Being a practical mystic is about engaging in deep spiritual practice and communing with ancestors and the divine while also staying firmly engaged with earth’s realities. In this episode, I’m sharing certain ways that I commune with my guides and interpret the messages I get from them. I also expand on some beliefs and practices that help me deal with the paradoxical nature of life and make sense of the world we live in.

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In episode 428 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

(4:14) One way I like to alchemize my anger 

(10:28) The reluctance to accept tragedy and trauma as an intrinsic part of life

(16:50) What I do every time I find myself in hard moments or seasons 

(19:02) What I love about prayer that isn’t performative

(24:50) Broadening the definitions of wealth, prosperity, and abundance 

(27:54) Some core spiritual beliefs that mean a lot to me 

(32:07) What I mean when I say ‘Spiritual Special Ops’

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Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast: 

  • The practicality of my mysticism is what helps me to see, feel, and sense with God’s eyes, but apply things in very human ways.
  • One of the things that we are reluctant to accept about tragedy and trauma is that often, those are our pathways to the most miraculous shit that will ever experience that also needs to happen. 
  • Caring is hard work – it just is. It’s beautifully and incredibly meaningful and rewarding, but it’s also hard.
  • Prayer is not a bypass. 
  • Prayer is often how we ask specifically for the guidance we need, and then we have to pay attention to how the guidance comes. 
  • I can love me better than anyone else can and you can love you better than anyone else can. This is not to say nobody else can love you, but rather you’re the one who’s going to do it best when you put in the effort to do it.

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About the Embodied Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto

Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussions on Instagram here.

Transcript for Episode 428 “Spiritual Special Ops and Calling All Mystics“:

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:00

Healing work is sometimes slow and tedious, but it’s always working. I came here to remember God’s love and let it flow through me human love is no comparison. Expecting humans to love like God loves is a recipe for perpetual disappointment. Accepting that people are flawed and deciding how to engage with it is one of the biggest pieces of work any of us will do in our lives. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  00:28

What’s up everybody, welcome to episode number 428 of the embody podcast. I’m your host, Elizabeth C Alto. And in today’s episode, we are getting into what I call spiritual Special Ops. We’re talking about wander off and grace. We’ll talk about prayer for somebody juicy episode for the mystics and the spiritual seekers. Before I dive in, I want to make sure that everyone who has men in their life that they care about that they would love to see go deeper into their own healing liberation work has checked out the program for men that I’m doing with wheeze Duran, starts on July 7, it’s called Living Legend. The details are at according to, forward slash Living Legends with an S. And we’re inviting you all to please share this with all of the men in your life. And it doesn’t have to be a condescending, weird share, like, hi, you

Elizabeth DiAlto  01:27

need this. But like, hey, these women that I really respect that are really into healing liberation, are doing a very unique and significant program for men that you might want to check it out. We recorded a podcast episode last week, we’re hosting an info session for any men that might be interested on June 20. So please, please, please, and especially for me, because I work with women, I don’t have a lot of men on the platform to share the program with so we are asking everyone to help us out, share it with your men. And let’s get some of this good healing wild soul sacred dude, you go in for the man’s thank you for that in advance. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  02:12

And let’s get into today’s show. So not that I’m it really in the spiritual closet, because I’m not. But when I was writing this episode I wrote, I need to come even farther out of the spiritual closet. And by that I just mean, I don’t necessarily not that I need to, but it just feels appropriate and like the time is right finally, to share, you know, certain ways that I commune with my guides, my ancestors and stuff like that, the way certain messages come through, and stuff like that. And a reason in the past why I’ve hesitated is because there are certainly people who are just straight up full of shit, when it comes to sharing messages or transmissions or whatever they want to call them. People who say they channel things that really don’t. And there’s just some, there’s some dangerous people out there who like think they’re connecting with the divine, but really, their shit is just streaming from their egos. And so you know, I have really taken a lot of time and diligence and practice to make sure that what’s coming through me if I’m going to share in a way to give credit elsewhere, that that’s really where it’s coming from.

