Do you practice holy consistency?

When most of us think about consistency, we think about showing up every day, even when we don’t want to. We think about a chore, a job, or an obligation we have to keep. 

But when I think of consistency, I think of ritual: something that truly enriches and enlivens my life.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my plans for the new year and how I’m embodying holy consistency in both my work and my life.

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Even with the new year just a few weeks away, I’m making a promise to myself to embrace both the periods of structure and flow in my life.

Just as the seasons shift and change, so do we. We need both structure and flow, work and rest.


Join me in today’s episode as I share my plans for the new year, the adjustments I’m making to my offers, and how I’ll be connecting with our community more than ever. Plus, I’m explaining why my upcoming winter break is vital to my health and my business.

Listen to episode 373 now!

In episode 373 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [2:05] My upcoming break and why my breaks are vital for my health and happiness
  • [3:04] My words of the year for 2021 and what they mean to me
  • [5:11] How to engage with your words of the year from a place of embodiment
  • [7:12] Practicing holy consistency in my life and business
  • [9:49] Finding balance between structure and flow
  • [18:15] Defining structure and consistency for yourself instead of accepting society’s definitions
  • [22:10] Challenging myself to connect even more in the new year
  • [28:13] How I’m adjusting my offerings in the new year
  • [31:50] Embracing the season and the cycles of your life
  • [33:38] My upcoming blog project and my advice for the younger generation

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        Quote from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:


        • “Seasons and cycles exist for a reason.” – Elizabeth

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        Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

        In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

        If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussion on Instagram here.


        Transcripts for Episode 373:

        – Hello, everybody. Welcome to year number six of the podcast, formerly known as “Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto”, formerly known as “Untame the Wild Soul with Elizabeth DiAlto”, currently known as “The Embodied Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto”. This show has been a top podcast in women’s self-help and spirituality in its debut in 2015. With over 330 episodes and three million downloads and counting, the name and the format of the show may continue to shift and evolve over time, but what will always remain constant is a commitment to truth-telling and exploring the most real and relevant aspects of being fully human and fully divine in a world that is both volatile and miraculous. I am your host Elizabeth DiAlto and now more than ever when so many of us are stretched beyond our capacities, I appreciate you giving any of your precious time to listen in to this show. I hope you find exactly what you need exactly when you need it as you listen, and to our most loyal listeners, thank you all so, so much for sharing the show, raving about your favorite episodes online and for all the social media tags, shares, love notes and comments. You all are what make this an extra and an absolute joy to do and I love you so, so much. Now before we dive into the show, I am happy to share that the “Embodied Podcast” is sponsored by the Embodied Living Center. Every woman deserves to feel safe and at home in her body and the Embodied Living Center helps you do both and so much more. There is nothing like this anywhere else online. More than a course or a program, more than a movement studio, more than a healing center, more than a resource for great content and education, more than a mystery school and more than a community, you can think of the Embodied Living Center as your personal cave of wonders for embodied healing and self-liberation. Visit to learn more and join us or to get on the wait list for our next enrollment.

        Hello, everybody, welcome to episode number 373 of the “Embodied Podcast”. I am your host Elizabeth DiAlto and this is our last official episode of 2021. We are taking a winter break and we will be back on Monday, January 24th, 2022. I’m super excited for the break. Something I’ve really come into over the last few years is just realizing what breaks do I need, what rhythms do I need? And it’s definitely a winter break and a summer break. So I’m excited to start executing on that. Today’s episode is gonna be a couple of different things. I wanted to just share some stuff as we move into a new season and a new year, right because we have the winter solstice before we have the new year and then of course we have a new year and there’s some stuff shifting and changing in the wild soul world next year. And in a lot of ways, it’s less that it’s shifting and changing and more that it’s like rooting in and anchoring down, which I’m really excited about.

