Self-love can feel out of reach, especially in a world that actively feels like it’s falling apart. With a pandemic, wars,  hate crimes and what feels like growing violence in our communities, pursuing self-love may seem frivolous or overwhelming but in reality, learning to love yourself is the greatest thing you can do to tip the scales and bring peace to yourself and the world around you. 


In Episode 391 I’ll show you what it looks like to love yourself and how pursuing it is one of the least selfish things you can do.

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Today I’m getting into my Embodied Self-Love framework of self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-respect. The framework is designed to help you fully love your whole self, including your wild soul. It’s different from traditional self-improvement work because rather than teaching you that pieces of yourself are broken, I’m showing you how to love yourself from a place of knowing that you are whole and that not only are you not broken but in fact you can’t break. 


Rather than teaching you to do more, to be “better,” self-love shows you what it can feel like to fully embody your whole self; to live as a soul on this earth. 


When you love yourself in this way and  know you are  and whole, you can tap into the best version of yourself and from that place, show up the way you want to, not only for yourself but for your loved ones and your community. 


In Episode 391 we take a look at what self-love is, what the wild soul is and how your unique human design can give you clues to what your unique superpower is. 

My superpower is self-love and my mission is to help as many individuals as possible learn how to love themselves so that we can tip the scales and bring more healing to this world.

If you want to begin or deepen your self-love journey check out my  Self-Love Immersion. It starts June 13th. You can sign up at

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In episode 391 of the Embodied Podcast we discuss:

  • [1:37] showing up for yourself even when you aren’t feeling okay
  • [3:58] Elizabeth’s superpower is self-love and how she discovered that
  • [4:15] Secrets to “success” and what success looks like to Elizabeth
  • [5:21] what is the self-love framework
  • [5:38] applying the self-love framework to all stages of life
  • [8:18] why we don’t try to escape reality at The School of Sacred Embodiment
  • [10:23] Transmutation versus transfiguration – which one is better
  • [12:02] what soul truth feels like in the body
  • [13:09] what does “wild” mean to Elizabeth and your wild soul
  • [16:12] what it looks like to embody self-love
  • [16:47] the difference between feeling broken vs. being broken
  • [17:46] how to love yourself in 2022
  • [18:51] practical ways to embody self-love
  • [21:45] review from former student of The School of Sacred Embodiment
  • [23:33] the three reasons Elizabeth if fixated with self-love
  • [26:23] Elizabeth’s mission behind self-love work
  • [28:16] geeking out on human design

Resources mentioned by Elizabeth in episode 391 “How to Love Yourself in 2022”:

Quotes from this Week’s Episode of the Embodied Podcast:

  • “I can not be okay and still show up powerfully for other things; those two things can exist simultaneously.” [01:37:52] 

  • “There’s that saying, ‘the rising tide lifts all the boats,’ self-love is always that.” [06:48:07]

  • “Self-love, here, the way we do it, is about integrating the soul into the whole self because the two are not separate.” [11:10:14]

  • ‘Embodied self-love is about falling in love with your soul and being more of that, being a soul on earth. The body is a vessel, the mind is it’s great accomplice.” [15:04:75]

  • “If you’re going to excavate the trauma, excavate for the medicine and the magic too.” [23:20:07]

  • “I really believe that self-love is one of the best healing balms for the world because self-love is true power. And the seeking of false power is the root of all oppression.” [24:43:51]

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About the Embodied Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto


Since 2013 I’ve been developing a body of work that helps women embody self-love, healing, and wholeness. We do this by focusing on the four levels of consciousness – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

In practical terms, this looks like exploring tools and practices to help you tune into the deep wisdom of the body and the knowing of the heart, which I believe are gateways to our souls. Then we cultivate a new relationship with our minds that allows the mind to serve this wisdom and knowledge and soul connection, rather than override it, which is what many of us were taught.