Elizabeth DiAlto  03:27

And those of you that have worked with me personally know and you’ve seen and you feel and you understand, but those of you that might just be in like the wider, more broad podcast listener audience who don’t really connect with me personally, in any of my online communities, programs, membership or anything like that have never come to a weekend or done a class might be a little different for you, because you listen to me all the time. But you’ve not had like a face to face, or a firsthand or a facilitation experience with me. And a lot of this stuff is so deeply felt on intrinsic levels. It’s like you don’t know until you know. So there’s some stuff I’m sharing with you today that might raise an eyebrow might not. But either way, I just can’t hold any of this shit back anymore.

Elizabeth DiAlto  04:14

So I recorded a podcast last week when I was super angry. And I did not submit it to my production team. I let it sit in Dropbox for about five days, and then I deleted it. And the thing about alkalizing anger, which you hear me talk about often is that you need to know we need to know when our anger is useful and productive when the fire of the anger is a fire of transmutation or when the fire of anger is a fire of destruction. So the episode I recorded last week that I am not publishing was a little disruptive. And I knew that I felt that in my system but I had to get it off my chest, which is why I just recorded it. Because here’s the cool thing. I can record anything I want. I don’t have to post it but I knew I had to hear myself speak the words, I had to write the words, I had to read them, see them, say them out loud. So I could feel the pain and the discomfort that was bound up in them.

Elizabeth DiAlto  05:14

That was part of my process of alkalizing it last week, then come back to the concepts to the overall message without the overlay of the destructive fire of anger. So here we are, instead today talking about wonder, ah, and grace. But we wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t fully acknowledged and expressed and worked my anger last week. And not only worked my anger, like proactively, but also let it work through me, because sometimes the stuff just has to pass. And it doesn’t always pass as quickly as we want it to. We can’t always just sit down and do a practice and boom, it’s gone. Sometimes that does work. But this was bigger. This was deeper. This had a lot of roots and a lot of places in this current lifetime with my family, in communities I’ve been part of in other lifetimes. So that one really had to move through me.

Elizabeth DiAlto  06:09

What I want to share today is something big for me that came through on the other side of that anger, which is a bigger, why behind my exit from social media. And part of it is one of the reasons I’ve been able to be and stick with. So consistently this podcast, is because I actually need this. I need to speak I need to transmit I need space to do that. Character and time limits don’t work for me. Right? That’s something I’ve really been reflecting on. Like, what’s the difference between the podcast and social media, and social media, everything is like these short, little measured sound bites. And we’re trying to distill often complex and nuanced things into something that people might catch on to and share.

Elizabeth DiAlto  06:56

Just yesterday, I was chatting with a friend of mine, a former podcast guest. And, you know, she was saying how anyone could just share anything on social media doesn’t have to substantiate it doesn’t have to be rooted in any kind of like, valid thought process belief system, they don’t even have to share what the belief system is, someone can just be in the mood to say something and posted on Facebook, or Instagram. And if people are like, Oh, that sounds good, they could share it, and now it has legs. And that’s how a lot of dangerous thinking, and a lot of distortion gets proliferated out here.

Elizabeth DiAlto  07:33

So in the Reclaiming my focus episode, which was the other week, it was episode number 426. I mentioned a book called stolen focus. I’ve been a bit obsessed with this book, because the damage to our ability to focus and pay attention keeps us from important truths, keeps us from intimacy and connection, that make this life not just more bearable, but more meaningful and more worth living. Everything that cares about me the big day, woke me up at 3am yesterday, and filled me with tension, so that I could remember how much I need wonder, awe and grace. And by the way, that’s what I’m going to call the motley crew of my guides, angels and ancestors from now on the big day, cuz it’s such a squad and there’s like, I could use 47 words to describe them, or I could just call them the big day. And by the way, they are honestly the truest, most faithful loves of my life. And I have so much reverence. So when I say the big day, it’s like capitalized and expressed with so much respect.

Elizabeth DiAlto  08:43

But this episode is ultimately about practical mysticism. And I’m pretty sure they gave me a Virgo sun and a Capricorn moon. So I would always stay grounded here on earth during my time here. Because, you know, I’ve said this in other podcast episodes, and some of you who are also mystics or spiritual seekers, engaging in rituals and devotional practices and ceremonies and stuff like that, have probably had experiences where it feels so much better in the ether than it does here on Earth. But you know, we’re here, we’re in these bodies, we’re living this life and we got to be here too. So these grounding aspects the practicality of my mysticism, is what helps me to see feel and sense with God’s eyes but apply things in very human ways.