        But I also wanted to kick off the episode with talking about choosing a word or choosing words for the year and how I work with those ’cause this is something I’ve been doing for many years now and fairly often I’ll actually choose them on my birthday. And what I’ve been noticing in the last few years though is I pick words and then I kind of forget around my birthday and then as we’re shifting into the new year, the words re-emerge. And so that is definitely something that happened recently because the words that I’m gonna pick for going into 2022 are illumination and grace. And I actually wrote something about this on Instagram last week and it was funny because I know I’m a Virgo, but I am not the kind of Virgo that if I make a typo on a post I’m gonna like take the post down to fix it. And so I wrote that my words for 2021 are illumination and grace. And what that made me realize is I think some of you could probably relate to this, although others definitely will not. I wrote this in the comments and some people were like, nah, they were distinct for me. But for me it kind of feels like 2020 and 2021 were just like one very long, very intense, very strange year. So I mean I don’t know that I’ve even registered this whole year that it’s been 2021, like it feels wild to me that next year is 2022. So anyway, I made that typo on the post because I just was not imagining that 2021 has even happened in a strange way. So I started working with illumination and grace more intentionally in the summer and in doing so, I realized that these have been driving forces for me for many years, I just wasn’t using that language. So I’m looking forward, I’m really excited, oh, excuse me, I need this winter break, y’all, I’m tired. I bet you can relate. I bet a lot of you can probably relate to that. So I really want to devote an entire year more intentionally to working with illumination and grace and seeing what’s possible.

        But here’s something I also really wanted to share. I’m not really gonna dig in so much to how I choose a word for the year because they kind of just come to me, they kind of just land and they kind of just arrive and I don’t necessarily know that I could break down that process. I don’t even know that it is a process. But something I do want to share in case it’s useful or helpful for you is how to engage with them from an embodied perspective, right? Because what’s the point of having a word or words for the year if you’re not really going to embody them, embrace them, integrate them, use them to guide and inspire everything. And so one of the things that I do when I pick my word or my words is I also pick focuses, meaning how am I gonna actually embody these words? How am I gonna bring them into my life and weave them through everything that I’m doing, everything I’m focusing on for the year? And so my focuses for illumination and grace, I decided are going to be devotion, ritual, structure, preparation, and consistency. And I know those last three might sound either surprising or boring or whatever, but this is something I realized big time this year, especially after I moved to Miami, which was how important structure, preparation and consistency are for me. And some of you have heard me talk about, I call it holy consistency, I did a podcast on that in like 2018. If you go to, you can hear, if you type holy consistency into the search bar, it was a Sunday sermon at the time I was doing those. Was I calling them Sunday sermons or was I calling them something else? I forget but it’ll pop up if you go over there if you want to get the gist of what holy consistency means on a deeper level, although it’s pretty self-explanatory as well.

        So here’s why these were important to me. I was just sharing with a friend today, I’m not necessarily a celiac or super gluten intolerant, but I do know that when I eat gluten, I get inflamed pretty easily and so it’s better for me not to but I have a hard time with that. And when I think about why I have a hard time with that, I have explored is it emotional eating, is it like a sugar addiction or anything like that? But what I realized, because I was reflecting on, early on in the pandemic last year when we were all so kind of like freaked out, what the hell is going on, didn’t even want to go to like the grocery store, one thing I was doing is I was just, I had food in my house, this might sound so basic to some of you, but I just always had food in my house and I was just not buying anything with gluten in it. And I wasn’t going out to eat and I wasn’t ordering like UberEats or DoorDash or anything like that and so it just wasn’t an option. But it not being an option was an act of preparation, but the act of preparation came from I just really wasn’t trying to like be eating out, it wasn’t really an option in a lot of ways, and I didn’t want to do delivery ’cause I literally didn’t want to have contact with any human beings because it was like March to May of 2020 and it was kind of wild. So I was like, oh, so I experimented with this for like the last couple of months and I was like, okay, maybe I was really jumping to trying to diagnose an issue when the real issue was I just need to always have food in my house so I’m not ordering out, which then is tempting ’cause you’re like scrolling through UberEats and there’s like pizza and sandwiches and all these things with gluten in them and I love food and the thing is I’m not, again, it’s just like uncomfortable for me, but it’s not a deal breaker, but it’s just better for my life when I’m not eating it. I use that as a very simple example because there’s just I bet in all of our lives all kinds of ways where we could set ourselves up for success, set ourselves up for making better choices and also set ourselves up for not having to exhaust our willpower or our will, which is limited and finite each day, by having to make 100 extra decisions every day. So I’m actually really excited about that.