If you’ve been doing self-help or spiritual development work for a while, these are the types of foundational things that often people overlook in pursuit of fancier concepts that often aren’t practical or sustainable. Here, we will focus on building these strong foundations so you can honestly and thoroughly embody self-love. If you’re feeling it, subscribe to the show, and leave us a review wherever you listen from. You can also keep up with show updates and community discussion on Instagram here.


Transcript for Episode 391 “How to Love Yourself in 2022:

Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode number 391 of the Embodied podcast. Today, we are talking about how to love yourself in 2022. I’m just gonna be real with y’all. If you’re watching this, my face is a little puffy. I’ve been crying. I’m a little exhausted. I’m recording this episode two days after all those kids got shot up at school in Texas. And this is just too fucking much. So I just wanna, I wanna take a moment to acknowledge that in myself, to acknowledge that in and with all of you who may or may not be feeling that, to whatever extent you feel that, but we have a schedule and there was podcast to record. And actually I love this topic. I love this subject so much. 

I woke up this morning. I was making my notes for the show and I was like, ugh, even this, this is talking about self love, talking about soulfulness, how to love yourself in 2022 during these crazy fucking times. I know we’re probably all so tired of hearing the word like unprecedented, or just talking about how intense it is or how trying it is or how challenging it is. But that is just, that is the real real. So we’re gonna keep talking about it. We’re not gonna pretend this shit’s not happening because it really is. So, and also I do, I appreciate this about myself and I hope I can inspire any of you who maybe don’t allow yourself to have this, ’cause you’re all capable of it for sure is that I can not be okay, like I am this week and still show up quite powerfully for other things, right? Those two things can exist simultaneously. Not always. Sometimes when we’re not okay, we need to kind of just like crawl up in bed, get under the covers and like not do anything, but sometimes showing up, being of service, creating something, creating art, beauty, connection, empowerment, whatever it is that you create in the world. And I don’t mean professionally, I mean, just through your essence, just by showing up and being exactly who you are, that energy that you share is so beautiful. And sometimes doing that, communing with people. However it is that we commune with people. Connecting can actually be the healing we need and that each other needs. So I’m recording this podcast today about how to love yourself in 2022. I don’t need to tell you this, but for whatever reason, I feel listening to this, I’m wearing last night’s makeup. My hair is filthy. I know a lot of you are listening, you can’t see, but I just, I don’t know. I like sharing that stuff ’cause I feel like we still live in a culture that has these standards of like “professionalism” or what’s appropriate or inappropriate. And honestly we do just get to be who and how we are whenever we need to. 

Like our grief is real. The impact of the world around us is real, especially for those who are empathic and highly sensitive and you know, anyone who just gives a shit about other people. So however it is that you’re showing up and getting through your days, it works. So last thing before we begin, I wanna remind anyone listening in real time that my first ever self love immersion is kicking off on June 13th. You can get the details at This immersion I’m telling you is going to be epic. I could feel it in my bones. I was feeling it for months since February leading up to even creating and releasing it. It’s based on my Embodied Self Love framework, which has been proven and celebrated since 2017 and has literally helped thousands of people love themselves for real. And beyond that, the embodied self love framework helps people turn self love into their super power. And I love that self love is my superpower. I’m gonna talk about that a little later. Like literally physically I’m built and wired, self love is my superpower. Loving the shit out of myself is literally, if someone’s like, what are your secrets to success? And you know me, I always put “success” in air quotes, ’cause that means something different to everybody. For me personally, success means getting to live my life the way I want to, do the things I wanna do with the people I wanna do them with, when I wanna do them and have enough resources available to me to be able to, take care of myself and be able to be generous with others in times of need or not just freaking because you know? 

So finally in the last month or so I’ve been really diving deeper into human design and I’ll actually talk about this towards the end of the episode. I have these gates and these channels and these centers. I have all this definition in my human design chart around like self love and empowerment and alchemy like for real, for real. So it makes complete sense to me that I’ve been so passionate about this and been able to really create frameworks and tools and practices and help so many people with this for so many years now. And I have a framework, you know, my self love framework, some of you are already familiar with it. It is self-awareness, self knowledge, self-acceptance, self-trust and self respect. And I always include boundaries and courageous conversations under self-respect because those are practices of self respect. And this framework can apply, the reason why it’s so effective is because it can apply to any phase of your life, any stage of your life, any period of your life and it’s important. And it’s important to acknowledge that as times change, we need to check in and look at what these things mean to us, right? 