Elizabeth DiAlto  09:26

I back in 2018, I used to do Sunday sermons. I feel like the solo episodes have become like Monday sermons. If we have to live by this damn calendar, we might as well work it. Now. I know better than to panic when things aren’t going in a way that I wish they would. And I know better than to blame or look for someone or something to blame. And I know so many people shit on the phrase, everything happens for a reason. And those people are decidedly not mystics. They might not even be spiritual seekers or spiritually curious. Most people don’t understand that divine orchestration is just how things work, and may never understand it. But that is not cruel. It’s hard, but it’s not cruel. A woman in my community recently posted and shared about the passing of her brother when she was younger. And how she thought, at one point, that she would never be happy again. And now, so many years later, she’s able to look back and see how grief has transformed her lives.

Elizabeth DiAlto  10:28

One of the things that we are reluctant to accept about tragedy and trauma is that often, those are our pathways to the most miraculous shit that will ever experience that also needs to happen. And this is because we just live in a world of virtual reality. So to experience the most miraculous things, we also have to experience the most horrendous things. And the most horrendous things are part of the human experience, for whatever reason, right. And people often want to like understand that. And that’s not necessarily understandable, you’re not going to be able to apply logic or reason to these things. Sometimes. It’s just part of the dense reality being here on Earth, which is not fun.

Elizabeth DiAlto  11:06

But I noticed as I get older, that we really are in revolutionary times. And to go back to the phrase, everything happens for a reason. People hate it, because lots of times people are misusing it. And I know I’ve talked about this on the show before, but someone who has freshly experienced a tragedy or trauma does not need to hear from you, everything happens for a reason, because in that moment, they’re just in pain. And in some cases, it’s the most terrible thing that’s ever happened to them. They’re not ready, they’re not at the phase of the journey, where they could look back and be like, holy shit, look at all these other things that have happened, that were so crucial and so meaningful in my life. Because that shady, shady, awful, horrible thing happened first.

Elizabeth DiAlto  11:48

So often why people hate that phrase, is because people are using it at the wrong time. But also, here’s the other thing. Well, everything certainly does have merit. Let’s say it that way, we are not always going to know the reasons. So to also just blank it, everything happens for a reason, on top of things, when we might not get to know the reason also isn’t necessarily super useful or effective. Right? So sometimes the reasons will be revealed, sometimes they won’t. So the bigger thing here is to understand that divine orchestration is always in effect, and that we don’t always get to understand or know why things happen. Sometimes we do and when we do, that’s enormous ly satisfying and sometimes feels justifying and like things were worth it. And I think that’s what people are really looking for when they use that term. Everything happens for a reason.

Elizabeth DiAlto  12:42

They’re looking for reasons to go, this has to be worth it. If I have to go through this absolutely terrible, horrendous thing, it must be worth it. Because people are also obsessed with why and deserving. Like, nobody deserves anything on either end, right? The best things that happen to you the worst things that happen to you. And sometimes will say to people, like you deserve that, but like, it’s like, we all deserve everything. And we all deserve nothing. This is again, one of those paradoxical things. And when you’re mystic or when you’re a spiritual seeker, one of the things that you ultimately must get very comfortable with is the paradoxical nature of things is that more than one thing could be true at a time, and often more than one opposing thing.

Elizabeth DiAlto  13:27

Now, I mentioned this, we really are in revolutionary times. I remember listening to a podcast by Ruby Warrington. I think it’s called women without kids. And she had Adrian Marie brown on and they were talking about apocalyptic times, and how we are in apocalyptic times. And because some popular TV shows, associate Apocalypse with like zombies and enter the world, kind of wild shit. Some people hear the term apocalypse and think it’s much more like extreme than it is in some cases. But Apocalypse simply implies to the end of the world. And the world is ending as we have known it, right? There are systems and structures actively crumbling. Climate change is happening, like things are changing.