        The other thing, you know I’ve been doing for a couple of years with my schedule is I try to leave like one day a week open where I don’t have any calls. And you know, every once in a while I have to throw a call in on a no-call day, but I have experimented over the years with what days I want to do my calls on and what days I want to leave open. And for the last few months I’ve been experimenting with a schedule where I take calls on Monday, I used to not take calls on Monday, that would be one of my no-call days so I could kind of ease into the week. But then I also noticed I usually don’t like to have calls on Fridays either. So it was creating this kind of like longish weekend, I would still work on Monday and Friday, but the not having calls just gave me more like space and flexibility to do more creative things, but it felt like I wasn’t really working for four days because when I do creative stuff, it doesn’t feel like work to me ’cause it’s such a joy and it’s so fun to like play and create and write and craft things, whatever. So then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would be packed with calls and that was actually pretty intense and by the time Friday rolled around that didn’t work for me. So I decided to experiment with spacing those out. And so what I’m really excited about structure-wise moving into 2022 is to take calls on Monday and Tuesday, not on Wednesday, and then Thursday and not on Friday.

        And then to take it a step further, since I’ve gotten to Miami, I’ve gotten much more into a movement flow. And so I was looking at my days and the way I’m thinking about this, and there’s a reason I’m sharing this, which I will share the reason in a moment when I’m done explaining it is so Mondays and Tuesdays are gonna be my more structured workdays along with Thursdays, and then Wednesday and Friday are gonna be my more flowy days, right? So those are the open days without the calls. Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be when I have more things scheduled, hence more structure. And so what I’m also experimenting with now is my morning time, like my morning rituals and routines. I like to move in the morning, I like to go outside in the morning, make sure I’m getting some vitamin D, all these things, I do my spiritual practices in the morning. I do others in the evening as well, but for me, and actually I think for most people, how we start a week, how we start a day, these things are so important for how the rest of it will go. So Monday is my full structure day. I’m gonna have a structured morning with my routines. I go to a yoga class at 9:30 in the morning. I’ve gotten into yoga recently, which I’m not traditionally like a big yoga person, but Thanksgiving week, my body was like find a yoga studio. And literally there’s one right around the corner from my house, it’s about three minutes away. And so I’ve just been going three or four times a week. I love it, the teachers are great. That’s one of the reasons I don’t typically love yoga because it’s not usually great instructors, but this studio is so great. So anyway, Monday is gonna be a full structure day. I am gonna start with like full focus, so full structured morning, full structured work day. Then Tuesday, I’m gonna have a flowy morning and a structured work day. Wednesday, I’m gonna have a structured morning, flowy work day. Thursday, flowy morning, structured work day, and then Friday is gonna be flow, flow. So I’m really excited to see how this is gonna go because so my week is book-ended with structure and flow and then the weekend for the most part will be all flow ’cause one of the things over the years, basically ever since I left the fitness industry in 2013, I have really had trouble getting back in a groove with movement and certain healthy habits that used to just really, really serve me in all the ways, like physically, mentally, emotionally, but definitely especially physically. And so after the last two years, I’ve just noticed my energy has been kind of tanking and stuff like that. So I know I need to have some more structure and I used to be a person who would resist structure, rebelled against it, it didn’t feel feminine and I don’t like feeling controlled, I don’t like things that inhabit my freedom, but doing a couple of experiments with structure over the course of this year, and really over the years too, I’ve just discovered that structure allows for more flow.