So here’s this framework. Here are these pillars. Self-awareness, self knowledge, self-acceptance, self-trust, self-respect. What does the application of those things require now for the times we’re in now, for our current challenges, for our current, you know, healing, growth, expansion, whatever we’re going through. How can we stay focused and committed to this if self love is something that you want to focus on and commit to now again, including everything that’s happening, everything that’s going on. And also later in the episode, I’m gonna talk about why I think that if you’re gonna focus on anything, focusing on self love, it’s probably one of the most critical, useful and what’s the word? Like generative in some cases, regenerative or empowering things you could possibly focus on. There’s that saying? The rising tide lifts all the boats Self love is always that. It is always that. So the last time I recorded a self-love series on the podcast, which, you know, the last, these kind of, this is the third of a series of three episodes that are really centered around self love in a lot of ways. But the last time I recorded a series on self-love was in 2020 and we all know the fuck 2020 was. And so much has happened since I recorded that series. It was at the end of the summer in 2020, which you know, when I think back on it, a lot of people at that time were still kind of hoping that we could like flatten the curve and maybe this pandemic you know, wouldn’t last two years and we would still be dealing with all these ramifications now and you know, holding out hope of not being like literally where we are now or not even being able to imagine being where we are now. And there’s also, you all know this, you live here. There’s also been so much devastating violence, civil unrest, you know, so much stuff going on. And these things are real. 

Y’all like, I believe in manifesting, I believe in being a creator of your own reality, I actually really excel at both. I’m quite good at both of those things, but here at the school of Sacred Embodiment, we just don’t do spiritual bypass. We’re not like ascension people. You hear people talking about like the fifth dimension or 5D, or you know, all these things. And I’m like, that’s cool, like to each their own, but personally, I’m not trying to escape this reality and the people who are in my community, especially the people who work with me more closely, we’re not trying to escape this reality. We’re creating an alternative one. We’re devoted to bringing all the love, all the miracles, all the good, all the beautiful shit into this reality, ’cause this reality needs some help. And this is also the one we share with all of us. We don’t discriminate because of vibe or beliefs or anything else. And also obviously we certainly don’t resonate with everybody either. We don’t tolerate people’s cruelty oppressive behavior or general unconscious nonsense or bullshit. But we also acknowledge that we have to share the planet with those people. You know, none of us energetically, we really are all connected. And so none of us, I don’t care even if you like move to your own plot of land and live off the land and off the grid and have solar power and your own well of water and you don’t actually have to engage with the rest of society. You still, you’re still one of us, there’s actually no way to extricate yourself from the rest of us, no matter how hard you try. And so in my community, in the sacred embodiment world, we’re like, great, that is just a fact of life. And so how can we live within that, to the absolute best of our capability and also how can we do our best? How can we be our best? How can we contribute our best and just be beautiful members of this family that we truly are, all this human family that we really are all part of. We understand that we’re all connected and that’s actually what makes self love so exciting during times like these. We know that healing and transformation, transfiguration even which I recently, again, I’ve been really geeking out on human design lately and also the gene keys. 

