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What is the Girl Effect?


I was sitting in a lecture on Friday 9/30 led by Sheila Kelley, a woman I admire and respect tremendously.  Sheila is at the helm of the 4th wave of feminism.  Sheila is way tougher than I am– or maybe she’s just built up her tolerance for digesting gut-wrenching information.

As she stood up there and listed book after book that we should read to educate ourselves from the beautiful to the brutal history of women in the world, and fact after fact about how women of all ages, especially children and teens are treated-she didn’t quiver, wince or cry.  I was a different story.

This wasn’t the first time I felt nauseous or cried out of  a combination of guilt, gratitude, disbelief and disgust at information like this.  I remembered feeling the same exact way reading Danielle LaPorte’s blog Why You’re Privileged: Perspective From The Dark Side in January.

Here’s a peek:

So where’s the synchronicity come in?

A few days after Sheila Kelley’s lecture, a woman posts an invitation to a FB group I’m in to blog for Girl Effect today, October 4, 2011.  Zero hesitation…sign me up!

What is the Girl Effect?

Little research has been done to understand
how investments in girls impact economic
growth and the health and well-being of
communities. This lack of data reveals how
pervasively girls have been overlooked. For
millions of girls across the developing world,
there are no systems to record their birth, their
citizenship, or even their identity. However, the
existing research suggests their impact can
reach much further than expected.
-Girl Effect Fact Sheet

Watch this quick video: 

What can you do right now?

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What is the Girl Effect?