Elizabeth DiAlto  14:18

There are so many things especially if you’re in if you’re in my generation, if you’re whatever they call us, an elder millennial or is any all like people on the cusp of millennial and Gen X. Or if you’re a Gen X, or or a boomer, you have really seen like the people who have who were alive before the internet. That’s basically how I want to describe us. If you were alive before the internet, you actually already have experienced and lived through a couple different apocalypses because the world as we knew it ended when the internet came about the world as we knew it ended when social media came about, because these things become forever embedded in our lives. And the next apocalypse has come I mean, with AI, like all this stuff that’s going on with AI, I’m not gonna get super into that. But there are other things that like the world as we knew it, things that humans used to do, humans are going to be replaced with robots.

Elizabeth DiAlto  15:12

And so the ways that we knew are going to go away in certain aspects and certain facets, and all of these things are apocalyptic, right, might not be an atomic situation, the Earth might not end in flames with no life on it, hopefully not. But again, a lot of things as we’ve known them, that make up this life, have already come to an end, some of us have witnessed it. And the younger folks, you will see, in coming years, things that you have lived with and have known, come to an end and be different, like there’s no going back. And in some ways that’s heartbreaking and sucks in a lot of ways. It’s also a great thing. Depends on the thing, right? So many of these things are getting revamped. rerouted, reimagined, there will be rebuilding and restructuring once things actually crumble and disintegrate. And if you’re here in this lifetime, and you’re alive, and you care about the collective, you hear me all the time reference collective healing and liberation.

Elizabeth DiAlto  16:10

If you care about that, some of this is gonna be really rough. Because caring is hard work. It just is. It’s beautifully and incredibly meaningful and rewarding, but it’s also hard. I used to never want to admit when things were hard, as if it was like the Boogeyman. If I didn’t use the word, it wouldn’t be true, it wouldn’t show up hard, hard would escape me if I didn’t acknowledge how hard things actually were. But the truth is, things were still hard, I would just end up with whiplash afterwards. Because I was unwilling to acknowledge in the moment how hard things were, which the problem was that with just grinning and baring it or just white knuckling through things, is that leaves no room for grace.

Elizabeth DiAlto  16:50

So you know, we’re in rough times, there are other rough times ahead. Which means that we’re also in exquisite and magnificent times. And there are also exquisite and magnificent times ahead, because this is just the way it works. This is the paradox of life. So every time I find myself in hard moments, or hard seasons or cycles, now, the thing I come back to is, the things are wonder, ah, and grace. And for me, I access those things through prayer. It’s not the only way. But this is my primary way. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  17:22

Prayer is not a bypass, and I need to address that. And again, if you’re a longtime podcast listener, you’ve heard me say this before, because often people do use prayer as bypass the thoughts and prayers type of people, right? Who, rather than taking action or doing anything, just pray, just want to pray about it. And, or just be performative about it on social media. And I wrote a post about this, almost a year ago was May 25 2022. So I’m going to read this to you because this is important. Again, specifically, I’m speaking to the mystics and the spiritual seekers. And some of you might be people who don’t identify as mistakes. But I say read this, as you hear it, you might be like, Hmm, maybe I’m a little more mystical than I thought. And if you’re here listening to this podcast, you have to be a spiritual seeker on a level, because I can’t imagine that people who are like atheists would be continuing to listen to my show. But you never know. Anyway, let me read this to you. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  18:20

Because there are a lot of spiritual people who don’t pray. There are a lot of mystical people who don’t pray, because they don’t know how, or they’re not sure how to do it. And if that’s you, you’re really missing out on so much. Even the great Carolyn mace, who is my favorite living mystic, had this deeply mystical, spiritual life for decades, and didn’t have a prayer practice. Until finally, she received some guidance and an invitation that she really needed to start praying. And she did and to change everything. One of my favorite books about prayer is her book called intimate conversations with the divine. So anyway, back to this Instagram post. Let me read this to you. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  19:02

I wrote, let me tell you what I love about prayer that isn’t performative. It gives us a moment with our broken hearts to ask God, what can I actually do? As just one person in a very large world where terrible things keep happening? What can I contribute? I am part of a big human family. I cannot solve this on my own, nor can I overcome broken systems that make change feel impossible by myself. Help me show me something. And here’s my favorite thing about prayer. Prayer is often sharing, talking processing, asking, it’s the opening. It’s our part of a two way conversation. Because then we get to listen with our whole bodies, our whole being because answers always come. They might not be logical, but they’re real and they help on the level that we each can help.

