This is the sixth installment in a 10-part series I did through July 26 this year called Wild Soul Summer School. The purpose is to do a more thorough exploration of some of the topics that come up most consistently on the podcast. Each of these instructional blog posts has a corresponding Facebook Live video too, which you can find at the end of this post along with links to previous sessions if you want to explore the rest of the series.

I’ve also created a free journal you can use to implement what you learn here. This week’s guide helps you:

-Uncover why you don’t trust yourself
-Learn the most effective self trust building concept and how to put it into practice daily

And also includes a counterintuitive practice to expedite your ability to trust yourself

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The opposite of trust is control.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’d either classify yourself as an existing control freak, recovering control freak, or someone with strong urgings to control things (whether you’re actively still trying to control things or not).

I bring this up because whenever you want to control things, there’s always a lack of trust present, and it takes up A LOT of energy. Letting go of control means allowing other people to have their own experiences, and being open to things manifesting as they will, not as we think they should.

Living this way takes a lot of weight off of your shoulders.

The relationship between trust and control is totally a chicken-egg situation. Until you begin to trust a little more, you can’t begin to let go of control, and until you let go of some control, you won’t see the benefits of deeper trust.

The embodiment practice we talked about in session four of Wild Soul Summer school is really helpful here. Knowing what yes, no, and truth feel like in your body makes it infinitely easier to trust yourself, because you have physical sensations to confirm your intuition, rather than just relying on logic or overanalyzing things.


When you operate primarily from cynicism, doubt, and lack of trust, you will constantly find yourself in situations that prove you right. People will betray you and you will betray yourself.

Self-betrayal shows up in various ways, which constantly and subtly reinforces that you can’t trust yourself – things like making commitments and saying yes when you want to say no or vice versa, and always trying to please other people.

Breaking commitments that you didn’t want to make in the first place IS an act of self trust, as is being willing to let people down in order to honor yourself.

However, when you constantly second guess yourself, commit to things you already know aren’t good for you, try to be something you’re not, or say yes to one more thing when you’re already taxed or over-full, that’s self-betrayal.

When you KNOW better, you have a divine obligation to DO better.

When you don’t know what you don’t know, life is a little more forgiving, but when you know better and don’t do better, things get more difficult, more painful and this is where suffering begins.


One of the big reasons people don’t trust themselves is because it’s taught everywhere. Most of us receive the message from organized religions, communities, families or school systems. These structures often communicate implicitly and explicitly that all of the authority is outside of you, and that you need permission to be able to do anything.

This is true when you’re a child, but problematic when you’re still asking permission as an adult for things that are your own choices.

This messaging produces adults who constantly seek validation, approval and permission for things that aren’t necessarily aligned with who they actually are.


Before you can fully trust yourself, you need to be able to let go. This involves doing work to release things that are clogging up your mental, emotional, and physical space so that you can be open and available for real trust.

Click here for the Wild Soul Summer School guide to letting things go for good.

This is why Surrender + Release comes before Trust + Receiving in the Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program. When you trust more, you can also be more receptive, because you no longer doubt people’s offerings or interest in helping you, providing for you or working with you.

You can give people the benefit of the doubt and trust that they’re showing up, doing their best, and they want to be there. (And boy does that require WAY LESS energy than second guessing EVERYTHING constantly.)

You may notice that there are different areas in your life where you trust yourself more than others. For example, I find that a lot of women in this community are really intelligent and successful. This often translates to high self-trust at work. For many, when it comes to [certain] relationships, parenthood, body issues and more, self-trust is often lower.

When you trust yourself, you can also trust that all of life is wanting to support you and that there is a supportive force in the universe that wants you to succeed.

In this week’s video I get into many more specifics and how you can apply them to your own unique experience. And in this week’s free guide I’ve got six journal prompts and a counter intuitive practice to help you implement it all.

Watch the video below and click here for the guide.

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