And one of my, one of my gates, one of my keys, I forget which one it is. It might be six. It might be gene key six. The city, like the highest expression of it, is transfiguration. So actually re-looked that word up? ‘Cause I was like, well, what is the difference between transformation and transfiguration or transmutation and transfiguration and transmutation is just change, right? Changing one thing to another, but transfiguration is actually changing something into something better. So that’s pretty cool. So to the best of our ability here, we really, that’s the goal transfiguration, right? We stay believing that everything is possible. We don’t lose hope even when it’s hard. I mean, listen, we might fumble our hope sometimes. We might drop that shit for a minute. But we always pick it back up because that’s the kind of people that we are. And the reason why is that our brand of self love in the school of sacred embodiment is actually more accurately. It should be called soul love, but I call it self love because people get that term. Because soul, self love here the way we do it is about integrating the soul into the whole self because the two are not separate, right? We might speak of the soul as this other entity, but that’s only so we can understand it. Notice the texture of it, the feeling of it, its presence. So we can allow it to take up more space in our life. So we can actually know when something is, oh, that is coming from my soul. That has soul energy to it, right? That’s not my ego. That’s not my programming. That’s not my conditioning. That shit is my soul. And that’s why I love embodiment work so much because when you’re connected to the sensations of your body, the wisdom of your body, your own embodied language, I’ve been calling it that for years, right? 

The language that your body speaks to you. How does your body communicate wisdom and intuition and truth to you, right? Truth that comes from your soul. Sometimes truth that comes from the divine, right? ‘Cause I’ve always believed the soul is our personal like channel gateway to the divine, right? So really anything that’s coming from our soul is really coming from God or whatever it is that you call God. So beyond that, I’ve always been into the wild soul and wild, when I talk about that means free. I’ve been practicing my Spanish a lot since I got to Miami, actually one of the reasons I moved to Miami was so I could finally, one of my life’s goals has always been to be conversational if not fluent in Spanish. And last year, one of my wild soul movement teacher trainees was from Puerto Rico. And so she was trying to translate some of the stuff ’cause she teaches both in English and in Spanish. And so she, she really created the term for wild soul and Spanish, which is “Alma Libre,” which really translates into free soul. And I totally resonated because that was aligned with something I’ve been seeing for years, which is that wild is not about being like barefoot screaming in the woods or like dancing around a fire with your titties out. I mean it could be if that’s your style, no hate. I mean, I would totally dance around a fire with my titties out and I have been barefoot naked screaming in the woods, but that’s not like the embodiment of it, right? Wild is about the freedom to be who you are. So as many of you as there are, is as many expressions of wild that there are,. For some of the wildest thing they can imagine might be reading a book at home on a quiet Friday night without giving into the social pressures to do anything more than that, right? Just enjoying the pleasure of your own existence in the comfort and quiet of your own home. For some people that’s wild or deciding not to have children in a society that still values mothers over non childbearing women or maybe working for yourself or maybe not working for yourself. 

Since the dawning of this online entrepreneur world, there really are people out there who are made to believe that their existence is somehow less valuable because they work for a company and they don’t work for themselves. Like to me, that is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because it denies, that again, we are all love in a body. We are souls in a body. We are all such miraculous beings in so many ways that go so far beyond what we do, right? Like imagine. And some of you don’t have to imagine it because you have felt this way. Like imagine feeling like you don’t have this exquisite, infinite, unfathomably mysterious and miraculous thing called a soul just because of the job you do. Get the fuck outta here. That’s what capitalism makes you think that. That is not true. So our self love. Embodied self love is about falling in love with your soul and being more of that. Being a soul on earth. The body is the vessel. The mind is the great accomplice. You know, whether you work or not, a job is just one way you express or channel your soul into the world, right? And I don’t care if you work retail, you pick up garbage, clean other people’s houses or a doctor, a lawyer, a seven figure business owner. You work at the front desk somewhere answering phones or emails, sorting mail. You work in a bank or do something creative, artistic. Maybe you stay home and raise babies or help raise someone else’s babies. I mean, literally you being you and letting your soul shine through, is valuable. It’s magnificent and it’s important. Knowing that, feeling that, and carrying yourself as such in this crazy world is self love. That is soulful self love. That is embodied self love. And this is a devotional practice. This is a commitment and a way of being, a way of living. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a life choice, really, to embody self love and live from that place. To let yourself be your whole self, which includes your soul, to heal what needs healing, to figure out how to feel whole and know in your bones that you are whole. 