Elizabeth DiAlto  19:54

And we don’t all receive answers in the same way. It might be words or a flash of an image. It might be a feeling of direct If knowing or a subtle Stroke of Insight, then we get to trust it, we get to receive the assignment, the wisdom, the guidance and do it. We got to remember that God doesn’t walk into schools or grocery stores or churches with guns and shoot people. People do that. People do that with their freewill. Even if they’re supposedly doing it in God’s name. Don’t get me started on that. And we are also people with freewill. And we have to decide what we’re going to do with our rage and our sadness. We have to decide not to drown in it or be another voice screaming into a void. We all have power and value to add here. Even if it doesn’t feel like much or enough in these trying and intense times, faith and spiritual potency matter. Fake empty bullshit will always be fake empty bullshit, that is not our business. Depth is realness is the power of grace is what we do with our energy is we are not powerless.

Elizabeth DiAlto  20:51

And when I say spiritual potency, how do we build the potency of everything we have to practice, we have to continuously add power to the mix and devotion and energy. So we pray. Now, obviously, not everyone refers to God as God. I also like Carolyn mace, I was raised Catholic. And so I’m used to praying to God, and that’s not a charged term for me, I’m super comfortable with it. So I say God, and I’ll keep saying God, but by all means, please use whatever word that you like to use.

Elizabeth DiAlto  21:25

I also know from experience, as I mentioned earlier, in my membership in my programs over the years, that some people just don’t know how to pray, or they don’t feel comfortable praying for whatever reason, because they’ve never had a prayer practice, or because they did grow up in some kind of religious experience where they were told they had to pray a certain way. And so that’s the only association with prayer. So let me tell you a story. And I share this in an episode of my podcast last year called My mystical initiation. After I had emergency gallbladder surgery, we’ll put a link to that in the show notes. But I also recorded a whole episode last year on how to pray. So if you’re someone listening to this, like, I don’t know, I don’t know where I don’t know how or I do it. But it feels awkward. I have a whole podcast episode helped me out with that. We’ll link to that in the show notes also, which you can always find it on Team, forward slash podcast. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  22:13

The day I got home from the hospital from my gallbladder surgery, I had several incisions in my stomach. So getting up and down was brutal. Even just getting up and down off my couch getting in and out of bed. And they were so fresh. Anyone who’s ever had any kind of abdominal surgery can relate to this. And I live by myself. So it’s one thing if you have people to help you get up and down. But I was also just like terrified. So I’m sitting on my couch with my stitches in my belly feeling so intensely vulnerable and afraid. And I’m like, What am I going to do? Like, how am I going to do this. And I get a flash of an image of my grandpa, who has been dead for many, many years, standing outside of a medical supply store on Staten Island on victory boulevard where I grew up. And which then sparks a memory of towards the end of his life. He had this lift chair like this, like reclining chair that had a remote that doesn’t just recline you back and put your feet up, but can also bring you all the way to standing. And I was like, oh, I need a lift chair.

Elizabeth DiAlto  23:17

So I started Googling any place I could possibly rent a lift chair. And I immediately found this place that rents medical supplies, called them. And literally this will happen I remember it was like 10am. And by like 130 In the afternoon, like three, three and a half hours later, I had a lift chair in my living room, and I was going to be fine. And that was how prayer worked that day. I was feeling like very afraid, very vulnerable, almost hopeless. And I asked for help in that one little image of my grandpa and I was like boop. Now I know what I need to do. So that’s how prayer works. That’s why prayer is so powerful. And that’s also why prayer is active. Right? Because it’s not just, oh, let

Elizabeth DiAlto  24:07

me say prayers for people and then sit back and do nothing. Prayer is often how we ask specifically for the guidance we need. And then we have to pay attention for how the guidance comes. So whenever I feel full of tension and resistance or like in the case of that story, fear or vulnerability, I personally have to feel myself swamped and surrounded by everything that loves me. But everything that wants me to keep going everything that knows what I’m here to do when I don’t everything that can see the path when I can’t. And that’s the divine. That’s my ancestors. That’s the big day. It’s a little exhausting, sometimes and frustrating, but this is part of the mystical path.

