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Wild ones…very excited to share four points with you today in the realm of Love, Dating, Sex + Intimacy.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, whether you’re single or in a relationship the artificial pressure can get intense. The four things we’re getting into today could help you navigate that. And they’re also incredibly valuable regardless of the time of year.

The Love, Dating, Sex + Intimacy points I’m covering today are:

  • Chemistry does not equal compatibility
  • What I call, “Medicine for the ‘too much’ wound.” Hint: it has to do with cultivating your willingness to be handled. And I have a great story from an event I taught at in 2015 where this concept was introduced to me.
  •  How people with tough exteriors often also have the most sensitive interiors.
  • And finally, Truth talk for open-hearted people: Physical intimacy without emotional safety is risky business.

Enjoy, share, find me on Instagram or shoot an email over to and let me know what you think or what resonates for you!


What You’ll Hear:

  • 5:57 Why Elizabeth loves being single right now
  • 7:22 Why chemistry doesn’t equal compatibility
  • 10:29 How love isn’t always enough
  • 12:23 How steamy attractions can cause us to compromise our values, desires and needs
  • 15:22 Suspending the stories you’ve told yourself that nobody can handle you
  • 17:46 Why it’s challenging to let go of relationships that aren’t good for us
  • 19:27 How strong people can be sensitive on the inside
  • 22:32 Why physical intimacy without emotional safety is risky business
  • 27:23 Giving yourself grace as you grow as a person
  • 29:30 Why Elizabeth is creating a membership community


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“Chemistry does not equal compatibility.” 

“Just because there’s an instant connection or attraction, doesn’t mean that this person has all of the other qualities that you need to be with someone.”

“Chemistry only goes so far just like love only goes so far.”

“Cultivating our willingness to be handled looks like suspending our attachment and judgment of all the stories we have toward ourselves.”

“Sometimes people don’t feel seen, but are you really showing yourself to folks?”

“Sometimes this story of ‘being too much’ will rise to the surface to sabotage real connection because that shit’s scary.”

“In our nervous systems, familiarity can register as safe.”

“People with tough exteriors, also have the most sensitive interiors.”

“People who are strong are strong because they have to be.”

“We don’t owe everyone our vulnerability, we don’t owe everyone our truth,  we don’t owe everyone every single part of us so often the strength is what people will lead with.”

“Maybe you want to prioritize the heart over anything else. Not logic, not what feels good on paper, not what feels super seductive and is turning you on or making you wet but what does the heart say?”

“Be easy on yourself about the things you didn’t know.”

“Take those damn lessons, and make them useful.”

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