        And this is something that I knew intellectually, I’ve talked to people about it intellectually. For people who look at and work with the dynamics of masculine and feminine energy, this is very much like that, structure for the most part is associated with the masculine, flow is associated with the feminine. I used to love this metaphor. I think it was Mikayla Boehm that gave it to me many years ago where you think of like a river, right, the river banks or the structure, that’s the container and then the water itself is the flow. And if you didn’t have the banks, the water, it would just be a flood, right? And so we need structure and we also need flow and the way the two dance together changes and varies per person, but they certainly are very complimentary to each other. So I share that with you because there is so much messaging out there for so many people around these things like feminine and masculine, but especially feminine and like the divine feminine and stuff like that. And I know for a number of years, I really rejected, it was part of deconditioning for me because I did work in such a masculine way for so long and for such a long time, I really forced myself to do things that I thought I was supposed to do or that I thought I needed to do to be successful. And so I really rebelled against structure for a number of years, but now I feel like I’ve just, I’ve matured and expanded and evolved to a place where I really see how they support and go with each other. So just offer that to you in case going into a new year, there might be some opportunities to arrange or create or prioritize structure and flow in your life in a way that could really serve you. And especially looking at how the week flows. That has just been so great. Picking Wednesday this year as my day where I don’t schedule calls or maybe only like one or two later in the day so I can have most of the day for flow and then I would have a call later on and that would kind of like put the punctuation mark on my flow for the day was really life-changing to have that kind of, that flow break or that flow day in the middle of the week. It would really rejuvenate me often ’cause I was having a lot, a lot, a lot of calls, and I’m sure some of you could relate to just being on Zoom and being on calls all the fricking time.

        Quick break in the show everybody to let you know that applications are open for my 2022 Embodiment Specialist Training. I am so excited about this training. It is like seven or eight years in the making. It is expanded beyond what was Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training since 2016 and this is really for anybody who feels the pull to graduate from doing basic level self-help, personal development and spiritual work and truly embody self-love, healing and wholeness so they can live soulful and soul-centered lives that contribute to collective healing and liberation, as well as people who are wanting to really integrate the light and the dark, who place a high value on kindness, generosity, integrity, humility, and reverence, who know that while we receive all kinds of gifts and talents and genius, we are the instruments, not the players. This is for people who want to prioritize embodying their divine nature in order to serve the human experience, as well for those who would like to incorporate embodiment work into their professional lives in some way, shape or form, or just deepen their own practice. So if you want to learn more about the training, which starts in February of 2022, head to There are some dates by which to apply. If you need an extended payment plans, we have a couple different extended payment plans, and it’s just gonna be an incredible, chemical transformative experience. It’s gonna be a small intimate group ’cause I will also be mentoring and working with everyone one-on-one throughout the 13 months of the training. So again, really deep, really beautiful, really incredible experience. If you are interested, go to and I will be so excited to receive your application if you decide to submit one.

        So that was structure and that was preparation and then the holy consistency, and why I call it holy consistency is because anything we do that sets us up for success based on the way we’re built, that’s just gonna support us, that’s just really loving and respectful and honoring of who we are and how we’re built is gonna be holy. And consistency is something that kind of gets shoved down our throats in these very common and typical ways. And so for me, holy consistency is also looking at what does consistency mean for me in this current season or cycle of my life, in this current phase, based on like the things I can access right now? What makes sense to be consistent about? What supports me if I’m consistent with it? And there can still be flow with consistency. I think a lot of people are very rigid when they think about consistency. And so again, when I throw the word holy on it, it is like no, this is unique to you, this is in service to you. What do you want to be consistent with?

        And I’ll give you examples. Social media, for example, for me, I actually love Instagram. It’s agitating, it’s weird, people complain about the algorithm and of course there’s the way people could be irritating in comments and DMS and all that stuff, but for the most part, I love connecting with you all on Instagram. There’s literally so many people from all over the world that I’ve been able to connect with both as peers and colleagues and friends and clients and students and members of our Wild Soul community, podcast listeners, because of frigging Instagram, it’s a miracle. And it’s just something that I do consistently. Other than what I’m taking breaks, I pretty much post on Instagram every day. And it doesn’t matter what time of day. Am I posting at the same time every day, the same type of stuff? No. And something I started doing consistently a month or two ago was Saturday Sillies, where I love laughing, I love memes, I love GIFs. In the Embodied Living Center, we do Feel Good Fridays. So on Fridays, everyone in the community shares, we have one thread every week and we all look forward to it every week, it’s super fun. And in fact, some of my Saturday Sillies come from Feel Good Friday, which is one of the reasons I like to do it on Saturday on Instagram, but also ’cause this is my sense of humor, people are sending me funny shit, tagging me in funny shit all the time. And this is also something that inspired me around the structure and the holy consistency was just noticing all these notes that I get from people saying, “Oh my God, I live for these Saturday Sillies. I wait for this every single week.” And people love consistency.