Elizabeth DiAlto  24:50

And being a mystic, being a spiritual seeker or person is not all blissed out conversations with angels in Divine Alignment. It’s also real motherfucking Life is real shit. It’s integrating all of it fully human, fully divine, we do not come to live shallow, materialistic lives. And when I say we, I’m talking about the mystics and the spiritual folks, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable or having or desiring beautiful things and experiences, but to what end and to what extreme for indulgence and experience are never going to get you where your soul is trying to go. And there’s plenty of people out here, who tried to peddle capitalism, as some kind of spiritual exalted thing, and associate and conflate your abundance, like your material wealth and abundance, with how spiritual you are. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  25:41

And I just cannot emphasize enough how those things do not go together with impunity, but also without question. And there could be correlation for some people, if that’s your soul’s path, right? But that is not everyone’s souls, path. And wealth does not only take the form of like, money and houses and cars and things and clothing and whatever else experiences and travel, right, so the most mystical, incredible, deeply reverent spiritual people I know, don’t have much because they also don’t need much. This is why I’m going to do a workshop on this in July. I don’t have a page up for it yet, but it’s coming. I’m going to do a workshop on the soulful prosperity framework, which is sufficiency, sustainability, soulfulness, and satisfaction when it comes to being prosperous.

Elizabeth DiAlto  26:36

And again, abundance and prosperity. It’s not just about like money. We are wealthy in people and connection and intimacy and community in wisdom, like there’s many ways to be abundant and wealthy in this lifetime. And again, we’re all walking different paths. So we are all intended to experience different levels and different varieties of wealth, prosperity and abundance. But again, not everyone came to experience all this stuff in the same ways. Some people came to this life to just fuck around and find out. The dignity of our path is continuously reevaluating our relationship with the distractions of those who came for reasons that are different than ours, or learning how to coexist with as much peace and empathy as possible, without being derailed with people who are in different paths than we are. And we have to remember that this is all made up. But we also get to remember that there are maps.

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:32

So I want to share with you some things that I not even just believe in, but know in my bones. And I’m not offering them to you as beliefs, or things to believe in unless you want to, unless these knowings like really resonate for you. And you’re like, yes, that is for me. Alright, but also feel free to be like, Nah, that’s not for me. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  27:54

So here’s my little list. healing work is sometimes slow and tedious, but it’s always working. I came here to remember God’s love and let it flow through me. Human love is no comparison. Expecting humans to love like God loves is a recipe for perpetual disappointment. Accepting that people are flawed and deciding how to engage with it is one of the biggest pieces of work any of us will do in our lives. Don’t allow people who are essentially spiritual idiots to distract or derail you from God’s love that is within you and around you. I’m not even going to elaborate on that. Take it however you want. I actually I did make myself a note here to elaborate. So I guess I’ll read it to you. I’m laughing as I read it. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve heard the term muggle. It just means non magical people. Another way you can think of it is just regular folks, there’s a lot of people out there who think they’re magical, devout, and deeply spiritual, who are honestly just a few steps beyond being muggles, their spiritual curiosity. And egos are bigger than their respect, their reverence, and their practice. And they don’t necessarily have the depth. It’s not to say they never will.

Elizabeth DiAlto  29:06

And I’m also not knocking them because again, I’ve said this on the podcast, just like in our education, right? We have to go through all the grades, we have to go through all the years to be able to get to the next one. You know, some people are in elementary school, some people are in high school, some people are in college, grad school, some people are getting or have gotten their PhDs and things. Right, so everyone’s just where they are. There’s nothing wrong. This isn’t about like hierarchy. We’re not out here to be condescending. But what’s interesting often, I was talking to someone about this yesterday to think about like the high school senior who thinks that they are the absolute shit, because they’re at the pinnacle, in that swimming tank, right? High school senior, but then they go off to be a freshman in college and they’re at the bottom of the rung again. Right and that’s very humbling.