And in fact, you have never been broken. You actually can’t break. Your soul does not break. And your soul is a big part of you. So if you’re gonna identify with anything, identify with your soul y’all, identify with that unbreakable part of you. And I get that you might feel broken. You probably have felt broken, but you’ve never been broken, right? Like take that in. There’s a difference between feeling broken and being broken. You have never been broken. You might, you might even have felt like extremely broken. You might even act broken because you believed you were, but you weren’t, right? Like I said, we take on beliefs as identities. So if you’ve believed you’re broken, you’ve behaved like it. So just feel free to upload the belief that you can never be broken and then let your behavior change. Now that’s a very, oh, just let your behavior change. We know that’s not how it works, right? But the belief, shifting the belief, certainly will open a pathway to make other choices, to behave differently. So again, if you’re gonna identify with anything, embodied self love asks you to identify with the most incredible thing about you and that is your soul. And that’s how to love yourself in 2022. Remember constantly, that you are love in a body. That your body is a temple, a portal and a pathway to the divine. You have this wild soul wisdom that you could tap into anytime. Wild soul wisdom, by the way, is what I call the wisdom. The cumulative wisdom of your intuition. Your body’s wisdom. The wisdom of your ancestors. The wisdom of your soul from your past lives. The wisdom that any divine beings that support you in your life are constantly like sharing, imparting and illuminating for you. It’s the combination of all of that. It’s much more than intellect or knowledge. It is the full spectrum. 

So how to love yourself in 2022 is about carrying yourself in the world like a person who knows they’ve got wild soul wisdom and they could access any time. Now I could practically hear some of you sitting there going, but hell, how do I do this? I don’t feel that way Elizabeth. I know. The best answer I know is work this framework, Embodied self love. Self-awareness, self knowledge, self acceptance, self trust, self respect. Get yourself some support, a guide and a community, whether it’s mine or someone else’s or you piece together different things because no one does this alone. You’re not supposed to. You don’t have to. And to embody self love, you have to be around people who are also inviting self love. Who are practicing self-awareness, self knowledge, self-acceptance, self trust, self respect. You need inspiration and modeling when you’re not quite there or especially when you’re really far off. Like some of you might be listening, being like this all sounds great, but I am so far away from that. Great, then get your ass around some people who are closer to it or fully embodying it. You need reminders and support. We all do. You need recognition and celebration as you make progress. So important- You need tools and practices to help you go deeper, to stay committed and to keep showing up for yourself, to remind you that this isn’t navel gazing. This is the work of our lives. This is how we get free and we help other people do the same. How we break generational curses, heal our ancestry and also harvest the medicine and gifts from our ancestry. You know, we talk our, our culture. There’s varying opinions about this. I personally believe that because of the dawning of social media and memes, self-help therapeutic healing, spiritual memes, that a lot of people are more focused than ever on their trauma, but not necessarily on healing. They identify with the trauma, they know what it’s called. They can explain it. They’re analyzing other people’s trauma all the time. They’re looking for red flags. Like it’s just, it’s a new way of being hypervigilant, right? It’s just taken their trauma responses, ingrained trauma responses and just laying it over healing, right? Which isn’t actually how we heal. It’s good, we need the foundational knowledge. We need to understand how things work so we can unpack them and heal them, right? That’s why self-awareness is the first step in my self-love framework, ’cause we do need the awareness, right? And again, knowledge also very important, but focusing and fixating, having compulsions about that, that’s also not healing. I recently was putting together the page. I mentioned the embodied self love. I mentioned the self-love immersion earlier and I was putting together the page for that. So I was pulling up just, we have banks of, you know, testimonials and reviews and things from students over the years. And one of my students, Angelica, I loved this so much. Hang on a second, I’m pulling it up. I forgot to do that before I started recording. Angelica said, and I just, this was one of my favorite. It’s taken a second for that to load. So, oh, here it is. This is one of my favorite things anyone’s ever said. She said, I can’t say all the ways your work has made a difference for me. When I found you, I was stuck in the self development/self-help craze, feeling like there was always something to fix, always something I should do. You’ve supported me and helped me find home. home in myself, home in my body, home out in the world. There is nothing lacking in me, nothing lesser or not enough. And now I spend my time doing things that light me up and help me get to the places I want to experience in life. I will be forever grateful. So this is important. This is important. If you’ve been doing healing work, if you’ve been doing growth and transformation work, personal development work, whatever you wanna call it, however you regard it. And you’re feeling constantly like there’s always something else to fix. You’re still not enough, whatever, and the work that you’re doing is kind of reinforcing that in some way. That’s probably not the best work to be engaging with, right? So doing this embodying, getting free, helping others doing the same, accessing the medicine. 