        And so same with the podcast, right? Like so many of you, this is part of your Monday ritual. Others of you listen whenever you get around to listening. But for years, people have also told me, this is part of their Monday morning ritual or routine or flow, whatever. So I’m just pumped for that and then I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and so something I’m gonna be doing, I put the word holy in front of consistency and I’m really also thinking of putting the word divine in front of structure, because what I’ve noticed is when I hit the mark on the areas where I really do need structure and it serves me, it really creates this space and almost this energy field, this container, for flow, for divine flow to happen. And so it’s so easy to think well divine flow. But to add divine to structure, for me, makes it feel more sacred and actually makes me want to do it. So it might just be semantics for some of you, but the vibration of it feels really good to me. And so something else I’m committing to, which is around both structure and consistency, is to be emailing our community three times a week. So on Mondays when our podcast episode comes out and then on Wednesdays, there’s a new segment that I’m working on, I’m gonna start a column on the website. I haven’t blogged in so many years and I had this big stroke of inspiration earlier in the week, which I’ll explain in a little more detail later on in the episode. And then on Fridays just a general what’s happening? Because this is something else that was so helpful for me in 2021. And I don’t know about you all, but there were so many things that I understood primarily intellectually up until this year. And when I really got to just deepen in and root in and anchor in and embody them and like experience the effects of them in a way that it like literally makes sense and resonates in my cells now. And one of those things for me was around, for those of you that are into human design, if you haven’t already listened to our podcast with Erin Claire Jones, that was a couple of weeks ago, I think it might’ve been episode number 370 or maybe 369. So we’ll link to it in the show notes, and the show notes for this episode will be ’cause this is episode 373. Or again, you could always go to that podcast page. Treat the podcast page on our website like the friggin’ app store, y’all. Go to, use that search bar, type in like anything. What are you thinking about? Human design, codependency, self-love, all these types of things, embodiment, surrender, trust, all these things that we talk about all the time and see what pops up.

        Always, always use that, but anyway, as a manifesting generator, one of the things that we do is we skip steps and we’re like onto the next thing without letting the people around us that support to let know what the hell were the details? What happened and what’s going on? And so in human design, they call that informing. So I got really good this year at informing with my team. And so I also just want to get better at informing with the community in general. We’re also really good at this in the Embodied Living Center, because we have a community manager, to send out an email every week to let people know what classes are coming up and what’s going on and what happened last week in case they missed it. And so this is just something I have not been great at over the years and I’m constantly creating things, like I’m constantly creating things that people don’t even know exist. And then it’s funny because when I work with clients and stuff like that, I just will be sending them all these resources all the time and people constantly reflect me, my friends also, that they had no idea I even created or made that thing. And so I really just need to do such a better job of informing, even about the podcast, like I don’t always send out that podcast email, I don’t always post the podcast we just released on social media. And so I just am excited to be more consistent about that stuff.

