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“My life and spirituality feel more invigorated and vitalized. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of what I need or desire available in my in-person community, the community gathering aspect has been extra special to me.”


– Kate O

Any opportunity to listen and learn from Elizabeth is always SO wonderful and nourishing. Sunday Services have helped me develop a weekly ritual that I look forward to and can count on when things feel so busy and overwhelming. I feel moore connected to myself, they’ve given me thoughts and ideas to think about, and provided comfort and care when it feels like the world is burning.”


-Leanne S

“Because of the time difference I can’t attend live, but it’s become the most beautiful Monday morning ritual for me, to wake up and watch/listen/practice – sometimes full engagement, sometimes I do as much as I can while I get ready for work. Either way I LOVE it!”


– Cath

“I am feeling the call to dive into creating a regular practice and grow my relationship to God, I’ve never really had one. Ditto for my body. Participating in Sunday Service feels like the best of both.”


– Kelly R

“It helps to reconnect me to my values and gives me space to reflect. These are essential things for my well-being!”


– Kimber C

“It’s the one thing I genuinely look forward to in my week, that alone is helping a lot right now. “


– SR

“It’s given me something that I enjoy to look forward too. It’s changed my perspective of practicing spiritually outside of the current Christian model that triggered me recently so I escaped. Grateful to have a community to share in.”


– Jesmarie L

AS Seen in

“As a woman lost in her mind all day, I am liberated by Elizabeth DiAlto’s teachings on returning to our bodies to rediscover ourselves. And she doesn’t just talk it — she EMBODIES it: You can feel her living & breathing (& dancing!) her message in every post — can’t wait to learn more from her.”

Glennon Doyle, NY Times Bestselling Author of Untamed, Love Warrior and Carry on Warrior

“Elizabeth is the real deal. She is a modern-day healer for those of us who are looking for a new approach to embodiment and spiritual practice. Not only is she just magical but she also is an amazing example of how to have a deep connection to spirituality while holding space for the realness of the world. I just love everything about her.”

Trudi Lebron, Founder of The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching, Host of the Business Remixed Podcast

“Elizabeth is part mystic, part healer, and all love. Her embodiment work is an invitation to be in your body, move your body, express yourself, protect yourself, and deeply fall in love with every part of yourself from the inside out. My favorite part is there is beautiful bridge between sensuality, laughter, strength, and fierce boundaries. If you are a modern womxn with an old soul, you’ll find a new way of taking care of your body and the community you’ve been seeking.”

Jadah Sellner, Founder and Host of the Lead with Love Podcast

“Elizabeth DiAlto is a force of nature. She is a natural leader who brings honesty, vulnerability and humor to the exploration of sometimes difficult topics. An original thinker with a deep lust for life, Elizabeth inspires her community simply by being her authentic, raw, brave, ballsy, brilliant self. I encourage all of my clients to become a part of Elizabeth’s Wild Soul world and they are forever grateful.”

Terri Cole, Creator of Boundary Bootcamp, Author of Boundary Badass