I went on that tangent because I was saying, so many of us are focused on the wounding from our ancestry, from our family of families of origin, the intergenerational trauma and stuff like that. But there is also wisdom, magic and medicine from our ancestors, even from our families of origin. Somebody somewhere in your line that you met or you were connected to in some way, had some magic or medicine for you. And it’s important. If you’re gonna excavate for the trauma excavate for the medicine and the magic too, right? This is how we set examples for future generations. And so you might wonder why I am so passionate, fixated even on embodied self love, on soulful self love. And there’s three reasons. The first one is ever since creating this framework for my talk at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017, I’ve just seen how it transforms lives unlike anything else. It’s really amazing. And I’ve talked about this on the podcast before, that talk was called “Untamed Self Love.” And I now call it embodied self love, but every single year, I think, I don’t know how often they enroll at INN, new students. It’s either like twice a year or four times a year, but I could always tell because there’s a wave of DMs that I’ll get and tags on Instagram of new students that are watching my talk. And it’s just the most rave reviews and people say the most beautiful things. And so I’ve just seen it. I’ve received hundreds of those message. And I’ve worked with hundreds of students over the years in this thing. We’ve talked about it on the podcast. Those podcast episodes that I created around it have thousands and thousands and thousands of downloads. So like this framework has touched thousands of lives. So freaking cool and so I know it works. That’s one thing, right? The second thing is I really believe that self love is one of the best healing balms, B-A-L-M, for this world. Because self love is true power. And the seeking of false power is the root of all oppression, right? Because that is power over, that’s ownership. That’s domination. People who love themselves don’t need any of that. So, and this is just math, by the way, the more people on the planet who love themselves, the less damage, the false power and false power structures can do. Even if the leaders never embody self love, the people who they rule and are putting that in air quotes, would not tolerate their bullshit the same way into the same extent, right? And so many of us have seen this during the pandemic, how just we watched people just swallow narratives that were handed to them from leaders, from the media and just take ’em in, take ’em on, the fear, the programming, the doubt, the what’s the word I’m looking for. I can like see it, but I can’t locate the word. Give me a second. The separation, right? The division, right? The this versus them. That shit, I mean, we watched it happen in real time during the pandemic. It’s still going on. We’re seeing the effects of it now. And what I’m saying to you is people who love themselves, people who are embodying their souls, who are allowing their souls, their wild soul wisdom to take up more space in their lives are not susceptible to that. We’re just not susceptible to that. Just literally how it works. So this is really my vision. My mission with the embodied self love work is to tip the scales on the planet to more people loving themselves than not. That’s all we need. We don’t need everyone to love themselves, right? 