        And I also want to let people know, by the way, we have too many courses on the website, the Self-Love Mini Course and the Wild Soul Archetypes Mini Course, you may or may not have even known that those existed. And in January of 2022 or early in the new year, I’m going to be upgrading those to full courses. And so I’m adding content. That’s what’s going to take it from being a mini course to a full course. We’re just adding more embodiment practices to the course materials because right now they’re workshop based. And so after running my Wild Soul Archetypes Immersion twice this year in 2021 where I include embodiment practices, wild soul movement and erotic practices for each archetype, just realized, and the women in there say how they have these revelations and they really can connect much more deeply with their archetypes through the embodiment practices. So I wanted to add those to the mini courses, which then it really becomes not a mini course, there’s just more things, and I’m adding also some more supplemental materials. So we are upgrading those courses. The self-love one is at The archetype one is at and they’re $99.99 right now. And on December 22nd, they’re gonna go up to $199. And then the new content will be added in January. So if you’re interested in either of those, grab them before the price goes up because you get grandfathered or grandmothered in, whatever that term is that you want to call it. But if you buy it now, like you’re still gonna get all the new content that comes in January. So basically you’ll get a full course for a mini course price. I also need to inform people, and I know some people will be disappointed about this, I’ve already been getting DMs about it, about Akashic records readings changing in the new year. I will only be doing readings for existing clients. So people who have had at least one reading with me already, I will only be doing readings for people who have already had them with me next year and I’m only doing 30 minute sessions. So for the last several years, I’ve done 20 minute readings and 50 minute readings. So now there will just be 30 minute sessions and they will only be for existing clients. And so if you are an existing client and you want to do a reading, you will have to email us at and we will have a secret link that we will send you because it will no longer be available on the website for just anyone to book. I’m also not running the Archetypes Immersion next year. I am focusing solely on the Embodied Living Center, my Embodiment Specialist Training and our Embodied Healing Shop bundles and workshops, which by the way, if you haven’t checked those out yet, go to and that will also be in the show notes for this episode, but we very softly launched an Embodied Healing Shop the other week, because I know a lot of people don’t want to join the Embodied Living Center ’cause they’re just not membership or subscription type people. And so what I did was I started to create bundles of practices from the Embodied Living Center that have themes. So the first three bundles in the healing shop are Forgiveness, Working through Fear and Transmuting Big Emotions. And so each bundle has seven practices, which includes either one or two workshops, at least one wild soul movement practice, one erotic body practice, one healing meditation. And then depending on which bundle, there is some extra healing meditations or an extra energetic attunement or something like that. Also next year, I will be doing quasi monthly workshops and open community classes. And I say quasi, because we will take off just a couple of months throughout the course of the year, especially the months of August and December for sure.

        I love summer, I want to enjoy summer. And in the liminal time between Thanksgiving and New Years, I just don’t want to work that much. I’m noticing this year, now that I have a better rhythm and a better flow that I know works for me, I just noticed as soon as it was like after Thanksgiving, I was already ready to wind down. And having to do a couple more weeks of work after that has been a little bit of a push for me and I don’t really like to push. I don’t work for myself to be part of the capitalist hustle culture hamster wheel. Quality of life, prioritizing seasons and cycles, and my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing along with my spiritual practices is definitely a bigger priority for me, especially doing the type of work I do, which I know some of you could also relate to. If I am the vessel and I am the instrument for the work, I really have to make sure I’m taking very good care of that. This is also more aligned with my path as a mystic. That’s why I’m not choosing to have children in this lifetime and why lately I’m also flirting with the idea of not choosing to even pursue romantic relationships anymore. We’ll see about that.

        But basically I’ve given that one over to God for further insights and illumination, but speaking of seasons and cycles, I also, I shared something last week on Instagram that I wanted to bring up in this episode because here’s what I said, before all the new year, new you business game’s momentum this month, consider remembering that seasons and cycles exist for a reason. Maybe set some intentions or a focus on the winter or summer solstice, depending on what hemisphere you live in, Northern or Southern, rather than something like a new year’s resolution. And again, as you’ve heard me reflect in other episodes and definitely in this one, treating life like an experiment is a great way to discover what works for us personally. And I know the setups of all of our lives are different, right? My life as a child-free single person who really doesn’t have to answer to anybody else is gonna be quite different from somebody who has kids and a family and works a job for somebody else. And so I want to recognize and honor that and also remind you just like what I was talking about with consistency earlier, you got to define it, right? You get to define what does experimenting look like in your life? So as always, and many of you already know this because you’ve been here for years and you’ve heard me talk about it a lot, I’m never out here trying to be like, “Hey, be like me.” I’m trying to be like, “Hey, I’m gonna be as me as possible so I can constantly be reminding you to be as you as possible, even though our lives and our lived experiences and our circumstances may be very, very different.” There’s always a way to tap in and tune in to the things that we talk about here and see if or how they apply to you. Because not everything will apply to you and many things will, and you get to decide for you by experimenting what you want that to look like.