Elizabeth DiAlto  29:55

This is how it is with people on their spiritual development and spiritual maturity path sometimes right Like, for example, sometimes people discover the law of attraction and they’re like, this is it, I have discovered all the secrets of the universe. I know how to work life now, like, doesn’t get any better than this. And then, if you’re lucky, you come to realize that no, that is a stepping stone. And so that’s, that’s what I’m talking about. But what I am also talking about is when you’re a person who has gone much deeper and much farther, to not let these folks derail or distract you, because sometimes it’s the people who have way more work to do that are like the pushiest, the loudest, the most condescending. And, again, they’re out here still being very well run by ego desires, and not necessarily their souls desires. So the point here is that we don’t have to tolerate nonsense.

Elizabeth DiAlto  30:48

What we have to do is take responsibility for our experiences, and pursue courage with our whole hearts to be as loving as possible. First words ourselves because we are the stewards of our own souls, and no one is going to love us like we can, no one is going to love you like you can. Okay, sidebar, if you just thought Mary J. Blige singing I can love you better than she can. You are my people. And listen, she might be right. But more importantly, I can love me better than anyone else can, you can love you better than anyone else can. This is not to say nobody else can love you. Well, it’s just saying that you’re the one who’s going to do it best when you put in the effort to do it.

Elizabeth DiAlto  31:26

Repetition is the mother of all learning. So think about the amount of repetition that has gone into our programming around what love and power should look like from TV, movies, books, songs, think about your favorite songs that you’ve listened to over and over and over again, and what the lyrics are, and how essentially that repetition is programming, whatever you’re saying, that is getting programmed into you. And a lot of it is super codependent, super unhealthy, super unholy. So we are the holy ones. We came to bring holiness back, we came to make the sacred stylish again. And as the world becomes more and more impersonal, we need to become more and more mystical to balance it out.

Elizabeth DiAlto  32:07

So I mentioned this in the beginning of the episode, back in 2017, I started calling the work I was doing with people spiritual Special Ops, I came up with that just came out of my mouth during an untamed yourself weekend, we have to normalize missile communication. And spiritual Special Ops is about shining your light, wherever you are. And I was recently rewriting the about page for the website, untamed And I talked about this, and I’ll read you this part just to give some context for spiritual Special Ops. So here’s what I wrote. First off, don’t worry, no camo pull ups or running required unless those things are your jam. We are not training up a bunch of Gi jeans in the School of sacred embodiment. I have spent years tweaking and refining our practices to be inclusive and accessible for bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities.

Elizabeth DiAlto  33:01

Spiritual Special Ops means bringing your fierce and mystical love and sacredness to everything you do. In military terms. special operatives are specially designated organized, selected, trained and equipped forces using unconventional techniques and modes of employment. And just like military forces call on their special ops teams for the most important missions. I believe that life is calling on us. And when I say us, I’m talking about the mystics and the spiritual seekers to bring healing grace and liberation to these dark and challenging times. The unconventional techniques we train and equip our forces to employ, right and our forces are just you, this community, our people, our forces are being again trained. I’m putting all this in air quotes, right, because I’m just playing on this military language.

Elizabeth DiAlto  33:49

So the unconventional techniques we train and equip our forces to imply our our signature, healing frameworks, practices, approaches, and movement methods. Whether you’re learning how to work with your wild, so archetypes, or turning your relationship with yourself into one of the most passionate love affairs of your life, with our embodied self love framework, or you’re learning how to tap into your intuition and trust yourself through our wild soul movement practices. The School of sacred embodiment, has an arsenal of what I’m calling weapons of mass liberation. And we are here to blow some oppressive shit up. 

Elizabeth DiAlto  34:24

So, hope you enjoyed that. Those of you that had moments of hearing me say something, and recognizing like a truth for you, like maybe you had tears of truth, or maybe you got goosebumps, or maybe something just like, hit you and you were like, Damn that that was for me. Some of you might even want to listen to these episodes more than once. Some of you have been letting me know that with these shorter episodes. You actually listen to them several times throughout the course of a week, which is great. So wherever it hit you, I’m grateful you listened. Remember, we have our new free wild soul community on mighty networks because I’m not on social media anymore. Where you can come if you wanted to. discuss the podcasts we do a post in there every week where people share their thoughts what came up, ask questions, all kinds of fun stuff like that. You can go to untamed forward slash free Dash community to join us over there. You’re always more than welcome to send us any thoughts you had about the podcast in our email hello and untamed. So thank you so much for listening. We will be back next week.