We don’t like, there’s always gonna be violence. Like there’s always gonna be war that like, there is some part of human nature that’s gonna wanna compete. That’s gonna want that. But imagine if we could just tip the scales where fewer people behave that way than who love themselves. Imagine if that was an anomaly, like the way it is now, news, media, stories and things like that. It’s horrible stuff, right? And it’s not, that’s not necessarily, again, the mathematics of it in the world. There’s horrible shit happening everywhere, but there’s also amazing shit happening everywhere. We just don’t hear as much about the amazing stuff. So what I’m saying to you, what like my mission and vision is which I might not live to see it, but if I could seed it in my lifetime, I mean, and it can gets to continue beyond long after I’m here. How amazing would it be to just tip the scales in the other direction? That’s all we need. All we fricking need is for more people to love themselves and behave from that place , than people who don’t. It would change everything. So the true power, again, is the power of love. My favorite Jimmy Hendrix quote, which I’m sure many of you are familiar with, is when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace, right? And then, you know, that’s just one sentence. It’s just one quote. And it doesn’t mean like there will be world peace forever and always, like I said, there’s always gonna be tension. There’s always gonna be friction. There’s always gonna be war coming out somewhere, some way, somehow. But again, what if it was less? What if that was the anomaly rather than good, generous, amazing, beautiful, benevolent shit, being or feeling like the anomaly. So that seed got planted in my psyche decades ago. And it’s been giving me life and fueling everything I do ever since. Reason number three, why I’m so passionate about embodied self love is simply because I’m built for it. 

And so this, I mentioned earlier, I would geek out about human design a little later. So if you’re into human design, my G center, my identity center is defined. And that is the center of self-love and self care, of guiding others and trusting in the unknown. And within that center, I have gate 10 defined. This is the self-love north star in human design. So it’s about being an example of deep self love. And then, beyond that, there are two other gates that connect to create channels with gate 10 in human design. One of them is gate number 20, which is the voice of alchemy, which is about contemplating life without attachment and exploring the patterns that prevent you and others from living their highest potential. And by the way, like if you study human design, there’s a bajillion places on the internet where you could find like definitions of these things. I got these from a website,, and another one I really like is So I’ve pulled some of these little things. And I’m about to quote to you to explain what these gates and channels are. I got from a combination of those two websites. And then the other gate that connects to gate 10 to create a channel is gate 34. That’s the gate of the sovereign. So to harness pure power for the good of the collective. So I have both of those channels. So 10, 20 and 1034. 1020 is the channel of awakening and self love. So this is the energy for spiritual awakening, empowerment, love of self and it can empower others. And then 1034 is the channel of pure empowerment. This is about pure empowerment in response to life. So it helps us behave correctly in response to whatever is going on. And in terms of correctly, I take that to mean like in the highest and best expression, most loving, most generous, most compassionate expression, right? And then, because they’re all connected, I also have that 2034 channel, which is all about bringing power to the now. 

So again, like I mentioned earlier, when I said self love is my superpower. Like it literally is wired, like coded into me as my superpower. So I’m very well equipped to be, to guide people into their own self love, perhaps one of the most well equipped people you’ll ever meet and I say that honestly, some of who might be listening, like, daymn, she sure thinks highly of herself,. But honestly, it’s just like the facts. It’s what I’ve seen in my life. I’ve met a lot of people and it’s very rare that I meet anyone who like matches me toe to toe in that. And I think that’s amazing. And that’s fine to say, just like you have that, there’s something about you that you’re probably one of the most well equipped people you’ll ever meet to do something, right? We all have that stuff. So I’m actually not being arrogant. I’m just being honest about that with you. And I would love for you to be honest about that with your things as well, when you discover them. Maybe some of you already know what they are. And by the way, I didn’t know that until recently. I felt it. But to see the confirmation right there in the human design chart was pretty freaking cool and obviously very affirming. And here’s the thing you don’t need those channels or gates defined to embody self love. But again, you might need some guidance. You might need some handholding. You might need some support along the way. 

So I hope you got some good nuggets out of this episode about how to love yourself in 2022, the show notes are at And if you wanna make self love your superpower, make sure you check out the self love immersion before June 13th. For those of you who are listening here in real time in 2022 and that as at Alright, y’all I love you mucho. Thank you so much for listening. As always, if this resonated share this up, share this with people. Remember the mission, if you would like to be on my team for the mission, is imagine if we could tip the scales on this planet into more people loving themselves than not. Like that’s something I wild dream about all the time. Like imagine what that would be like? What would be different? It would be wildly different. And it gets me really, really excited. So again, thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being here. I’ll see you later.