        So I’m also, I mentioned this earlier, very excited about this, going to start a column, I’m gonna start blogging again on the website. I don’t even actually want to reveal what it’s gonna be, but here’s what I will say, often people ask, especially in podcast interviews and stuff, this question of what advice would you give to your younger self? And I always say, “I wouldn’t give my younger self any advice, I would just say, “I love you, keep going, you got this.”, that’s it.” And the reason why, I will use a metaphor to describe the reason why. Where I live here in Miami, I live right on Biscayne Bay in South Beach and I can see the cruise ships. Miami has a port where a lot of cruise ships leave from. And I think about this all the time, those cruise ships, when they leave on their path, on their trajectory, if they were to shift the degree by like one naught, one degree, whatever the hell it is in nautical terms, they would land in a completely different place, right? So if they shifted their route, their path, their trajectory, by like a naught or a degree, they would land in a completely different place. And if you ever watch any shows about time travel, you know that when people go to the past or to the future, they’re really not supposed to mess with anything because it could change trajectory of everything else, forwards or backwards in time. So that’s how I feel about that question. I’m not interested in giving my younger self any advice, because I love being me, even though parts of the journey have been very, very, very hard, I wouldn’t want to change anything, I wouldn’t want to shift my trajectory at all. I always feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be surrounded by everything I need in that moment, even when it feels like I absolutely don’t have what I need. Of course I do, I just need to look around and see, what do I actually need and what is my ego telling me that is not being met, right? So I hate that question, but I love the idea of imparting wisdom, advice, and insight to younger generation. So people who can still do something with it without it altering the course of an already lived part of their life. And so that’s what this series is gonna be about and I really, by the way, so this segment is gonna go out on Wednesdays. So I think I said this earlier, but podcasts emails, Monday, this new segment will come out on Wednesdays, and then Friday will just be the what’s happening, what’s going on in the Wild Soul world email. So if you’re not on our email list, if you’re not on the mailing list, go to and you can either take the Wild Soul Archetypes Quiz, which you’ll see a link for at the top of the page or on the pop-up, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your name and email. So that will be the way, excuse me, to make sure you’re on our email list if you want to receive any of that stuff. We’ll also be making some updates to the website in January to reflect what we’re focusing on in 2022 and you know, that’s it. So I hope anything in that little jam, it was kind of like state of the Wild Soul world, a little bit of setting some intentions, working with structure, preparation, and holy consistency. So I hope any of that, as always on the show, some of this is gonna be relevant for you, some of it’s not. I hope whatever was was like super relevant and you’ve got some inspiration or insight that you needed and that’s it, y’all.

        I hope you have an incredible holiday season. I know the holidays can be really hard for some people and as always, I just, I really appreciate all of you, especially our loyal and long time listeners. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sending me notes in our email box on Instagram and letting me know how you liked the episodes and commenting on the posts and stuff like that. It’s just so fun to hear how anything that we do is helping you along the way because y’all, life is hard. Back in the day, I used to, when I was still kind of weaning myself out of law of attraction crap, I never wanted to say hard, I never wanted to call anything hard. I think used to say this with my clients too. I’d be like, “Do you have to call it hard? What else could we?” But it’s like no, you don’t need to reframe that. This shit is fucking hard. We can let it be hard and also with the choices that are available to us, and we all have different choices available to us for different reasons, you go, what are we gonna do with this? It’s hard and, not it’s hard but, it’s hard and what are we gonna do with that? How are we gonna live even though some of this is a really mother fucking hard? So I love you all, have a beautiful holidays. I’m gonna enjoy my break, I hope you enjoy yours as well if you get one. If you don’t get one, I’m sending you extra huge care bear stares, and we will see you in 2022.