on-one coaching and group programs as well as through her writing and practices that are published for all to devour, enjoy and apply at

What You’ll Hear:

5:00 Deconditioning Societal Programming
7:39 What “Divine Feminine” means
8:24 Divine Masculine vs. Divine Feminine
13:52 When the Masculine/Feminine Language is Nourishing vs. Damaging
18:23 Waking up to Early Agreements Around What it Means to be a Woman
25:24 How Liz is Deconditioning What it Means to be a Woman Today
27:48 The Difference Between Objectifying and Empowering Your Body
36:03 How to Fall in Love With Your Body as it is
39:04 What the World Needs From Women
42:08 Why Women Need to Wake Up
45:23 The Safety of Self-Expression
49:11 How to Trust and Cultivate a Relationship With the Divine
56:17 How to Integrate When Feeling Overwhelmed From the Untame Series


Chela Davison


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